Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #6

Posted on October 12, 2014


Here is my weekly list of blog posts from Archaeology blogs/ blogs that focus on Archaeology.


I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there by collecting all their posts from the previous week . Hopefully, you find some of the posts interesting and/or find a new blog to follow.


I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (415+ and counting). There are a few blogs that should be in this list that are missing — hoping to fix that. Here are this weeks posts–
British Folk Art
Heritage Update #287 is out!
Woodchester Mansion Trust joins The Alliance!
About the Friends of CAT
Friends of CAT contact details
Friends of the Trust visit Stow Maries aerodrome
the ‘Fenwick treasure’ now in “Current Archaeology” magazine
surprisingly interesting kitchen tiles!
more Anglo-Saxon life at Brightlingsea
Debunking the myth of the lost city of Angkor
Work begins to nominate Bagan as a World Heritage site
Conference on Megaliths in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
Ceramics found in shores off Quang Ngai Province in Vietnam
The German-Cambodia Conservation School
40,000 year old rock art from Sulawesi
SHA’s New Professional Membership Category
StoryMap: Visualizing the Story of One Road Scheme’s Archaeology with StoryMap JS
Let There Be Light! (But Check for Archaeology First…)
Prospecting for Archaeology in the Northern Isles
Whaling and the Industrial Revolution Part 1: Why Whales?
Our Town and Archaeology: Part 2
Which girl? Witch girl!
Bones – Season 10, Episode 3 (Review)
design and antiquarians – 3
Greece, the Parthenon Marbles & UNESCO
Top lawyers to advise Greece on Parthenon Marbles
#242 The Winning Bid
Aztec Ruins National Monument and Chaco Canyon National Historic Park Ban Drones and Scattering of Cremains
Of Poop, Toilet Paper, and Worms…
Audio News from Archaeologica, 28 September – 4 October 2014
Culture crime news 29 September–5 October 2014
Tentative Steps Back To Archaeology…
Lugnasad sunset from Sheriff’s Mountain
Richborough Guides
Old Sarum and the Office of Works Guide
MPBW Guide to Hadrian’s Wall
Kite Aerial Photography on the Isle of Skye
Back home for a short time!
It’s a long way to the end of the List.
London Calling.
Even more links.
Win A Signed Copy of Our Book!
What Was The Iron Age? – The Vindolanda Tablets – Thebes, Greece
Lost Kingdoms of Central America: Teotihuacan
Bits & Pieces: Open Research, Buried, Sulawese Art, & Desert Island Archaeologies
Congrats to the Tavger Family!
Seed Beads
Beads are Everywhere
Targhe delle strade di Genova. Tipografia della lettera A
Archaeological science is in the news!
Only Connect
Seeking the impact of the Roman conquest
Island Life | Part III | Devenish Island
Island Life | Part III | Devenish Island | Additional Photographs
Spain’s earliest image of Jesus found on glass plate
Rita Robert’s Excellent Translation of Knossos Tablet KN 1198 E x 205 “Tanaposo the shepherd”
Flint dagger with bark hilt found in Denmark
A Participatory Approach to Museum Advocacy
The Giant of Happy Valley
How would you know if you are wrong?
The Horror of Pompeii – Plaster Casts and Photography
Craft in Archaeology: Craft in CRM Archaeology
kqedscience: Why Scientists are Seen as Competent but…
Bath: Walks Within the Walls
Bath walks within the walls: Walk 2
Eclipse on the Vardo
Good Advice
Ship of Fools, a look at the human condition
This Week’s Retro DIY Project – Pedal Driven Lathe
Found 1300-Year-Old Ski and 6000-Year-Old Arrows in Reinheimen
Wevertown Cemetery, Johnsburg, N.Y.
Open Access Archaeology Digest #563
Open Access Archaeology Digest #564
Open Access Archaeology Digest #565
theolduvaigorge: Middle Paleolithic sequences of the Ciemna…
Open Access Archaeology Digest #566
Open Access Archaeology Digest #567
Open Access Archaeology Digest #568
The Grade 5 trip to the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland
Operation Stonehenge: what the TV films left out
50 Years of Visualization at Çatalhöyük
Book Review: Archaeographies
Who Digs? Craft & Non-specialist labor in archaeology
Lithics selfie? | Rapid photography, decent results
Dating shell mounds at Weipa, Cape York Peninsula
Playable Cities videos
Minecrafting Italy
Ossian’s Stone, Sma’ Glen, Fowlis Wester, Perthshire
Back the Bakken Again
Celebrating Joel Jonientz’s Mural
Abandonment in the Bakken
Craft in Archaeology: Who Digs? Craft & Non-specialist labor in archaeology
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
On Vassilis Paleokostas
An unexpected honor…
‘The Absence of these Diabolic Machines’ or Semolina, Sugar and Misplaced Suitcases – Excavations at Sycharth Castle 50 years on
Books for Archaeology Awareness Month–including Mine!
Peyote Fire Giveaway a Huge Success on!
Thor Heyerdahl Anniversary
“From the collection of a European business executive”
Due dilgence: time for a rethink?
Eritha, A Mycenaean Uppity Woman
A Merry Time In Old (And New) England — Part 1
Ancient Ski Discovered in Norway
Aerial Views of Ireland’s Ancient Royal Sites
The Consequences of Cultural Heritage Disputes
Season 5 Update: stairs, saintonge and stained glass
Archaeodeath Blues
The Prisoner
Digging Deeper than the Grave: The Third Man
Stonehenge: the “short tunnel” is back.
Another standing stone – but is it prehistoric?
Dear National Trust: please stop it!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
