Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #9

Posted on November 2, 2014


Here is my weekly list of blog posts from Archaeology blogs/ blogs that focus on Archaeology.


I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there by collecting all their posts from the previous week . Hopefully, you find some of the posts interesting and/or find a new blog to follow.


I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (415+ and counting). There are a few blogs that should be in this list that are missing — hoping to fix that. Here are this weeks posts–
AmeriCorps, Archaeology, and Service
Transport Secretary tells a fib about Stonehenge?
Islamic State has destroyed yet another Yezidi shrine (Sinjar, Iraq, by 29th October 2014)
The Mausoleum of Imam al-Daur, the first shrine of its kind in Iraq, is destroyed
Halloween Horrors: Evidence of Torture in the Prehistoric Southwest US
“Silent Partners”: the body inside out
Come to our networks session and workshop at CAA2015 in Siena!
The spectre of materialisation
Reminder about ACA Administrator Vacancy
Meldreth care home residents help with historical dig
HEFA in EH Conservation Bulletin on ‘Children and Place’
two projects at Little Canfield Hall
it’s all in the pits at St Helena School
All Hallows’ Eve
How I got my first D in graduate school
Thai archaeologists inspect repatriated Ban Chiang artefacts
New exhibition in Singapore will feature archaeology
Gunung Padang excavators working out of questionable assumptions
Thomas Sutikna, co-discoverer of the Hobbit, continues research through Wollonggong University fellowship
Locals reportedly looting shipwrecks in Quang Ngai Province
Unclear agency jurisdictions put Philippine sites in danger
US helps fund Philippine church restoration
Majapahit Museum to be built in Bali
SHA 2015 Seattle Preliminary Program Part 2: Roundtable Luncheons and Public Archaeology Session
Mapping the Archaeology of Ireland’s War of Independence: A Case Study of Knockraha, Co. Cork
Jerusalem the Movie
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Jebusite period
The Temple Mount in the time of Solomon
Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXV
Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 20)
Bones – Season 10, Episode 5 (Review)
Ur Project: October 2014
The UK’s Oldest Skatepark Has Just Been Listed As An English Heritage Site | Mpora
English Heritage Archaeological Monographs: Monographs
Romanian villages in a medieval time warp – Telegraph
Mata’a: “Weapons of Mass Destruction?”
Peter Hitchens argues for return of Parthenon Sculptures
Expropriation of artefacts as a demonstration of power
Met forced to organise Seljuk exhibition without Turkish loans
#246 Dig It Video Series from Jamie Stott
#245 I Would NOT Walk 1000 Miles For You
Woman Vandalizes 10 Western National Parks and Posts the Evidence on Instagram
Exegesis of a Southwestern Archaeologist, Part 2
Creepytings versus Rock Art and Banksy, Part 2
Creepytings versus Rock Art and Banksy
Audio News from Archaeologica, 19 October – 25 October 2014
Flight 20141028: Endangered Archaeology – Yajuz
Fortnight of Firsts – Flight 20141028
Research – Jordan ‘Big Circles’ Publicity
Culture crime news 13 –26 October 2014
2 looted, mutilated Maya monuments for sale online
Archaeological Institute of America St. Louis Society selling Meosamerican antiquities at auction
Episode 6 : Archaeologists Under Fire / Battlezone Archaeology
The Acheulian of Tihodaine (Tassili n’Ajjer)
In small things remembered
Well. . . . .
Egypt modernizing?
Not my project
Amelia Earhardt. . . . .found. Again.
Did you ever wonder. . . .
Breasts and weed and pants and alkyhol. . . .
Big Circles?
We Print the Past (and Add a Coat of Paint)
Hunter’s Moon and the beginning of the lunar alignment
Cultural Workers in Turkey Prepare for Hunger Strike over Underemployment
Maiden Castle
Hadrian’s Wall from the Air
Guidebooks for Birdoswald
Margaret Benson — Mut Ado About Trowelblazing!
Happy Trowel-oween! Halloween costume tips from pioneering women
Gaah. Sometimes it just won’t work.
Stocking up.
Still busy…
Forum Time!
What Were The Middle Ages? – The Venetian Vampire – Hierakonpolis, Egypt
Skeletal Series Part 12: Human Teeth
