Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #10

Posted on November 23, 2014


I have missed the last few weeks of this round-up but now I am back. Here is my weekly list of blog posts from Archaeology blogs/ blogs that focus on Archaeology.


I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there by collecting all their posts from the previous week . Hopefully, you find some of the posts interesting and/or find a new blog to follow.


I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (440+ and counting). There are a few blogs that should be in this list that are missing — hoping to fix that. Here are this weeks posts–

Ilhavo Park: Fort William and the civil fort during the French raid of 1709
UNSC Monitoring Team recommendation: moratorium on trade in undocumented antiquities from Syria or Iraq
Osteology Everywhere: Via Verde Edition
Tilting ‘L’
Week 30 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
ACCORD in Bressay, Shetland
Back To Basics: Stratigraphy 101
Some Prefatory Thoughts on TAG 2014 Manchester
Nefud For Thought: Scerri et al.’s Arabian Levallois Artifacts Give Us Pause To Reconsider Middle Paleolithic Typology
Accolades For Tom Wynn: Too Bad About That Hand Axe Thing!
Cosmos magazine interview
TRACETERRE project poster, SAA 2014
Silcrete as a lithic material in global context: session call for papers
Sussex Heritage Trust becomes a member of The Alliance
Heritage and Identity: What makes you who you are?
The future of traditional farm buildings at stake
Heritage Update #290 is out!
Colchester Young Archaeologists’ Club November meeting
special assemblages to be studied by specialist
vintage NAAFI postcard arrives!
Ancestors are created every day
Video: Phimai Historical Park
Hanoi celebrates World Heritage with contest
Public Lecture: Digging the Urban Landscape
Ayutthaya celebration in December
Reporting from the Unesco Symposium on the Illicit Trafficking of Antiquities
Gender and Minority Affairs Committee Diversity Field School Competition
A Lecture on Bridgend Medieval Chapel, Edinburgh at the ELL & BAC Conference
The Temple Mount during the Hellenistic and Hasmonean periods (332-37 BC)
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A Dozen Ways to Make a Mummy
Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 21)
Bones – Season 10, Episode 8 (Review)
a BTS of BTS (Behind the Scenes of Beneath the Surface)
design and antiquarians – 8
Tadge Juechter – just what is a Corvette?
Ad Fines
Oldest papyri ever discovered document pyramid building, or More reasons why the aliens did not build the pyramids
ICOMOS support for Parthenon Marbles UNESCO mediation
Clovis-Era Infant Burials Documented in Alaska
Draw, Scan, Make, and Model: Complementary Approaches to Understanding Stone Tools
Audio News from Archaeologica, 9 November – 15 November 2014
Cotsen Grant Winner Update: Thomas Strasser
Flying 2014 – New sites photographed
Culture crime news 10–16 November 2014
New Book! Cultural Property Crime: An Overview and Analysis on Contemporary Perspectives and Trend
Spotlight on the Iberian Mousterian
“Genealogy is bunk,”
Short but sweet
More cemetery conservation video
Public health in ancient Egypt
Now this is cool
Back we go again. . . .
Oooo. . .real game archaeology!
[insert clever yet inoffensive title here]
“Scruffy, knowledgeable, underpaid”
More preservation video
Utah Cave Full of Children’s Moccasins Sheds Light on Little-Known Ancient Culture
3D Printing and Education in the Virtual Curation Laboratory
The Virtual Curation Laboratory @ the 20th Anniversary VCU School of World Studies Student Research Conference
Skara Brae
Walbrook, London
Katharine Woolley: Dangerous, Demanding, and Digging
News from the shop!
Finnish Dress Reconstruction!
Off to Stuttgart! And video links for you!
Archaeology Hoaxes – Folsom Points, USA – Kaupang, Norway
19 World Heritage Monuments Destroyed in Conflict
Vatican Library makes 4,000 ancient manuscripts available online
African Hunting Dogs Lived in North America during the Middle Pleistocene
Collared Beads
Supply and Demand for Beads
Snowflake Earrings
Archaeology in the Mediterranean: I don’t wanna drown in cold water
Call for Papers-19th International Congress on Ancient Bronzes
New Cape Krusenstern Publication
Stockholm Film Festival 2014
November Pieces Of My Mind #1
Boardgaming Retreat
“In these homes were living vessels- there was laughter, there was happiness.”
The Politics of Memory and Deconstruction in the Postindustrial U.S.
Mahee Castle, Co. Down
Mahee Castle, Co. Down | 3D
The Archaeology & History of Ireland’s Medieval Irish Town: A Session in Memory of John Bradley
Mount Stewart, Co. Down | Restoration in action
“My Folks Don’t Want Me To Talk About Slavery”
NEWS: Middle Kingdom tombs discovered in Luxor
Medal of Honor awarded to Gettysburg hero 151 years later.
Grace Islet and the Equifinality of Bad Process
“Links Roundup #25 Citation/Reference/Bibliographic Management We have mentioned ReadCube before,…”
Anthropology: It’s still white public space–An interview with Karen Brodkin (Part I)
iowaarchaeology: You’ve been warned… from Archaeology News on…
New Connections
Marmoren i Gildeskål gamle kirke i Nordland – grubling om en middelalderkirke langs nordvegen
No, Thoreau Was Not a Hypocrite
Immerse Yourself in Nature
Dream On
Real Comforts
Open Access Archaeology Digest #605
Open Access Archaeology Digest #606
Open Access Archaeology Digest #607
Open Access Archaeology Digest #608
Open Access Archaeology Digest #609
Open Access Archaeology Digest #610
