Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #8

Posted on October 26, 2014


Here is my weekly list of blog posts from Archaeology blogs/ blogs that focus on Archaeology.


I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there by collecting all their posts from the previous week . Hopefully, you find some of the posts interesting and/or find a new blog to follow.


I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (415+ and counting). There are a few blogs that should be in this list that are missing — hoping to fix that. Here are this weeks posts–

Edited– Robert Asked for some of his posts to be included so adding them to the list- (and, seeing as how it’s the first half of the whole,
Guest Post: ‘Glass & Metal’ by Charles Hay
Ungulates Gnawing: Osteophagia & Bone Modifications
Archaeology in the Strait of Belle Isle, Labrador: The L’Anse Amour burial mound
[Doodle] And a couple of blue whales…
Anthropocene, Hypanthropocene, Hyperobjects and spider installations: new concepts for a future archaeology?
Hiatus noun \hī-ˈā-təs\
Loyd Grossman calls for a cut in VAT on older buildings
Heritage Update #288 is out!
Anglo-Saxon finds from Trimley St Martin
the Trust finds another human bone at Williams & Griffin…
Historic Preservation Starts with Community
Bayon vandalism: Tourist admits to breaking statue
Treasure trove of coins found in Ha Tinh province
17th century anchor recovered from Hue waters
Wooden bridge of Kanchanaburi reopens
Stories from last week’s underwater archaeology conference in Vietnam
Modernisation of Myanmar spells bad news for traditional ceramics
Philippine national commission release report on Bohol structures damaged by quake
Optimism over Bagan World Heritage listing
New ISEAA Social Media Initiative – Current Research alerts on Twitter
Buy Wrath of the Phantom Army and help support Khmer heritage
Seminar: Revisiting the Bujang Valley
Singapore now has a museum studies course
Mystery skeleton of Banteay Chmar
Bagan entry fees to rise
Quang Ngai’s shipwrecks
The discovery of the Hobbit, 10 years on
Angkor Wat wins ArchaeoMadness, breaks internet
Tales of the Hobbit
Charges filed against Bayon vandal
Job opportunity: Lecturer in Southeast Asian history
A possible Tamil link to the Ramkhamhaeng inscription
CFP: SEASREP 20th Anniversary Conference 2015
Job Opportunity: Faculty Position in Southeast Asian History, NYU Abu Dhabi
Cham people observe annual Kate festival
Vandalised statue returns to Bayon
Public Service Announcements and Archaeology: Protecting WWII-Caves in Saipan
SHA 2015 Seattle: Preliminary Program
SAFE supports protection of Iraq’s heritage
Rare Archaeological Find from the History of Jerusalem
Inscription dedicated to Hadrian found in Jerusalem
New drawings of the Development of the Temple Mount.
Mystic After Hours
Roman Gladiators’ (and a Gladiatrix’s?) Diet
Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 19)
hylography – drought
Craster – basalt foreshore
Abbey oak door ‘Britain’s oldest’
RIP Gough Whitlam – Parthenon Marbles reunification supporter
Reflections on the Life and Career of Archaeologist George Frison
Audio News from Archaeologica, 12 October – 18 October 2014
Joint NEAIG/ASOR Workshop: Politics and Archaeology in the Middle East. New Paradigms of Cooperation
Society Spotlight: AIA Lincoln/Omaha Society
Flight 20141019 – The Via Nova Traiana in Central Jordan
Flights 20141019-20 – The Aqaba Trip
Research: Gilbert Insall – Pioneer over Jordan … and Sinai and Iraq
Flights 20141012-13 – Blink and you will miss it
Filming in Azraq
Slavery at Hanni’s Workshop
“Brains. . . .braaaaaaaiiiiins. . . .”
Tut, Tut. . . .
Paleontologist Archaeologist
Old news that’s not new news but old news
Back to the future?
Some Great War archaeology you never would have thought of
Okay, this is cool and I want one.
Rare Pterosaur Tracks Discovered in Alaska’s Denali National Park
Allosaurus Died From Stegosaur Spike to the Crotch, Wyoming Fossil Shows
‘All the Rabble Rout’: Swimming With Saints at Lahinch, Co. Clare
A bitterly cold autumnal morning near Helmsley Castle, North Yorkshire
More photos of Helmsley Castle, North Yorkshire – Autumn 2014
Windermere Reflections – Industrial Archaeology publication
Eliabeth Vrba — Great Exaptations!
