Good News for Open Access

Posted on March 11, 2013


Just saw this on twitter and followed the link

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (a section of the American Anthropology Association) is excited to announce a groundbreaking publishing initiative. With the support of the AAA, the influential journal of the SCA, Cultural Anthropology, will become available open access, freely available to everyone in the world.  Starting with the first issue of 2014, CA will provide world-wide, instant, free (to the user), and permanent access to all of our content (as well as ten years of our back catalog). This is a boon to our authors, whose work we can guarantee the widest possible readership —and to a new generation of readers inside of anthropology and out. Cultural Anthropology will be the first major, established, high-impact journal in anthropology to offer open access to all of its research, and we hope that our experience with open access will provide the AAA as a whole, as well as other journals in the social and human sciences, valuable guidance as we explore alternative publishing models together.

This is a huge turn around from little over a year ago when the AAA came out against Open Access (You can see my discussions here here here and here).  Now cultural anthropology is not my interests but the fact that the AAA is supporting it is great news (for those not aware archaeology is a sub-field of anthropology in the US. and the AAA is the largest anthropology organizations). Also:

In the future, our goal, and that of AAA, is to sustain Cultural Anthropology independently as a preeminent publication, produced with the hard work of editors and authors, and the contributions made by the members of the SCA.

CA will also explore new ways of communicating its content, making it visible to the world beyond our members and subscribers.  SCA will also begin to explore other sources of revenue, and consider options for making print versions of the journal available on demand.

Wow, independent and exploring different methods of distributing the journal. If only some archaeology organizations could be so bold… cough cough AIA.

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