Crowdfunding Archaeology- a view from the trenches

Posted on September 30, 2014


A bit of spur of the moment decision but this week I will be focusing on crowdfunding in Archaeology. I promise I will get to finishing up my series on publishing in Archaeology.

A little later in this series I am going to sit down and have a talk with Lisa Westcott Wilkins. She is the Managing Director of DigVentures, a company dedicated to crowdfunding and crowdsourcing in Archaeology. So if you have any questions about crowdfunding Archaeology leave a comment or email me- drocksmacqueen (insert that little ‘at’ symbol, you know what to do) and I will ask her it. In the mean time, I have been lucky enough to see the DigVentures crew give a few papers and recorded them. So if you are interested in crowdfunding here are some insights from people that have done it:

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