Around the Archaeology Blog-o-sphere Digest #11

Posted on November 30, 2014


Another week of blog posts from Archaeology blogs/ blogs that focus on Archaeology.

Purpose & Source

I am highlighting some of the other archeo-blogs out there by collecting all their posts from the previous week . Hopefully, you find some of the posts interesting and/or find a new blog to follow. I took these posts from my now updated list of archaeology blogs (440+ and counting).

Here are this weeks posts–
Novel agro-pastoral package enabled settlement of Tibetan Plateau
Inclined to Material Agency: Death in Leeds
Archaeological Journal vol. 172 for 2015 part 1
Scent to Landscape
Carwynnen Quoit: The project completes!
Good news! Some of Offa’s Dyke to be preserved rather than “conserved”!
Dartmoor stone alignments: a feast of visual landscape tricks and treats
A massive development: UNESCO’s advisory body expresses concern about the “highly adverse impact” of the proposed Stonehenge tunnel!
A naive defence of Metal Detecting
Notice: History of Humanities Journal – Call for Submissions
Lights, Camera, Action!
TAG – Manchester
ISIS destroying sites in Salah-ad-Din Province
What’s the Fascination with the Spotted Dick Post?
National Native Americans Are Human Day
Fresh evidence points to destruction of Yazidi temples by Islamic State
German media investigation does not disprove Islamic State antiquities trafficking, may corroborate it and its $36m income
Free online archaeology course starting now
“There’s something the dead are keeping back”: Why I study bioarchaeology
Droning on…CAA IN2014/081
Nadir: the KAP apex.
Week 31 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
Greater Manchester Archaeology Day 2014: Part 1
Being Human Festival Part 1: Lantern slide display at the Ashmolean
Thoughts from the Owner of E.T. Cartridge #8209
Sudbury Pottery Report On-line
great news for the Roman circus centre!
the extraordinary story of the silver denarius
2nd February 2014 – AGM and lecture [reinstate]
Saturday 4th October 2014 – Stow Maries [reinstate]
Saturday 18th September – Chelmer and Blackwater [reinstate]
Saturday 31st October 2013 – British Museum [reinstate]
Saturday 5th April 2014 – ‘The Roman army – fact & fiction’ [reinstate]
our memories of Ida McMaster MBE
The adjunct crisis and archaeology
1,000-year-old Hanoi pagoda restored
Dong Son exhibition at the National Museum of History
Temples in the My Son complex sinking
Massive statue heads found at Banteay Chhmar
Job: Assistant Professor in Cultural Anthropology (University of Washington)
Locals call for probe into destroyed artefacts
127-year-old asylum wall found in Singapore
Bagan listing aimed for 2017
Postage stamps for Borobudur’s 200th anniversary
Ban Chiang artefacts return to Thailand
Job: Maritime Archaeology Assistant Professor, University of Guam
Preserving Hong Kong’s subway archaeological sites will cost up to $700,000 more
Transparency of Angkor ticket sales raised in parliament
Thailand’s stolen past returns home
Is a Cambodian inscription the earliest record of the number zero?
Shipwrecks reveal ancient trade routes
Preserving heritage builds community
Asia Society to exhibit Buddhist Art from Myanmar
The looting of antiquities in Southeast Asia
Angkoran canal destroyed
Gold artefacts from Oc Eo recognised in Vietnam Book of Records
Global implications of Southeast Asian rock art
11th century altar unearthed during carpark construction
Job: Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, Otago University
Professor Higham receives social sciences award
Apsara Authority refutes claims about Angkor park ticketing
Seattle SHA 2015: Food and Drink Blog
What do you think: “Remembering the Lost Sculptures of Kathmandu” by Joy Lynn Davis
‘A Safe Place for Ships’: Cork, Ireland, Europe and the Sea- UCC Maritime History Conference
Employment Opportunity: Project Manager in Scotland
Launch of Monograph on Archaeological Investigations on the M6 Motorway
The Temple Mount in the Herodian period (37 BC-70 AD)
Building violations and illegal construction on the Temple Mount – again!
Free App “Dig Quest: Israel” Teaches Children about Archaeology in Israel
Promakhos depicts a legal case for return of Parthenon Marbles
Park Service Considering New Rules for Deaccessioning Archaeological Materials
Audio News from Archaeologica, 16 November – 22 November 2014
The Church of San Esteban de Viguera (NVRP Excursion 8/10/2014)
Culture crime news 17–23 November 2014
Episode 8 : Swapping Trowels for Controllers : Videogames And Archaeology Part 2
Dilemma: A problem that seems to defy a satisfactory solution
“Archaeology is a combative science”
Bodies, bodies, everywhere!
A tribute to Lucy
Alley Oop’s?
An Archaeology of Star Wars: A Long Time Ago On An Island Far Far Away
Scanning Russell Scott, a WW II Veteran: A Rendezvous with History, 3D Scanning, and 3D Printed Replicas at the Virginia War Memorial
Croeso! Professor Kate Clark
Kilmartin: Prehistoric landscapes
Heritage Seminar: Tim Schadla-Hall, “It’s the Economy Stupid!”
