New Archaeology Blog List

Posted on July 2, 2013


My old archaeology blog list has gotten pretty long and I am reaching the limit of what can be done with a simple list. The list was nice but it was getting very long and hard to manage. Also, there was only so much detail I could give out with a list. So this weekend I threw together a little interactive archaeology/archeo-related blogs webpage and tossed it up on my website. You can see the page here-

It has 256 blogs (still adding to the list) and is arranged by most recent post. Also, there is a search engine so if your interested in a particular topic you can search to see what people are saying about it. Anyone wanting to submit a blog can do so. You can get additional details about the blogs and their most recent posts too.

It is all BETA at the moment so any feedback you might have would be greatly appreciated. Does it work to peak your interest in a blog? Does it work as a blog list? Any help with those questions would be appreciated. Thank you.