digipubarch Conference Video- Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: DigVentures and Flag Fen Lives

Posted on November 14, 2012


For anyone interested in how DigVentures has been doing here is a great video from the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference:

Abstract: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: DigVentures and Flag Fen Lives

In July 2012, DigVentures hosted Europe’s first-ever crowdfunded and crowdsourced excavation at the internationally significant Bronze Age site at Flag Fen (www.digventures.com). Adopting and adapting the crowdfunding model from the creative industries helped Flag Fen Lives achieve traction in the marketplace; however the crowdsourcing aspect of our model also called for a robust and flexible digital platform as a focal point of our business. Our digital strategy focused on building an offer that would attract an audience beyond our first and second circle contacts. We committed to matching the style of our message with the style of our audience, instantly turning monologues into dialogues via web and social networks. Our engagement loop was a spectrum, built through virtual as well as physical experiences, with digital strategy evolving to match the pace and narrative of our excavation broadcasting. DigVentures is situated within the emerging trend for social commerce and positioned at the forefront of culture, technology and innovation. This paper will assess the breadth, and depth of our on and off-line participation, evaluating current success and potential for growth.

Lisa Westcott Wilkins
Managing Director
DigVentures Ltd

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