Archaeological Research in Progress Conference

Posted on June 11, 2014


Another conference and another couple of videos. Though you will find that the sound is much better with these than the last ones I posted.

Brief- May 31st 2014, Archaeological Research in Progress Conference in Dundee Scotland. I video recorded and then edited the presentations. I hope you enjoy them:

Depicting the Dead: Faces from the Past- Professor Caroline Wilkinson

Picture this: Recent archaeological visualisation on Scotland’s national forest estate- Matt Ritchie

Always chasing deer: The Scottish medieval parks project- Derek Hall

Monumental Iron Age Architecture in the Tay Estuary Basin: A 10 year excavation programme- David Strachan

Medieval and Renaissance Planning at Falkland Palace: the evidence from the East Range- Dr Jonathan Clark

Adopt-a-Monument and Dighty Connect: A partnership project with a different approach- Cara Jones

DigIt! 2015- Dr Jeff Sanders

Adding a new dimension to Dundee’s medieval carves stones- Dr Graeme Cavers and Christina Donald.

Thomas Rees- An Archaeological Renaissance? A Regional Review looking out from Dundee

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