Around the Archaeology Blogosphere Digest #1

Posted on September 5, 2014


Over a year ago I used to do a weekly post of other Archaeology Blogs worth following, highlighting some of the other archeo blogs out there. I would like to pick back up that tradition. However, instead of focusing on the whole blog I am going to be collecting all the posts from the last week by those blogs. I realise not everyone uses an RSS reader and some people might be interested in occasional posts from a blog and not follow them constantly. Also, I figure there is no better way to determine if you like a blog than by reading some of their work. So the new version will be links to all the posts from the last week.

I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (400+ and counting). Though I have noticed a few blogs that should be in this list are missing. I will try to figure out why my RSS feed did not capture them. Anyways if you know a great archaeology blog that I don’t have in that list please let me know and I will add them. And here are this weeks posts for some nice weekend reading:

Space Age Archaeology
Dr Space Junk in da stratosphere: excavating my desktop
mais qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans le sac des filles ? et dans les poches des garçons ?
The Subversive Archaeologist
A Musical Interlude: Rodrigo y Gabriela
Patronizing the Paleolithic: And I Don’t Mean Like A Diner At Your Favourite Restaurant
The Slippery [Not] Slope of Historical Sciences: Archaeologists Take Note
SHA Blog
Incidental Archaeotourism: Lessons from “Stumbling Upon” in St. Augustine
Random Acts of Science
#240 Happy Archaeology Fun Time
#241 The CRM Archaeology Podcast – Podcasting the Profession and Educating the Public
#239 – SAA2015 BlogArch and Social Media Session
Publications: Kites in ‘Arabia’ (iBook)
Property of an Anonymous Swiss Collector
Culture crime news 25–31 August 2014
Aggsbach’s Paleolithic Blog
Quina Mousterian from the Gargano
And yet more free publications
Coffee cans? Yes.
Almost Sharknado!
Wish my old ‘burgh had one. . .
Yet another paper for download
Alcohol + archaeologists
A brief non-archaeological(?) digression
Heritage Bytes
Upgrading Open Context
A Stitch in Time
Stuff that has been on my to-blog-about-list, like, forever.
Norse Garment Patterns – you want this.
Archaeologists and the Press.
Glorious free stuff.
Almost done. Down to books now.
The Young Archaeologist
Think Archaeologists Dig Dinosaurs?
What Do You Do When You Find Something? – Rapa Nui – Mohenjo-Daro
What Is A Context?
The Urban Prehistorian
The Tel Burna Excavation Project
Lecture on Burna at the Bible Lands Museum
Sustainable Archaeology
Notes from the SA: Fall 2014
Theoretical Structural Archaeology
Parish Notices; Help Nigel Hetherington of Past Preservers do the EH Wall Hike
Roundhouse Psychosis
Stefano Costa
Migrating a database from FileMaker Pro to SQLite
Low back pain
August Pieces Of My Mind #2
Saturday Morning Mushrooms
Arrival Songs
LARPing Enters the Archaeological Record
Shades of Dr. Jones
Robert M Chapple, Archaeologist
Archaeology of Gatherings Conference | Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland | October 2013 | Part V
Tuairim, Intellectual Debate & Policy Formation: Rethinking Ireland, 1954-1975 | Now available in paperback
[quem dixere chaos]
ROMARCH: Oxford CARC Workshop on Etruscan to Roman Art
ROMARCH: Position available, Sackler Keeper of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum
Public Places Past and Present
Anticipating Italy
Public Archaeology 2015
August 2015: Nick Stone, designer, photographer, digital artist
Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation
Jakten på steinbruddene til middelalderens kirke og kloster på Hovedøya ved Oslo
jumping once again on the Bowl Lathe bandwagon
Stone Walden Cabin
Looking Inward
Open Access Archaeology
Open Access Archaeology Digest #525
Open Access Archaeology Digest #531
