Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2014 Videos

Posted on November 22, 2014


I have been MIA recently from this blog. That is because I have been video recording conferences over the last few weeks and the editing the videos takes up a lot of time. First up is Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference, held in Crief two weeks ago. It was a pretty amazing conference. With talks focusing on community heritage projects and workshops delivering excellent training. Alex made a mural of the talks:

CHC 2014 Scribed-AGCH

Here were the talks:

Ian Walford, joint CEO of RCAHMS & Historic Scotland, opens the 2014 Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference

Still waiting on some permissions for the keynote speaker but the following presentation almost got a standing ovation at the conference.

Shaun Lowrie and Barrie MacMillian present the community archaeology work in Cumnock.

Neil Hooper, Fortingall Roots, presents the work on the Fortingall Kirkyard.

Joe Fitzpatrick talks about the Living Lomands projects

Speakers present their projects and subjects in under a minute at the Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference, 2014.

Hannah Baxter and Judy Wilkinson present the work of the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society.

Neill Malcolm, presents the work of the Friends of Keil Chapel

Willie Crombie and Fiona Glover talk about the work of the Friends of Eyemouth Fort.

Muriel Dunbar & Robin Baker discuss the restoration of the Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy

Sian Jones reflects on what was presented at the SCHC conference and the future of community heritage.

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