Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XXIII

Posted on January 31, 2013


Last week I said I had covered over 100+ blogs, that turns out was not correct. I counted them today and it is around 225! The full list can be seen here . I have really got to find a better way to organize it all.  I still probably have over 100 more to go so this will be another big list:


“Recent zooarchaeology PhD graduate blogging about archaeology.”

Archaeologist for Hire-

“archaeologist, gamer, adventurer-on-a-budget, researcher for TV shows you may watch”

 The Irish Archaeology Field School Blog-

“The archaeology project is at the Black Friary, the site of a 13th century, late medieval, Dominican Friary in the town of Trim, Co. Meath. Trim is in the Boyne River valley; the valley is home to some of the most significant archaeological and cultural heritage sites in Ireland and Europe, including Brú na Boínne, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. See Discover Ireland for more information.”

passim in passing-

“dental anthropologist. yes, that’s a real thing. The Natural History Museum London owns my heart and soul, but my opinions are my own”

Dan Hicks-

“archaeological/anthropological writing on the remains of the modern”

Michael Shanks-

“Michael Shanks is an archaeologist  at Stanford University, California”

i-ing the past: digital archaeology and digital heritage

A class blog on digital archaeology and digital heritage

Serious and Not-So-Serious Musings on Archaeology-

“Hi. I’m Becky Farbstein. My interests in archaeology and art led me from my BA in Art History to an M.Phil and PhD in Archaeology. I’m particularly obsessed with Palaeolithic archaeology, prehistoric art, and the anthropology of technology. I also love ridiculous cartoons, funny YouTube videos, and bad press releases about archaeology. You’ll find a mix of the serious and not-so-serious here, but hopefully it will all be broadly related to archaeology and anthropology.”