Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XXII

Posted on January 26, 2013


Over 100+ blogs covered so far, full list can be seen here and more to go. Here is this weeks installment to add to the list:

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

“This site is about archaeology, and things that catch the interest of an archaeologist who is lucky enough to work in journalism: I often get to see and hear about amazing things before the rest of the world does, and to meet the people who find them. I work for my own company (Digging Deeper Ltd), and fortunately for now I am pretty busy, so what you will find here will be selective.”

Researching into the changing professional practices in the cultural heritage sector.

Interested in social media and the use of it by museums and galleries.

I am interested in the use of the web and emerging technologies to improve access to museums’ collections.

Looking at using trends such as semantic web technologies, microblogging, cloud-computing, crowd-sourcing, augmented reality, to create improved dialogues between users and their (and others’) heritage.

Interested also in the use of blended learning technologies to facilitate deep learning experiences within institutions in the cultural heritage sector, in both formal and informal learning.

Inside Museum of London-

The title pretty much says it all.

Seandálaíocht – Irish for Archaeology-

A site about Irish archaeology: conferences; links; opinions; news; information and the internet.

Feminine Voices in Archaeology-

A great read for this fine weekend.

“This blog is a forum for advocating for women archaeologist so that we can move beyond legacies of inequity to a future that strengthens a feminine voice in archaeology and a feminist perspective. We contend that the very practice of archaeology is skewed towards a masculine and hierarchical perspective that excludes consensus building and “minority opinions” when interpreting the past. We argue that the feminine voice brings unique and necessary elements to the discipline of archaeology, through values such as mentoring and collaboration. We also clarify that a feminist perspective is not limited to any one gender, class, race, ethnicity or sexuality. Rather a feminist perspective is a radical point of view; one that recognizes that women’s success professionally and personally is integrally tied to larger socio-political movements dedicated to the eradication of homophobia, racism, and androcentrism.”

Succinct Research-

Alright, so bill has a VIDEO!!!! introduction, so I will let you tell him a little bit about his website and blog.

Last but not least is…

Paul Belford’s Blog-

“Welcome to Paul Belford’s website and blog, with information about archaeology and various other adventures. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own. Please have a look round, and feel free to ask any questions.”