Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #4

Posted on September 28, 2014


The forth Archaeology Blog-0-sphere round-up. Still working out the problems but thanks to everyone who has suggested a blog or how to do it all better (apologies still trying to work out indenting). Hope you enjoy the reading.


I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there but instead of focusing on the whole blog I am going to be collecting all their posts from the previous week . Moreover, I realize not everyone uses an RSS reader and some people might be interested in occasional posts from a blog and not follow them constantly. If that is you this round up might be useful to you.

I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (410+ and counting). There are a few blogs that should be in this list that are missing — hoping to fix that. Here are this weeks posts–
The Beothuk and a Zodiac Trip on Notre Dame Bay
Glen Cochill 1, Little Dunkeld, Perthshire
Toast in the lab for the New Year
TAG! I’m IT!
It’s Time For Global Sorry Day. The Killing Must Stop.
Heritage Update #286 is out!
Colchester Young Archaeologists’ Club September meeting
fascinating fieldwork at Hedingham Castle
‘the Fenwick treasure’ reveals more gems…
Adventure is for Archaeologists
Meet a Member: Allison Bain
The best ways to share your projects and ideas with SAFE
Bones Review – Season 10, Episode 1
design and antiquarians – 1
Treasures from Harageh Tomb 72 at National Museums Scotland
Agnese Haury Bequeaths Her Legacy to the University of Arizona
Rooms of Our Own
Audio News from Archaeologica, 14 September – 20 September 2014
Welcoming Our Newest IAD 2014 Collaborators!
Alex the Archaeologist
New Portable GIS Releases
Photographs: Deir Ain Abata Project
Culture crime news 15–21 September 2014
The early Gravettian in Central France: La Vigne Brun
Good for the coming zombie apocalypse
Yeah. . . no
Lost civilization civilization. . .hmmm, what?
And speaking of hoaxes. . . .
Bodies, bodies Body everywhere! here!
I’ll take a Galaga and a Battle Zone please.
Spiky, Scaly New Species of Anklyosaur Discovered in New Mexico
History repeating: remembering the Temple of Mithras
The Rare Aul Times: Old Photos of Dublin and The Way They Might Look At You While Being Lifted Wholesale Without Attribution
ICAZ 2014: Digital Scanned 3-D Reproduced Elements of Extinct Species; The Future Examines the Past
Sutton Hoo 75th Anniversary Conference
Stonehenge and Avebury Guides
Deal Castle: the Property of the Crown
Shahina Farid: Lady of the Höyük
Monday! Back to work!
Working on Spinning, again.
A bleg. To handweavers.
Spinning wheel tuning.
Friday Linkfest.
What is Typology? – The Headless Vikings of Dorset – Dickson’s Mound, Illinois, USA
Osteological and Forensic Books of Interest
Bone Quiz: Osteology From Outer Space
Cyprus Footage from 2012
Dakota Language Update
Atlatl Throw at Blackwater Draw
Western New Mexico University Museum
Posthole archaeology; function, form and farming
Happy New Year
Don’t Blame The Tea-Bagger 13% On Me
Fornvännen’s Winter Issue On-Line
What archaeologists do: Research Design and the Media Archaeology Drive Project (MAD-P)
Casalecchio di Reno
Island Life | Part II | White Island
Island Life | Part II | White Island | 3D
Drumclay Crannóg: The life and times of a Fermanagh lake-dwelling | Conference | September 27 2014 | Some photos
Cardigan Bay 4,000 Ago
Accessible Programs in Archaeology and Museums
Yelm Jim’s Fish Weir at Puyallup
Lia Wei and Rupert Griffiths
Folklore Fridays: Chanctonbury Hill
Consuming Dark Histories in Santa Claus Village
Registry of Research Data Repositories
Lease Useful Feature of the iPhone 6 for Archaeology
Further Evolution of the Little Vardo
Interesting Homebuilt
Project: “Mayhem” Shoes
The Tate Digital Strategy: a Change that Starts from Within
Open Access Archaeology Digest #548
Open Access Archaeology Digest #549
Open Access Archaeology Digest #550
Open Access Archaeology Digest #551
Open Access Archaeology Digest #552
Open Access Archaeology Digest #553
Open Access Archaeology Digest #554
Keeping calm in Erbil
Bluetooth LE again
Backstone Circle, Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire
Carn Ban, Glen Cochill, Perthshire
Shaman’s Lodge, Glen Cochill, Perthshire
A Visit to a Pallet Plant
Book Blurbs: Pyla-Koutsopetria and Punk Archaeology
