digipubarch Conference Video- We’re Tweeting but is Anyone Really Listening?

Posted on November 14, 2012


Great presentation from Hugh at English Heritage about the reach of twitter at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference:

Abstract: We’re Tweeting but is Anyone Really Listening?

Evaluating the Impact of Organisational Tweeting

Since joining Twitter in March 2010, the @EHArchaeology Twitter feed has grown to nearly 5000 followers. Providing links and information about our projects and interesting archaeology it is hoped that we are engaging with a wide audience. But what does having 5000 followers really mean? Is this any measure of impact or engagement? Rather than continue to assume that more and more followers is a result, these followers will be used to determine the impact of this engagement. By looking at the feeds activity and the links that followers actually use, a clearer picture of what types of content the audience wants will be created. A survey results will be presented that will focus the followers, who they are, what they do, their level of interest in archaeology and the type of content they find interesting. It is hoped by exploring these issues it will be possible to better understand value of Twitter and how effective it is at engaging with the public.

Hugh Corley
Archaeological Information Systems Manager
English Heritage

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