impressionen 2007-2012
Edit-on dudes: #ClassicsWomen are into Wikipedia
Changes*and a HARN Conference
Temporality, assemblages, and Black Swans
Making Monuments: Druidic Circles
Lexiculture: 2014 word list
Safi at the Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest, San Diego, Nov. 2014
ISIS October News Roundup
The Medieval Adventures of an Archaeology Student in Ireland: Part 1
The Medieval Adventures of an Archaeology Student in Ireland: Part 3
The Medieval Adventures of an Archaeology Student in Ireland: Part 2
AIA Talk! Were the Hobbits Human? 13 October 2014
Did the Vikings Get a Bum Rap?
In Photos: The World’s Oldest Cave Art
Skeleton Couple Still Holding Hands After 700 Years : Discovery News
Ancient Rome’s Terrorizing Toilets
Plans and Profiles: Claidhbh Ó Gibne Experimenting with Neolithic Watercraft in Ireland
Finished Beothuk Quiver
How to wear the Beothuk quiver?
Are Crowdfunding Platforms Worth it?
Interview with Archaeology Crowdfunders
Tracing Finds: A Case Study in Crowdfunding Archaeology
No Irish need apply
Dox Populi: Documentary Film and Academics (Film 101)
Podcast: Crowdfunding Archaeology… Is It Worth It?
Is this the political centre of one of Europe’s first urban societies?
Review: BBC Four’s ‘Detectorists’
Visualizing the Mikveh
Hello from the new archaeology intern!
Update from the 1st week of field school
What else did we find?
My First Field School
Coprolites, Midges and Gale-Force Winds – Digging the Dream!
Presenting Archaeology and Communities in Ecuador
~40 thousand year old cave art from Indonesia
Tomb II at Vergina belonged to Philip II and a possible Scythian wife
Week 14: David Mennear
Pehk and “Parliaments”
Skeleton Sketches
[Doodle] Field School
[Doodle] Newts are Misunderstood
[Doodle] Birds are Immature
[Doodle] Scientific Progress
[Doodle] What a View
[Doodle] Site Assistant
[Doodle] Teenagers
[Doodle] Plumb Wrong
[Doodle] Fossils Rock!
Life in the fast lane
Conflict and the Heritage Trade: Rise in U.S. Imports of Middle East “Antiques” and “Collectors’ Pieces” Raises Questions
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Regulatory Program and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
PBS Antiques Roadshow Appraises Duck River Cache and Sandy
Even More Unwritten Rules in Professional Archaeology
Confirmed arson, alleged theft and perpetrators: destruction during Kobani unrest in Turkey
International Day of the Girl 2014: ‘Why Women’s History Matters’
Digital Ethics
Osteology and Digital Data
Irish archaeology activity increased in the third quarter of 2014
The interdisciplinary continuum in studies of Humanity and the Earth
How to begin to think about Predictive Models in Archaeology (for the non-expert!)
Specimen of the Week: Week 156 (The Evolution of Life on Land)
From the Archives: A Camel Head from London Zoo
Celebrating Marvellous Maps!
Great British Bakes: Pies
Croydon BCE – Life’s A Ditch
Sherlock Holmes trailer: You saw, but did you observe?
360 Servo pendulum mount. Part 2: the pendulum
360 Servo pendulum mount. Part 3: the sky hook
My Master’s Work – Research on the Harris Line
Week 25 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
Cord-impressed pottery from the Kaims
2015 Eagle Nest Canyon Expedition – Call for Interns
Royal Assassination in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East: A Brief Synopsis
Tel Miqne-Ekron during the Late Bronze Age
MA programmes and opportunities
Marie Curie post doctoral fellow Fabrizio Galeazzi joins ADS and the Centre for Digital Heritage
Digital Data Re-use Award
Internet Archaeology Goes Fully Open Access
New Guidelines for ADS Depositors
Visit to Berlin
Yorkshire Museum’s Roman Statue of the God Mars
Predators & Prey: the Lod Mosaic at Waddesdon Manor, a review
Erst mal abbrechen – der Fall Schwyz
Angriff auf die Wissenschaft – politische Einmischung in die Förderungen der NSF
Eingespart. Archäologie in Italien
My Revised Archaeogaming PhD Proposal
2014 State Historic Preservation Office Awards
Bacon’s fragments
American Doctoral Dissertations, 1933-1955
Open Access Journal: European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA)
Open Access Journal: Revue Numismatique
Online LBG: Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität
Open Access Journal: Hispania Epigraphica
Open Access Journal: Gerión. Revista de Historia Antigua
Records of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Excavations of the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Sites in the Kharga Oasis
The Ernst Herzfeld Papers in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Virtual Magic Bowl Archive
Carmina Latina Epigraphica Hispaniae
Open Access Journal: Electra
Inscripta: An e-learning resource on Romano-British inscriptions
Carmina Latina Epigraphica Galliae
Exhibition: When the Greeks Ruled Egypt: From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra
Open Access Journal: University of California publications in classical philology (volumes 1-14)
WORDHOARD: An application for the close reading and scholarly analysis of deeply tagged texts
Collatinus: Lemmatiseur et analyseur morphologique de textes latins
Bibliotheca Polyglotta
Open Access Journal: Documents d’archéologie méridionale
New Open Access Journal: Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review (DABIR)
Sudbury Community Test Pit Excavations 2014

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