My Best, My Worst- #blogarch

Posted on January 30, 2014


Here is my post for this months #blogarch the Archaeology Blogging Carnival and a reminder that on the 5th of Feb. I will post all the responses to this months question so best get them in soon.

Best. Hmmmm, well looking at stats in my case is useless, maddening, and heartening. Here are my top ten most viewed posts/pages since I started blogging. My top posts tend to be lists/pages. This is not too surprising as these pages (#1,#4,#5) tend to have lots of links. I have seen a pattern were a person will click back through between the links which raises the page view stats but means the stats are kind of useless. #3 I absolutely hate that it is my top post and somewhat happy with that fact. Basically, it was one of those email scams- proof that giants lived and archaeologists have been hiding it from us this whole time, blah, blah, blah, that I tore apart in my post. Unfortunately, because it is a scam people keep searching for it and finding the post. Which means I am very happy I can provide an outlet to disprove the crap you find on the Internet. Though it is not what I blog about and I wish my other posts got those numbers. The same goes for the OMICS blog spam. Though in that case it is a bit funny because OMICS has gone and down rated my post and the comments by others in an attempt to smear the facts. Oh funny scuzzy publishers?

List of Archaeology Journals 37,763
Home page / Archives 32,207
Archaeologists find Giants in Greece!!!- Oh no here we go 16,165
Open Access Archaeology Journals 7,279
Great Archaeology Blogs 5,989
Tips for an Archaeology Resume/CV if you just graduated 5,168
Reinveting the Archaeology CV/Resume 4,417
How Long Does it Take to Get a Anthroplogy or Archaeology PhD in the US 3,938
Predatory Open Access Publisher OMICS Publishing Group: Now Blog Spamming 3,442
GIS and Archaeology- Some Resources on Learning GIS for Archaeology 3,028

I am glad that my other top posts relate to careers in archaeology but at the same time I am a bit sad. People should not have to Google how to write an archaeology resume/cv that is something their university should have taught them.

In terms of my favorite posts, that is much harder. I have made 465 (this will be 466) posts over the years and I like some more than others but there are too many to go over. I have also got some great comments over the years that have helped me out.


With 400+ posts several of them are bound to be bad. There is one that sticks out in my mind. A few years back I was making a list of universities with archaeology programs and came across a page that said, “Whether you’ve dreamed of digging up dinosaur bones or always wanted to document a culture on camera, the anthropology program at Michigan Tech is a great place to start.” As we all know Archaeologists don’t dig dinosaurs.

It was a mistake by the Admissions Department and the Anthropology Department had nothing to do with it. In hindsight I should have contact the Anth. Department to let them know about the mistake. Instead I blogged about it and eventually they found out and made the correction to the webpage. However, I felt really bad about it because it was an honest mistake, by someone else, and I really should not have been blogging ‘ha gotcha’ things. I apologized to them and they seem fine, still it has shaped my blogging, and actions in the non-digital world too. I now try to avoid broadcasting such silly and ‘ha gotcha’ stuff. So it is not all bad but I do wish I had done it differently.

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