Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #3

Posted on September 19, 2014


Our third Archaeology Blog-0-sphere round-up. Hope you enjoy the reading.


I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there but instead of focusing on the whole blog I am going to be collecting all their posts from the previous week . Also, I realise not everyone uses an RSS reader and some people might be interested in occasional posts from a blog and not follow them constantly so this round up might be useful for them.

I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (410+ and counting). Though I have noticed a few blogs that should be in this list are missing. It is better than the last few weeks but I am still working out the issues. I am currently at the LAN conference so have not had the time to fix it. Here are this weeks posts–
Get ‘em young and they won’t damage ancient sites!
The importance of context…..
Safi Archaeology at the 2014 “Night of the Scientists” at BIU
Still Here!
Herding Cats! Episode 1.
For Openers, Your Own Subversive Archaeologist Bottle Opener/Keychain.
Scots Wha Hae!
Meet Mr. Gradgrind
Heritage Update #285 is out!
come to our NAAFI open day tomorrow! – 13th September
good NAAFI open day at Roman Circus House!
Roman circus centre and cafe now closed for the winter
Roman circus remains exposed by service trench
Remedying the Plight of the Archaeological Technician
Bringing a Slice of the Archives to the Internet: the River Street Digital History Project
Angkor Wat
Excavations at Loc Giang
Institute for Southeast Asian Archaeology Early Career Award
Now reporting ‘live’ from Bangkok
Dhammazedi Bell search proves fruitless
Ban Chiang artefacts return to Thailand
Khmer sculpture on loan at the National Gallery of Australia
Thailand to help Myanmar with development of Pyu Cities site
Iconic Ta Prohm trees to go
The Khmer temples of Laos
The Joseph Conrad
Holding Hands That Aren’t There
Ringo’s Newest Production
Scottish independence – heritage and the nation state
Demosthenes Agrafiotis – hylography
Antiquarians and the origins of design thinking
Richard III death injuries revealed
Graduate school
Tribal Development Rights Trump Historic Preservation in Palm Springs
Video News from TAC – September 2014
Audio News from Archaeologica, 7 September – 13 September 2014
The United Kingdom; a sense of place
OSGIS 2014
Research: Qasr Ain el-Beidha
Culture crime news 8–14 September 2014
Excavated 100 years ago: The lower Rock shelter of Le Moustier
Trigger warning!
Bodies bodies everywhere!
Skeletons in love
Big ol’ Greek tomb update
Richard II update
Actually most of us think he’s a cool fictional character
Forgot this from a few days ago.
Shipwrecks Discovered in Nautical ‘Graveyard’ at San Francisco’s Golden Gate
How to make and use a pole-mounted camera
Back on Track: Heritage Lecture
Saxon Shore: Heritage Lecture
Ah, the joy of learning.
Games of a different kind.
Gratuitous Cat Pics.
Random Linky Stuff.
Strap weaving.
Gobbled up.
What Is A Date Bracket? – La Tène Pottery – Star Carr
New Promotional Video
What Does BC, AD, BCE and CE Mean? – Göbekli Tepe – Non Nok Tha, Thailand
Round-up of Doug’s Disability In Archaeology Posts
Living Heritage
Call for Volunteers for 2015 Season!
Dumbing down the past.
A Sojourn into the Foodways of Prehistoric Southern Vietnam-Michelle Eusebio
What have we here?
At long last… The wreck of a long-lost ship from the Franklin Expedition has been found in the Canadian Arctic
September Pieces Of My Mind #1
What archaeologists do: Between archaeology and media archaeology
Drumclay Crannog Report | We wait. We are bored.
European Heritage Open Days 2014 | Where did you discover?
Bid a Warm Welcome to Ourselves & Our Friends on Twitter & their Linear B Sites
Ancient kitchen found in Sagalassos
The making and meaning of Ming: 50 years that changed China
ASBC Victoria Talk: Tuesday September 16, Jenny Cohen on Paleoethnobotany of Kilgii Gwaay
Tourists in Piazzas
Venice ‘Streets’
December: Lorna Richardson, archaeologist of sorts
Oh, the Pains of Love and Life(rs)
everythingisanthropology: anthropologymajorfox: Heads up to…
CRM versus the Academy
Line Let Loose
Archaeological Oddities: Sanxingdui Bronzes
Another from Thoreau
Ask A Curator – Sept. 17, 2014
A quick links dump
Open Access Archaeology Digest #539
Open Access Archaeology Digest #540
Open Access Archaeology Digest #541
Open Access Archaeology Digest #542
Open Access Archaeology Digest #543
Open Access Archaeology Digest #544
Open Access Archaeology Digest #545
Highland Hillforts
Belladrum Excavation, 31st August – 7th September 2014
SIMA Intern Guest Post: Explorations in Classical Plaster Casts at NMNH
Soldiers in Silloth
New Deal Archaeology in the West
Bringing the past to life in the Neolithic Houses – a volunteers story
Richard III’s death – the grim details
SAA 2015: A Session Honoring Ruth Tringham
SHA 2015: Punk as Organizing Structure and Ethos for Emancipatory Archaeological Practice
Notes on Getting Your Whole Life Stolen
grain dryers, malt kilns & “malting ovens”
On Minecraft
Holy Well, Watnall, Nottinghamshire
Nanny Well, Chapel le Frith
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
Auctioning Atari: Archaeology, Ethics, and Contemporary Practice
More Pallets, More Pallets!!
The Most Depressing Dog Park
Craft in Archaeology: The Craft of Pottery Analysis in Mediterranean Archaeology
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
Sudanological events after Neuchâtel
Peyote Fire Shaman of the Canyons Available Now for Pre-Order!
The Ka Nefer Nefer Mask and the Saqqara link
Zakaria Goneim at Saqqara
