tDAR free for a little while longer

Posted on January 4, 2013


A little while ago, I wrote that tDAR was allowing anyone to upload archaeology (some anthropology) data for free till the end of 2012. As it turns out this deal is still open for a little while longer. tDAR sent out an email yesterday letting everyone know that there a few more weeks of free uploads. Part of the email-

We want to thank you for playing an important role in building the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) by adding your archaeological files to the repository.  During the past four years, your contributions have expanded tDAR content to over 350,000 records containing more than 14,000 files.  By archiving your archaeological files in tDAR you demonstrate a commitment to the long-term preservation of digital archaeological records and a willingness to make your records accessible and useful for others.  tDAR has become the go-to resource for researchers, teachers, professional archaeologists, and many others who are interested in learning about archaeology, with considerable content that is not available anywhere else.  To date, tDAR users have downloaded more than 15,000 files and that number grows daily.

In mid-January, tDAR’s interface is getting a significant upgrade.  In addition to a sleeker, more modern appearance, tDAR’s metadata entry pages and the search and browse tools will offer increased functionality.  We believe you will find the new tDAR an attractive, efficient, and even more useful experience.

Since 2010, a number of government and private institutions have selected tDAR as the means of meeting their archaeological information management needs and have helped support tDAR financially.  Along with the initial support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this revenue enabled Digital Antiquity to develop and maintain tDAR.  In order to ensure the long-term maintenance and preservation of tDAR content and the sustainability of Digital Antiquity, we are continuing the transition toward financial self-sufficiency by instituting general fees for depositing.  Going forward, uploads to tDAR will require a one-time payment to support the long-term maintenance and preservation of your digital files.

All of the records you have already created and files you have already uploaded will remain in tDAR as before.  You may still access the records, download files, and edit the metadata.  Adding new resources now requires that you create a billing account before completing the straightforward metadata entry and upload form.  Both existing and new contributors should find the automated procedure for this transaction simple.

The price list will be announced later this month.  Until then, new uploads will continue to be free of charge. We hope you will move quickly to take advantage of this great opportunity to add your archaeological files to tDAR at no cost. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding current or imminent tDAR projects and how the new charges may affect your budget.

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