Open Access Archaeology Digest #530
Open Access Archaeology Digest #529
Open Access Archaeology Digest #528
Open Access Archaeology Digest #527
Open Access Archaeology Digest #526
NOSAS Archaeology Blog
Excavations on the Tarbat Peninsula: Scotsburn Dun (Iron Age Round House)
New Deal Archaeology
Work Relief Archaeology: Laboring for the Past
Music Archaeology Recordings
Singing in the Hypogeum
Songs of the Caves
The Interpretation Game
More about forum participation in education
Medieval Sai Project
Two screenings, two talks, and two visits at Bergen to warm us up for Neuchâtel…
Neuchatel – day 2
Neuchâtel – day 1
Neuchâtel – day 3
Looting Matters
Goldstein, Geneva, and the Mummy Mask
The mummy mask and the erased inscription
The Punching Bag
Egypt to Develop “high-tech” museum and site monitoring system
Hellenic statues in Iraq National Museum are idols “best to be destroyed”, according to Iraq’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
Lindisfarne Castle
Archaeological Journal – Volume 171 for 2014
Archaeological Journal vol. 172 for 2015 – Meet the Editorial Assistant
Flodden Field Heritage: Nations, Pacifism, and Pacifist Aggressive Behaviour on the Borderlands
Zoo Death
Anthro X: An anti-seminar in culture and cognition
Elfshot: Sticks and Stones
August on Baffin Island
Another Day on the Tundra
Don’t Forget Your Shovel
The beginnings of bureaucracy
The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon
Fall Update
Dienekes� Anthropology Blog
Y chromosomes and mtDNA of early farmers from Hungary
Everything you ever wanted to know about mutation rate in humans
Desert Island Archaeologies
Week 10: Matthew Champion
Field Notes: Week Nine
Lyminge: the place to be
Chasing Aphrodite
Shiva Goes Home: Australia’s Prime Minister Returns Looted Kapoor Idols to India
Bone Broke
Bone Quiz 14
Pop Culture Osteology: Once Upon a Time
Pop Culture Osteology: Once Upon a Time #2
Christchurch uncovered
These boots are made for walking… in 19th century Christchurch.
Beauty in the Bones
The Wit and Wisdom of Discowrld: Interesting Times
An Osteological Case of Ancient Down Syndrome.
Andrew Whiting: Historical Research
At last: a Stonehenge story that is exactly what it says
postgraduate opportunities in archaeology
Other academic positions in archaeology
Postdoc opportunities in archaeology
postdoc programmes
PhD programmes
PhD opportunities in archaeology
Raccontare il museo – Intro
The Eemian and beginning of the Early Weichselian, a brief resume / Le Eémien et au début du Weichselien ,un bref résumé
A fine quartzite biface from the Vosges (France) / Un biface en quartzite des Vosges (France)
AWOL – The Ancient World Online
ASOR Syrian Heritage Initiative
Open Access Monograph Series: Fieldiana Anthropology
New Open Access Journal: Science and Technology of Archaeological Research: An open access journal Online
Open Access Journal: Society for Medieval Archaeology Newsletter
Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC)
Open Access Journal: Revue des études grecques
Open Access Journal: TÜBA-AR: Türkiye Bilimler Akademisi Arkeoloji Dergisi – Türkish Academy of Sciences Journal of Archaeology
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Open Access Publications (on the ancient world)
OmnesViae: Roman Routeplanner: a reconstruction of an antique Roman map with internet technology
Open Access Journal: Erga-Logoi: Rivista di storia, letteratura, diritto e culture dell’antichità
New Open Accces Journal: Studia academica Šumenensia
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum
Oaths and Swearing in Ancient Greece from Knowledge Unlatched
Loebolus: Open Access to all the public domain Loebs Classical Library volumes
Newly Open Access Journal: Archaeology & History in Lebanon: AHL
The Global Egyptian Museum
The Ancient World in JSTOR
Open Access Journal: Journal des Savants
Roman Times
Review: Hannibal: Enemy of Rome by Ben Kane

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