The Ka Nefer Nefer Mask and 2005
Zakaria Goneim excavating in Egypt
The identification of Ka Nefer Nefer
Scotland Decides
Without a federal UK, a reluctant ‘Yes’
New Report from Abdulamir Hamdani on the Situation in Iraq
Here be Dragons…
Looking for Non-elites at Gabii
Ask An Archaeologist Video
New human remains trade research in the SAA 2015 illicit antiquities panel
Rocking through the Ages
New bog body found in Rossan, Co. Meath
Plans to make historic Inis Cealtra island more accessible to the public
Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition
Archaeologies of Mortuary Disasters
The EAA and the Middle Ages
Archaeodeath at the EAA
Howard’s Funerary Favourites: Burial Communities in Long Term Perspective
See you there….Duloe or Rollrights (or both?!)
PAS lines up with Tesco’s about taking goods home unseen!
Megameet Report
Heritage Value
Aw richts is pitten by
Review: Cerulo, Never saw it coming
“Wandering Arameans”: Workshop on the Arameans Outside of Syria – Leipzig, 21-23 of October, 2014
Faience technology at EB Safi: Poster at Upcoming conference in Cyprus
New Fellowship in Jewish Studies
Geoarchaeology and Environmental Archaeology at the Annual Meeting of the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences – BIU, 16-18 sept., 2014
The forthcoming Jewish Study Bible from Oxford (2nd edition)
Grand Valley State University Group at Safi 2015!
Congratulations to Shira Kisos and Emuna Levy!
Pictures from the Safi Corner at the Scientists’ Night
A journey to Terracina on the Riviera of Ulysses
Nice Day for a Fish
Tweets from The Connected Past 2014
An Interview with Dr. Dylan Burns
Prehistoric Clothing
Adjusting to home life
Upcoming Fall Archaeology Events
Open Notebooks
An Open Research Notebook Workflow with Scrivener and Github
Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #2
What an Independent Scotland would mean for Archaeology and Heritage.
A Tale of Two Countries: Scottish Independence and the Archaeology workforce
Would an Independent Scotland Increase or Decrease Heritage and Archaeology Funding?
Ancient mtDNA from southern Africa related to San
Murderous chimps
23andMe mega-study on different American groups
Week 11: Sue Greaney
Week 12: Spencer Gavin Smith
The PAS is awesome
CPAC to Hold Hearing on El Salvador’s MoU Extension Request
Conservator’s Records To Be Subpoenaed As Prosecutors Score Triple Victory in Peruvian Artifacts Forfeiture Cases
CIA Reports 31,500 ISIL Fighters in Syria-Iraq
Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month and Tennessee Archaeology Blogfest
Scottish Independence
Maiduguri city is ‘completely surrounded’ and is at risk of ‘total annihilation’ by Boko Haram
There is not yet any evidence that the Islamic State has destroyed Sufi shrines in Deir Ezzor, Syria, September 2014
Alalam does not have any evidence that the Islamic State has destroyed Sufi shrines in Deir Ezzor, Syria, September 2014
We don’t find computers, or do we?
CHI Fellowship Introduction: Lisa Bright
CHI Fellowship Introduction: J. M. Bradshaw
CHI Fellowship Introduction: Santos Ramos
Hello there! CHI Fellowship Intro: Jennifer A. Royston
Lisa Bright – Introduction
To blog or not to blog
An Unusual Case of Scurvy found in the Maya
Pop Culture Osteology: Once Upon a Time #3
Specimen of the Week: Week 153
Ask a Curator day 2014
Murder in the Theatre
Stay classy, Christchurch
Egg Boys in the East End
All that Glitters at the Archaeological Archive
Behind the scenes with Sherlock Holmes
5 rigs ready for 5 kites: the equip for community KAP continues
A short talk made long…
Week 22 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
The Harris Line/Growth Arrest Lines
A win for our friends at Hirst Park Middle School
Witchcraft in Ancient Mesopotamia
Mayans in Georgia: America Unearthed Episode One.
Meet the Main Characters of Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris!
More thesis work and less Real Housewives
Das Ende der chronologisch definierten Archäologien
It’s that conference season again!
The Numismatics of the Elder Scrolls
American Indian Heritage Day at Serpent Mound
“70th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, Shipwrecks of World War II and More”.
New Lake Erie Shipwreck Discovery
Open Access Journal: Quaderni della Soprintendenza archeologica del Piemonte
From Bactria to Taxila: A database of resources on Hellenistic and Imperial Central Asian studies
CDLI’s Recent Publications in Assyriology
Editions in progress: List of Greek editions & translations in progress
Open Access Journal: Revue de Linguistique Latine du Centre Alfred Ernout: De lingua Latina
Open Access Journal: Camenae
Attic Inscriptions Online News
Open Access Journal: Institute of Nautical Archaeology Quarterly
Open Access Ancient Law Journals
Open Access Book Reviews on Antiquity
From the Archivist’s Notebook: Essays Inspired by Archival Research in Athens Greece
Searchable Greek Inscriptions: A Scholarly Tool in Progress. The Packard Humanities Institute
Short term open access to articles in the current Anatolian Studies
Open Access Journal: ENIM: Égypte nilotique et méditerranéenne
Archaeological Survey of Israel Online
News from Dickinson College Commentaries: A complete vocabulary of the Aeneid
Open Access Monograph Series: Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Monographs
Daphnet: ILIESI’s Digital Archives of PHilosophical texts on the NET
Digitales Forum Romanum
Digital Humanities and the Ancient World
Open Access Journal: Vjesnik Arheološkog muzeja u Zagrebu – Journal of the Zagreb Archaeological Museum

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