Interview with Jaime Ullinger: Bioarchaeological Outreach
The dead don’t bury themselves
Western ND Roosevelt Notes
False Gold-Foil Beads
The Practicalities of Beading
5 Differences Beading with Thread vs. Wire
Society for American Archaeology Call for applications for two student awards in Geoarchaeology:
Kelermes Type Scythian Akinakes from Susleni (Moldova)
Caspar Meyer: Greco-Scythian Art and the Birth of Eurasia: From Classical Antiquity to Russian Modernity
A newly discovered dagger-knife from Dumbrava (Romania).
October Pieces Of My Mind #2
3D images (anaglyphs) on this blog
People and Their Worlds | UCD Archaeological Research Seminar | Part I
Trouble ahead, Trouble behind | The fall and fall of commercial archaeology in Northern Ireland
Portaferry Castle, Co. Down
Portaferry Castle, Co. Down | 3D images
Evidence of The Past
Sonnet, “Nathan Cirillo”, in Honour of Canada’s Fallen Son
The all Important Phaistos Disc
Millennia Research’s miniature engraving tools from Prince Rupert
Herring Spawn and Beyond
Clam Garden Event in Sidney, Monday Nov 3rd at 6.30
Pipes at Pompeii
Venice Is Sinking. Long live Venice
A Palaeolithic, life-size Nubian ibex carved on rock: Adel Kelany with new discoveries in Wadi Abu Subeira, Upper Egypt
The ancient stone quarries in Egypt as a new, serial World Heritage Site?
Kitsch and the Consumer Imagination: Shopping at Jungle Jim’s
Past Past Thinking?
Roof Valleys
Låg arbeidsbenk på Sogn Folkemuseum
Liquid Fuel Stoves and the Caravan Camper
Don’t Burn Coal! The Future is Here
Albrecht Dürer: on Witches
Francisco de Goya: Witches Sabbath
Witches Flight
Falero: Witches Sabbath
Black Sabbath
Fightng the Devil
Primus Stove Accessories
The Tiny House Movement
Open Access Archaeology Digest #584
Open Access Archaeology Digest #585
Open Access Archaeology Digest #586
Open Access Archaeology Digest #587
Open Access Archaeology Digest #588
Open Access Archaeology Digest #589
Open Access Archaeology Digest #590
Foreign idiots in a car
What Everyone Asked Our Curators on #AskACurator Day
Holy Well, Longthorpe, Peterborough
What is Punk Archaeology?
Curationism and Academia
On Books and Blogs
A Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
The first day of the Afro-byzantine and Greco-African Studies Conference
UJ – Greco-African – day 2
Grecoafrican at Soweto
African Art at the conference in Johannesburg
Greocoafrican Conference’s Vespers
Don’t Miss Seth Avant in San Antonio!
In Israel for a long-planned Bible Lands tour
Overlooking a Biblical Battleground
The Intellectual Consequences of Collecting Archaeological Material
Does Britain “condone systematic looting”?
On the nature of graffiti, rock art, and creepytings
Scathing critique of UNESCO’s ineffectual response to Syrian crisis
The Women of Mycenaean Pylos and Knossos (Part III)
As The Blog Nears Three
Dig It Video Series | Featuring: Chris Webster
The wonderful 12th century doorway at Killeshin Church, Laois
James Cuno Still Critical of Repatriation
Welcome to my Archaeological Journal Editorial Assistant
Dolforwyn Castle – the Last Welsh Castle
Dancing with Death: Dolforwyn Dangers and the Cadw Twerk
A Hogback and Museum Revisited: West Kirby Museum and St Bridget’s Church
A skull is for life, not just for Hallowe’en!
How the election is (and isn’t!) helping heritage
Congratulations to the Sustainable Trust’s Carwynnen Quoit Project!
Inconsistent Cadw strikes again
If only NASA owned the land round Stonehenge!
Is it time to pay metal detectorists to behave?
Two important announcements
Book Review – Time’s Anvil: England, Archaeology and the Imagination
Review: Malafouris, How things shape the mind
Few and Far Between
Unveiling the new project symbol at the name changing ceremony
Abstract of Next Week’s “Sea Peoples Workshop” in Vienna
First Registration for 2015 season!
2014 Season begins soon
Bronze statue of Hadrian from the legionary camp at Tel Shalem (Judaea), Israel Museum
The inscription dedicated to Hadrian from the Tel Shalem arch
New Publication: Book review of Bron Taylor’s “Avatar and Nature Spirituality” for Nova Religio
A Halloween Review: Michael Howard and Daniel Schulke’s “Hands of Apostasy: Essays on Traditional Witchcraft” (Three Hands Press, 2014)
Fuzzy time II (14C and PAS)
