RIP Time Team

Posted on October 20, 2012


I just saw on Past Horizons that Time Team is getting the axe. For those who have never lived in the UK, Time Team was a TV show that undertook excavations all across the UK that was on the air for 20 years. Chances are a copycat version of the show has probably been aired in your country wherever you are. Alright, not everywhere but 30+ which is a lot for archaeology. It is a real shame that they can not keep the show on longer.

It appears that production costs have got out of hand.

Over the last decade the size of the production and the staff needed to support it and the budget has grown to an unsustainable level. On the final show of last year we had over 75 people in the lunch tent! Fro the first 5-10 years of Time Team it used to be just Mick, Phil, the cameraman, the Director and me in the pub?

Though it sounds like lots of people are interested in picking up where the show is leaving off.



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