Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XXIV

Posted on February 8, 2013


Around 230+ archaeology and archaeology related blogs and it keeps growing. The full list can be seen here . This weeks highlights:

The archives held at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford.
Archaeology, Museums & Outreach-

Discussions to more effectively engage the public in Archaeology and Museums.

Testimony of the spade-

Hello and welcome to Testimony of the spade.

My name is Magnus Reuterdahl and I am a Swedish archaeologist and osteologist. Most posts are connected to my work or my interests in general; Scandinavian archaeology, osteology, cultural heritage, literature and so forth.

Heather Pringle-

A science writer who loves archaeology


A zooarchaeologists- not many of them on blogs.

ArchaeoPhysica’s Blog-

relevant and sometimes irreverent comment from the world of shallow geophysics

Blood from Stones-

This blog will aim to document my attempts to master the prehistoric art of flint knapping. The name of the blog refers not so much to my injuries incurred while learning, but to my belief that through experimental techniques and careful use of ethnography we can begin to gain an insight into prehistoric lives through lithic assemblages.

Digitised Diseases-

~ informing clinical understanding of chronic conditions affecting the skeleton using archaeological and historical exemplars

Mountains, Monuments and Mud-

A heritage hike through the Brecon Beacons

 Pots & Places, Stones & Bones-

Beautiful things from past and present, the objects and thoughts that make up the life of an archaeologist