digipubarch Conference Video- Impact of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS)

Posted on November 10, 2012


The next video from the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference. This almost finishes out the morning sessions for the first day:

From the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference- http://digitalengagementinarchaeology.wordpress.com/

Abstract: Impact of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS)

A Study and Methods for Enhancing Sustainability

The paper will discuss the progress of an ongoing ADS project which is engaged in analysing perceptions of the value of the ADS to the whole archaeological sector including the economic value of its resources and its economic value to depositors as a repository service. As part of this work, we are assessing and quantify the economic impact of collections with the ultimate objective of improving their prospects for sustainability. We are exploring a range of methods including stakeholder survey and usage analysis investigating data from 1996-2012. This analysis covers both the growth of collections and users at ADS and how return on investment grows with the volume of the collection and its longevity.
Although a number of studies have looked at methods of determining cost benefit and broad indicators of value, there remain significant challenges in establishing baseline data for measuring this in any quantitative way and there are still only a relatively small number of socio-economic studies focussing specifically on the impact of data services or research data infrastructure. Funded by JISC the project is a collaboration between the ADS, Neil Beagrie of Charles Beagrie Ltd. and Professor John Houghton of the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (CSES) at Victoria University in Australia.

Catherine Hardman
Deputy Director (Collections)
Archaeology Data Service

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