White Caterthun hillfort: Work in progress on a speculative reconstruction for my research film “The Caterthuns”
Games! At Essen!
Hedgehogs, Grapes, and what you surely did not know about them.
Things happening here.
Open access and “open access”.
More Open Access stuff. And a bleg.
What Is Prehistory? – The Uluburun Shipwreck – Harappa, Pakistan
Liquid prehistory
Power and placement–Anglo-Scandinavian stone sculpture
Downtown Fargo Autumn 2014
Teddy Roosevelt on Halloween in Dakota Territory
Debi’s Research Featured on the ASOR Blog!
Metal Foil Beads
2-hole Beads
Project #2: Norse-Colored Necklace
Image Processing and RTI for cathedrals
MaSC Workshop on LA-ICPMS
Mouse Hole to Beer Garden
New Popular Book On The Viking Period
Landsjö Castle Plan Develops
Google Glass & Google Cardboard
You, Me and Gordon
Archaeogenetics: future potential and challenges
Tuesday Tomb – Saqqara tomb of Maya and Meryt
3D Burial Vessels from the UFBA Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Kuwoot yas.ein – A video about the discoveries at On-Your-Knees Cave, SE Alaska
Shared Space – an Alternative to Crosswalks?
Pompeiian Fast Food
AC2 – an Open Letter
Flat & Level & Square
Vardo Plans: Reading Caravan
Happiness in Simplicity
Early Worker Vans; Predecessor to the Caravan
Marketing to the Caravan Craze: Composting Toilet
Caravans in the Art World
Design Under Duress
I Took Aim
A Boy and His Dog
In search of William Kimber: a morris pilgrimage
Theme for 2014 International Open Access Week to be “Generation Open” – Open Access Week
Open Access Archaeology Digest #577
Open Access Archaeology Digest #578
Open Access Archaeology Digest #579
Open Access Archaeology Digest #580
Open Access Archaeology Digest #581
Open Access Archaeology Digest #582
Drowning in nonsense
Call for papers: CAA 2015 session “Formal approaches to visibility analysis in ancient architectural spaces and cultural landscapes”
Brian Cox, master of the universe
A very nice tweet indeed | Microburinesque Mesolithicology
#GoogleGlass for learning: The National Trust experience
Hollinshead Holy Wells, Tockholes, Lancashire
Fractured Land Author to Speak at the University of North Dakota
Method, the Discipline, and The History Manifesto
Ethnicity and Archaeology in Modern Methana
Connectivity in Cyprus and Corinth
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
When Wizz Was in Warsaw
Gifts from Warsaw and flowers from Johannesburg…
New Israeli National Park for Khirbet Qeiyafa, Elah Valley
Ka-Nefer-Nefer Mummy Mask: the unanswered questions
US Government Pays $425,000 for Legal Case
James Cuno Revives “Culture Wars”
The Curator, the Fax and the Mummy Mask
The Mystery of the Missing Mithraeum
The Women of Mycenaean Pylos and Knossos (Part II)
Moving Forward Again
Saturday Sit Down — With Jennifer M Eaton
Autumn Archaeology in Randolph
The Lurgan Canoe, an Early Bronze Age boat from Galway
Henry VIII’s Cap of Maintenance, Waterford City
Research by Dublin based scientists reveals that ancient Europeans were lactose intolerant
WARNING! Dinefwr Death and Dangers
Carreg Samson
Speaking with the Dead Exhibition is Go!
Tombs from the Tower
Speaking with the Dead – An Afternoon with the Dead
Wax On – Votives for the Medieval Dead
Victorian Cenotaphs
Empty Chairs for the Dead
Project Eliseg and the CPAT Oswestry Day School
Pentre Ifan
Remembering the Forty Five
Has the Government’s change of tack saved Oswestry Hill Fort’s setting?
Double standards at Cadw
Wales: like Syria without the guns.
HARN Workshop
Member of the Month
Member of the Month, Pt 1: Dr Sam Hardy
Nordic TAG session: Archaeology outside the correlationist circle
2012 and the Maya Collapse Ecology in the End Times
Review: Saxe, Cultural development of mathematical ideas
Party for the dig renaming!
Great meeting on the Arameans!
My placement experience
That Friggin’ Paper is Now Available For Free – But For a Few Days Only!
Amalfi, Italy
Pontone, Italy
Isle of Capri, Italy
Book Review: Egyptomania by Bob Brier
Tuesday Tomb – Saqqara tomb of Maya and Meryt
Thursday Photo
FUN: Egyptian Spelling Rules #2
Open Access Does NOT equal You, the Author, Paying
In Open Access Publishing There Are No Free Lunches….. but it is really really cheap.
Telling Your Story on Film
Pixels and Postholes: How I Got Into Archaeological Photography