Highland Henge Trail
Ancient names resurface for archaeological sites in Prince Rupert
Trinity Well, Trinity Gask, Perthshire
Objects, History, Conflict: Cyprus, Atari, The Bakken
Myth of Origins in the Bakken
Three New Novels
An Unsatisfying Final Chapter to the Tourist Guide of the Bakken
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
Graffiti Art in Athens
Hamid Khezri on Dotar
In memoriam Mahmoud Salih
Nothing really ends…
On the Road with Filmmakers Meredith Driess and David O. Brown
Things learned from Yossi Garfinkel’s presentations in Tampa
The Steinhardt Sardinian Figure and the Medici Dossier
Mithras on Hadrian’s Wall
Pick a Number, Any Number
Mystical K
Teaching Roman history for the first time
A Merry Time In Old (And New) England — Part 3
Prehistoric Rock Art & Preservation
Bronze Age Gold: Treasures from the National Museum of Ireland
Ranvaik’s Casket, an ornate shrine stolen during Viking raids on Ireland?
Murray Reviews HBO’s ‘Banksy Does New York’
More on ISIS and Illicit Antiquities
Varmer on Underwater Cultural Heritage law
Litigation seems inevitable in the Gurlitt case
Bedd Porius: The Biography of an Early Medieval Inscribed Stone
Weland the Smith at Leeds
The Sad Story of Henry
Archaeoden Relaunch
Death on Kirkgate
All aboard for a Heaven and Earth Tour at Stonehenge!
New roads in Willits and Wilts: not just the names are similar
A pair of stone alignments with much to tell us
PAS’s Piggery pokery database
For those poor archaeologists that work in the Alps: T.E.A., Taiwanese landscape painting and a bit of facebook
Cocktails with Keiller*
Linguistics at Futility Closet
Review: Wynn and Coolidge, How to think like a Neandertal
New BAS video with Safi lecture included
Safi talks went very well!
Tuesday – first day in the desert 2014
Wednesday – more excavation and a diagnostic lid
Thursday – archaeology rules
Friday – another exciting desert camp
Saturday – a complex camp
Laboratory Work in the Winter
Discovering the already discovered – It’s OK to still be excited!
Mimburi Bush Tucker/ Medicine Book Almost Complete
UCL Events’ review of my recent Petrie Museum lecture
My reflections on the “Newer Researchers in Folklore Conference”, Warburg Institute
Ground Slate Lance heads
Pendants in progress
Finished Ivory Polar Bear Head Pendants
Thursday Photo
NEWS: Middle Kingdom tombs discovered in Luxor
Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2014 Videos
Soldiers at Stonehenge
The Medieval Magpie Mystery
7 Classical Statues Taking Selfies
How Are We Talking About Archaeology?
Early Classic Co-Rulers on Tikal Temple VI
Silence in the Cemetery: Part III (Excavation)
Understanding Chert in the Mid-Hudson Valley: A Note on a Recent Workshop and Field Trip
House Bill Calls for Cultural Property Protection Czar and Import Restrictions on Syrian Heritage in Jeopardy
Contract Archaeology versus Plumbing
The Albino Redwood: A Significant Non-Historic, Non-Traditional Cultural Place
No, Federal Agencies DON’T Have to Nominate All Historic Places to the National Register
The Hole in the Head: Lessons Learned and Lost
Big News: BBC Replica Trilithon Rediscovered—Just in Time for Clonehenge’s Sixth Birthday!
Movement Across Disciplines: Inspiration from the Migration with Borders Conference at MSU
Professional Development for Possibilities Outside the Professoriate Track
Danti’s Inference: The Known Unknowns Of ISIS and Antiquities Looting
World Toilet Day – attitudes to poop in the past
Stonehenge in a global context
Comparing Text with Human Remains in Ancient Egypt
Test Your Skills: Identifying Features and Siding the Parietals
Specimen of the Week: Week 162
Through the Looking Glass Sponge
Call for participants: Apolline Project
Conference: Diet and environment in the Roman world
News: Vases in Pompeii Reveal Panic Before Eruption
Book: La Pittura di Ercolano
In the news this week
Photo: Vesuvio immortalato dallo spazio
Kilns with raw clay vases outside Porta Ercolano
Article on Herculaneum’s boat
If the boot fits, wear it
Christmas in the City? It’s all here…
3D KAP: textured surface animation
Who is Who in the Ur III Dynasty
Migrations or Acculturations?
A Comparative Study of the Origins of Cavalry in the Ancient Near East and China
Digging for Troy
Gods & Demons: Apep
The new virtual life of early analogue photography: digitising Oxford University’s magic lantern slide collection.
3D-imaging the Assyrian reliefs at the British Museum: from the 1850s to today
Petition mit Erfolg: schwedische Regierung lenkt ein
Antikenhandel in Südostasien
Football, archaeology and collegial ribbing
Bibliothèque numérique Medic@
One Off Journal Issues: Special Issue on Trafficking Cultural Objects
Open Access Journal: eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies
Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum Old Kingdom Volumes Online
ASOR Resources online
Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-witchcraft Ritual
Open Access Journal: ACOR Newsletter
Open Access Journal: TAARII Newsletter
Compact Memory Judaica Periodicals Online
New Open Access Journal: ISMAgazine: Periodico di informazione dell’Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico (ISMA-CNR)
Ancient Jew Review
Open Access Journal: Studii de Preistorie
Archimède: Archéologie et histoire ancienne
Some Open Access Articles from Chronique d’Égypte
Dig Quest: Israel
ASCSA Digital Collections
Antiquity Online Supplements
Deir el Medine Online: Nichtliterarische Ostraka aus Deir el Medine

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