Research Beyond Mitigation and Universities: Maximising the Impact of Community Involvement

Posted on June 6, 2014


About a month and half ago I was at the IfA conference in Glasgow. There I helped run a session on research and community/public archaeology. It was an amazing session and we had about 90 people attended. As I tend to do at conferences these days, I videoed the presentations and did some editing. So if you missed the session you can see the videos here. In no particular order (basically, the order in which Youtube moved from video to video) here are the videos of the presentations-

‘Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.’

Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk

Adopt-a-Monument — Everyone’s Heritage?

Community archaeology — The attitudes and approaches of commercial archaeologists

Community archaeology and regional research: who’s best placed to deliver?

The role of Local Government Archaeologists in translating research into practice

Square pegs in round holes Fitting public archaeology into research agendas

‘Into the Great Wide Open? The sustainability of community archaeology in the long run’

The things we think and do not say: the future of our business.

Zero Budget Archaeology in Local Authorities as Both a Service and a Research Tool

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