Breakfast of Champions… Roman Gladiators Ate Vegetarian Diet Washed Down With Plant Ash
10 Best and Worst Horror Movies Featuring Archaeologists
Sankofa: Look to the Past
We Are Back in the Trenches!
Excavation Continues
Small Finds
Ancestry Composition preprint
Ancient DNA from prehistoric inhabitants of Hungary
High coverage genome from 45,000-year old Siberian (Ust’-Ishim)
Week 15: Victoria Clayton
[Doodle] Elgin Marbles
Review of Lives in Ruins by Marilyn Johnson
Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Undersecretary Points to Antiquities Trafficking as a Source of ISIS Funding
A Bit of Spotted Dick with Theses and Dissertations in Archaeology
Is there a conflict antiquities trade in Qurans from Libya via Malta?
Syria/Lebanon: antiquities-for-arms – have fakes been added to the real deal ‘or is the whole thing staged’?
Say Digital Humanities One More Time…
Visualizing Southern Television 2.0: Launched!
Uncovering Isolation in the Archive: Women Workers in Bicycle Factories
Michigan Archaeology Day Recap
Step-By-Step guide to free and simple 3D imaging!
The Future of Cemeteries
Specimen of the Week: Week 158
Sunshine in Stratford
Following Captain Cook, and How the Kangaroo Nearly Never Was
Save the Swedish Institutes in the Mediterranean
Put this in your pipe and smoke it!
Unearthing South London: Revisiting the past
The Sound of Sherlock
The Mystery of The Roman Pottery Graffiti
Week 26 Volunteering at The Royal College of Surgeons
Editors wanted for Australian Archaeology
Philistine Pottery in the Core and Periphery
The Fabric of Society: Textile Production Workshops in the Southern Levant
Diálogos arqueológicos con Suramérica
«Manuel Menéndez y l’Asturies occidental mediu sieglu depués» (29-29 de octubre de 2014)
Sulla via di Paestum: facce da archeoblogger
I Dig, therefore I am
Review: Tomb Raider #8
The First World War: a postcard with news of Déchelette’s death
Aerial photographs: Maldegem Prinseveld
Celebrating Coleridge, Kublai Khan & Xanadu
Re: Horsemans, Hollows and History
Drei Gründe,
Die Verantwortungslosigkeit der Nazi War Diggers
Hohe Gebühren sollen vor Open Access abschrecken
Archäologie darf keine Mysterien zerstören ! – ?
Alle Schwedischen Archäologischen Institute im Mittelmeerraum müssen schließen
Arbannig vondsten blog informatie
Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology publications accessible on-line
Open Access Journal: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean
Open Access Journal: Zeitschrift für Numismatik
McGregor Squeeze Collection Digitization defining the intellectual concepts of pottery
Open Access Journal: Rasenna: Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies
New Open Access Journal: Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting: from the first to the seventh century (JJMJS)
Open Access Book: Past in the Present: A Living Heritage Approach – Meteora, Greece
Open Access Journal: Siedlungsforschung. Archäologie – Geschichte – Geographie
Römische Inschriften Datenbank 24
Open Access Journal: Lettre d’information de l’IFAO
Open Access Journal: Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (CDLN)
Mesopotamian Seals
Open Access Journal: Studia Orientalia Electronica
TOCS-IN: Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists
Open Access Journal: Cloelia: Newsletter of the Women’s Classical Caucus
Catalogo Manoscritti della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Open Access Journal: Türk Arkeoloji ve Etnografya Dergisi
In­schrif­ten von Philippi im Bild
Corpus Inscriptionum Crucesignatorum Terrae Sanctae: Anthology of Crusader Inscriptions in the Holy Land (1099-1291)
Open Access Journal: Classical Tradition eJournal
Open Access Publications of the Editorial Committee of the Swedish Institute at Athens and Rome
Open Access Journal: Ancient Greek & Roman History eJourna
Open Access Journal: Epigraphy eJournal
Open Access Journal: Papyrology eJournal
Multi-Spectral GIF Playtime
Archaeological GIF-Art Expansion
An Icon of the Uists: the Grimsay Wheelhouse in 3D
ACA Administrator Job Vacancy
Celebrating 10 Years of ACA: From Time Team to Archaeology for All
Audio Recording of the ACA 10th Anniversary Public Lecture
‘The Power of Pits’ Article Available On-line

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