Interview with Archaeology Crowdfunders

Posted on October 7, 2014


Yesterday we recorded a special episode of the CRM podcast, episode 44.1, which was an interview with Lisa and Brendon at DigVentures on crowdfunding in Archaeology. For the first time I hosted the CRM podcast while Chris was a panelist.

You can download the podcast  from stitcher here. (episode 44.1)

Or from iTunes here. (bit of a backlog, only up to episode 43 is available but 44 and 44.1 should be up soon)

Links to things mentioned in the show:

Follow our panelists on Twitter or their blogs:

Serra @archyfantasies; Doug  @openaccessarch; Russell @Mjstrwy and  @DiachronicD; and Chris  @archeowebby and @digtechll

Russell Alleen-Willems

This is the sixth post on my series on crowdfunding archaeology (Post 1- Thomas’ numbers, Post 2-presentations from DigVentures, Post 3- the money of crowdfunding, Part 4- was on users and do platforms attract them, Part 5- are platforms worth it)

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