Ötzi in Bolzano, Italy
Happy Halloween
On Academic Blogging – a Conversation with Matt Burton
I’m no MacGyver
Hello, mummy!
NEWS: 18th Dynasty temple discovered during illegal excavations
With Archaeology and Science Under Assault How Many Allies Do We Have? – Number of People with Archaeology Degrees
Halloween – Samhain
DigVentures and the BBC One Show: Devil Dog Black Shuck Returns!
10 Photos that Show Us What We Can Learn By Digging Up the Trenches of WW1
Tlachtga: The Birthplace of Hallowe’en?
Five Haunted Archaeological Artefacts that You Will Never Want to Lay Hands On
Walls, Walls and More Walls
Destruction Layer
Work continues
The Next to the Last Day
Rainy Day
Long live the 28th October 1940
The Reading of Two Dates from the Codz Pop at Kabah, Yucatan
Notes on a Sacrifice Scene
‘A long, strange trip’ – One year of Darkage-ology
The Vampire Skeleton: A Scary Seneca Iroquois Story
Happy Halloween and the Creepy Wickham Statuary
How the West buys ‘conflict antiquities’ from Iraq and Syria (and funds terror)
Under-employed archaeologists and under-policed borders in Turkey
The making of the making of an urban legend?
Islamic State destroyed the Shia Shrine of Imam al-Daur (Samarra, Iraq, 23rd October 2014)
‘Virtually none of them have a provenance that says where they were dug up or when’
The Colorful Past of Halloween Treats
More Stories, Better Representation?
Campus Archaeology & Social Media: What We’ve Learned Over the Past Seven Years
Strategies for organizing and photographing loose human teeth
Bones & Culture: Huesitos chocolate in Spain
Specimen of the Week: Week 159
Stunning prints for sale from Subnature Exhibition: Prices reduced
Underwhelming Fossil Fish of the Month: October 2014
Exciting news from Lyminge Project HQ
A tale of two suburbs: the story (and the man) behind the naming of Sydenham and Waltham
6 Halloween inspired museum objects
360 Servo pendulum mount. Part 4: getting panoramic cover
Paleolithic Cave Art in Indonesia and Spain.
Cashel Man, A 4,000 Year Old Bog Body
Week 27 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
Who “discovered” ley lines?
Eagle Nest Canyon at the Texas Archeological Society Annual Meeting
Desert Devotions
Continuity & Discontinuity in the LB IIB/Iron I Transition
FOA Podcast: “State of Biblical Archaeology Around the World,” Featuring Dr. Susan Ackerman
Extra Life Update: Highlights & Prize Winners
Introducing English Heritage Archaeological Monographs
Ten Peculiar, Poignant & Popular Ossuaries Around Europe
The forgotten Indus Civilisation
Die Rolle des Antikenhandels gerät ins Blickfeld – Syrien und Irak im Oktober 2014
Guide to the Yale Papyrus Collection
Open Access Journals: Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology
Open Access Journal: Sumer
Open Access Journal: Biblica
Open Access Journal: Ancient Religions eJournal
Open Access Journal: Textual Transmission eJournal
Open Access Journal: Ancient Greek & Roman Linguistics eJournal
Open Accrss Journal: Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Archaeologica
Éditions de la Bibliothèque nationale de France at OpenEdition Books
National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities, Archaeological Survey of India, Ministry of Culture, Government of India
Museums of India: National Portal and Digital Repository
REVEAL (Reconstruction and Exploratory Visualization: Engineering meets ArchaeoLogy)
Open Access Monograph Series: Trismegistos Online Publications Special Series (TOP SS)
Open Access Monograph Series: Graeca Tergestina
Open Access Monograph Series: Polymnia
Open Access Journal: Alétheia – Revista de estudos sobre Antigüidade e Medievo
Instrumentum: Groupe de travail européen sur l’artisanat et productions manufacturées dans l’Antiquit
Artefacts©, Encyclopédie en ligne des petits objets archéologiques
Open Access Journal: Scriptura
Open Access Journal: Enoch Seminar Online
Internetplattform für die Wissenschaft von den hieratischen Handschriften des Alten Ägypten
COL – Latin Spellchecker
Irisagrig in CDLI
Writing at AllDay
How to build 3D models using aerial videos: the Access Archaeology group pass on their experience
Archaeology in Garboldisham: Four years of HEFA digs

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