The Seven Wonders of the Bakken Oil Patch
Sabbatical Notes
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
The Amphipolis Tomb
Nubian manuscripts in Berlin
Sudan International Photography Symposium
We Continue…! Or welcome to year two.
Donna Zapalac Mueller and the Wildflowers
Ka Nefer Nefer Mask: some clarification
Roman Sarcophagus due to be returned to Italy
SLAM and the SCA
Kerry Speaks at Met on Looting and Iconoclasm by ISIS
Would you rather be immersed online in the museum or in the world the work of art was plucked from for the museum?
Parallax View: the US Responses to Cultural Heritage Destruction in Syria versus Iraq
Protecting heritage in Mesopotamia Redux: Will the US military get it right this time?
My Favorite Artifact
Amta, Daughter of Yarha. Alas!
Comics in the Field – i
Comics in the Field – ii: Practicalities
Comics in the Field – iii: Who are you talking to?
Steampunk Artistry!
Dig It Video Series | Featuring: Julie Kramer
Owain Glyndwr’s Whopper
Archaeological Journal Update
Project Eliseg Update
Communicating with the Past: Anglo-Saxons, Runes and Ale
Buying the Anglo-Saxons: Bewcastle Wins Hands Down
Death by the Railway Tracks: The Archaeodeath Commute
7116 Connah’s Quay and Shotton War Memorial – A Part of Wales Forever England?
A Date with Archaeodeath
Beautiful Door
Happy Spring Equinox!
Standing stone on Mynydd Illtyd – Another dubious scheduling?
So you’ve always wanted to help build a stone circle?
Now Weyhill Fair. Oh dear.
Must I paint you a picture? Part 2
Review: Tomasello, A natural history of human thinking
Amazing find! A green balloon inside of an Iron IIA jug! 🙂
The “Other” Gath wins it bigtime!
Safi and giant bones!
Big News!! Safi project changes name to: Ackerman Family Bar-Ilan University Expedition to Gath
Ackerman Fellows for the 2015 excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath
“Heritage in Peril: Iraq and Syria” (Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 22)
Iraq and Syria Cultural Heritage Destruction Resources List
Looking for Roman bridges in Provence, France
Request from Dmitry Galtsin
A busy week for the NLAS
Collecting Spruce Roots
More than just a birch bark tube
Morning Feed on G-Town Radio, Sept. 24
Open Notebooks Part IV – autogenerating a table of contents
Open Notebooks Part V: Notational Velocity and 1 superRobot
Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference Videos
What makes Community Archaeology work?
Ming Bling at the British Museum
Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle
Raiders of the Lost Ark Recut
The Inspiring Life of John McIlwaine, Forensic Archaeologist
Friday Five… Best Books of the Ancient World
New Stone Age Site Challenges Old Archaeological Assumptions
Report from the EAA Working Group on Public Archaeology
ESHE 2014 abstracts
43,500-year old Aurignacian north of the Alps
A limited genetic link between Mansi and Hungarians
Levallois technology in Nor Geghi 1, Armenia
Field Notes: Final Weeks
Why I Didn’t Win (Part II)
From Dinosaurs to Astronauts, Long-Live the Bone Cells (Part I)
Reconstructing Frontenac Island’s History
Register Now for the Sixth Annual Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition
Stipulation Puts a Lid on Litigation over a Roman Sarcophagus Cover Featured in the Becchina Archive
The oldest footprints outside of Africa: an interview with Dr. Sarah M. Duffy about the imaging of this incredible find
Forgetting Bob Garvey’s Mantra
Only the Land Lives Forever
ISIS have destroyed the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Deir ez-Zor
Caught in the Crossfire
An Oxford weekend of Egyptian mummies, ghosts, gargoyles and curses!
Goodwood Revival Stonehenge: White-robed Druids, Cardboard Obama, and Then We Digress!
CHI Fellow Introduction: Christine Neejer
CHI Fellowship Introduction: Becca Hayes
What do dinosaurs and archaeology have in common?
3-D Artifacts and Digital Archaeology: A Match Made in the Clouds??
To Valhalla and Beyond: Plans for CAP for 2014-2015
Forma Urbis: Costruire Tabernae
Disarticulated Remains: Evidence of Ritual or Scavenging?
Huerta del Manco
Bone Quiz 15.1
Re-blogged: Some thoughts on the 20th European Association of Archaeologists Conference in Istanbul
Specimen of the Week: Week 154
A Medical (School) Mystery
Underwhelming Fossil Fish of the Month: September 2014

Massimo Osanna in Hamburg, Germany
Albrecht Matthaei in Hamburg, Germany
Class, wealth & power
Marvellous Miniatures at the Archive: Top 3 Tiny Roman Objects
LiPo battery fire
Week 23 Volunteering at the Royal College of London
It was EPIC
A Domain of my Own
Back from the Field
Seeing God(s) in Temples, the Heavens, and in Model Shrines: A Problem in Ancient Metaphysics
European Steppe Nomads in the Military History of the Near East
A 12th Century Englishman in Arizona : Unearthed America Episode 2
Normal Service will be Resumed as soon as Possible
Groundhog 21
Return to Beanotown
Discovering Cheshire’s Industrial Archaeology Part 3
Review: Tomb Raider #7
Never Alone: An Adventure in Storytelling & Cultural Preservation
Karanis – oder Die Geschichte(n) hinter den Bildern
Souvenirs und Sex: Touristen in Pompei
Keine Santa Maria!
Kopfjäger auf Grabung in Toulouse
‘Lassen Sie das Internet!’
Slides Connected Past London available
PhD Dissertation Proposal: Reception and Application of Archaeology in Video Games
Celebrate American Indian Week!
Open Access Journal: Akroterion: Journal for the Classics in South Africa. Tydskrif vir die Klassieke in Suid-Afrika
Open Access Journal: Iberia-Kolxetʻi : Sakʻartʻvelos klasikuri da adremedievuri periodis arkʻeologiur-istoriuli kvlevani = Iberia-Colchis : researches on the archeology and history of Georgia in the classical and early medieval period
Open Access Journal: Clara Rhodos. Studi e materiali pubblicati a cura dell’ Istituto Storico-Archeologico di Rodi
Acacdemia Fiorentina di Papirologia e Studi sul Mondo Antico Biblioteca On Line
Open Scriptures: Platform for the development of open scriptural linked data and its applications
The Ancient Saar Project: London-Bahrain Archaeological Expedition
Open Access Journal: Classics Convivium Newsletter
Open Access Monograph Series: Ur Excavations
Open Access Journal: Noua Tellus: Anuario del Centro de Estudios Clásicos
The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, Library Acquisitions Lists
The British Museum: Ancient Egypt and Sudan Library Acquisitions Lists
Propylaeum News: Neues Themenportal: Historische Aussprache des Lateinischen und Altgriechischen
Encyclopaedia of Iranian Architectural History
New Book from the Oriental Institute: Ancient Settlement Systems and Cultures in the Ram Hormuz Plain, Southwestern Iran: Excavations at Tall-e Geser and Regional Survey of the Ram Hormuz Area
Online Supplements to: Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, Vol. 1 Dossiers 1–10: 401 Commodity Chits
Open Access Journal: Classica et Mediaevalia: Danish Journal of Philology and History
Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America
Ways to read AWOL
Open Access Annual Report: The British School at Athens
Open Access Journal: Bulletin de liaison du groupe international d’étude de la céramique égyptienne
Open Access Journal: Vita Latina
Open Access Journal: Mār Šiprim: Newsletter of the International Association for Assyriology (IAA)
I.Sicily ~ Building a digital corpus of Sicilian inscriptions
The House of the Tragic Poet: What’s love got to do with it?
The Fabulousness of Archaeo-Gifs
Nayland Community Test Pit Excavations 2014
Booking for the ACA 10th Anniversary Public Lecture
Sudbury ready for big dig



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