Oxford Archaeological Guide: Scotland
Current Archaeology Book of the Year 2015: Shortlist
Handbook to the Antonine Wall
I’m back.
Tool Talk: The Ashford “Student” Handspindle.
Lots and lots of links.
It’s almost the weekend.
What is A DMV – Clovis Points, USA – Uruk, Iraq
The Hexham Heads part 2 – Tested and contested
Diggin’ Dinos: Jurassic World
Communicating archaeology to children through books
American Western Memory and History
Ireland’s First Farmers
Scholarship Opportunity Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship
Faceted Beads
Recycled Glass Beads
Rhind’s Sister | Recognising and honouring women in archaeology
Rhind’s Sister | Recognising and honouring women in archaeology | Appendix
John Bradley 1954-2014 | A brief tribute
The Irish Royal Sites and World Heritage status: A Roman perspective
SS Nomadic, Belfast
SS Nomadic, Belfast | 3D images
2 great photos of the tiny Linear B tablets at the Heraklion Museum, taken by my colleague and fellow Linear B researcher, Rita Roberts
An Update on my Linear B Study
London’s Olympic Park: A Sign of Hope
The Materiality of Virus: The Aesthetics of Ebola
Edwardian Camp Equipment
Dog Sleds, Snow Shoes, and Pack Straps
A Woodcarver’s Bench
Some P.G. Wodehouse
Thoughts on Labor
Simple Wisdom
Awesome House-Car of the 1920s
Street Harper
Another Workbench
Egg Delivery, Vietnam
19th Century Sheet Metal Tools
Interesting Saw
New Open Access Archaeology Journal-Science and Technology of Archaeological Research (STAR)
The Visual Heritage Project
Open Access Archaeology Digest #612
Open Access Archaeology Digest #613
Open Access Archaeology Digest #614
Open Access Archaeology Digest #615
Open Access Archaeology Digest #616
Open Access Archaeology Digest #617
My introduction to GIS
Gorrick’s Spring, Calverton, Buckinghamshire
St Francis’s Holy Well Conisborough, South Yorkshire
Three Thoughts on the ASOR Annual Meeting
An Introduction to Slow
Some Thoughts on Punkademia
Friday Varia and Quick Hits
Sudan & Nubia volume 18
Cycladic Figures from the Keros Haul and the ‘Harmon Collection’
The Steinhardt Sardinian figure and “the transparency of our operations”
The Steinhardt Sardinian Figure: Social Media
Diplomatic pressure and the Steinhardt Sardinian Figure
Press coverage of Steinhardt Sardinian Figure Growing
Coverage of Steinhardt Sardinian Figure
Christie’s and “transparency”
Steinhardt Sardinian Figure: Update
Steinhardt Sardinian Figure Withdrawn From Sale
Announcing news on Thanksgiving Day
Due Diligence at Christie’s: time for change?
Mithras… Now in 3D!
My Favorite Artifact
Comics Forum & Thought Bubble
Life Without Comics
A New Kind of Mirror
English Spelling, Though, Needs A Tough Makeover
Neolithic flint axe and preserved wooden handle discovered in Denmark
Smith on Street Art and low Intellectual Property
A Bishop’s Castle: Llawhaden
English Heritage and the National Trust: a glimmer of a sense of humour but not of irony?
Monday – R&R, mainly in Petra
Tuesday – back to the airstrip
Wednesday – here’s a puzzle…
Thursday – back to some old sites and a ‘train’ ride
Friday – Train, trips, tiredness, treat and wrap-up
Saturday – last full day
DEWNR Fieldwork–Carpenter “Rocks!!!”
Another day in the workshop
A good long day
New Adze Blade Reproduction
Text Analysis of the Grand Jury Documents
Tay and Fife Archaeology Conference Videos, 2014
10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Archaeology Lovers
Polish “Vampires” Were Probably Cholera Victims
New Research Challenges Theories on Origins of Ancient Rock Art
Is This the Most Expensive Doorstop Ever?
Green Screens, Hillforts and Drawing with a Pencil
Paternal lineages and languages in the Caucasus
E-M81 in Morocco
Andreas Vesalius article
Deconstructing the Dead blog re-launch
[Doodle] Hollywood Expectations
When It’s Not about Turkey and Football: Review of The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving by Larry Spotted Crow Mann
CHL Selected as One of ABA Journal’s Blawg 100
Pity the Dugongs: U.S. DOD Says Court Has No Jurisdiction
Entitlement, Service, and Dreams
Society of Biblical Literature Conference, San Diego, 2014
Sorting the Admin Artifact Assemblage
Piketty in Pompeii? On measuring inequality in a Roman city
Specimen of the Week: Week 163
Grant Museum starts major project to preserve rarest skeleton in the world
Do you need a PhD to be a curator?
Underwhelming Fossil Fish of the Month: November 2014
Dismantling Reg the Rhino in Ten Easy Steps
For sale: antique prints
Pompeii: The First Navigation Map
Coffee: nemesis of tea, friend to chicory, moral downfall of sheep and lifeblood of archaeologists
The Art of Sherlock Holmes
Archaeo newswatch: cultures, vultures (and something else ending in ‘ure’)
Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris Q&A with Scot Amos
Lara’s Travels: The Dragon’s Triangle
Paris Pass Versus Paris Museum Pass
Sonderangebot der Woche! Antike “Schrottmünzen” beim Lebensmitteldiscounter
Der Zoll als Hehler?
Gute Ansätze, schlechte Ausführung – das Denkmalschutzgesetz NRW
Metal wire in archaeology / fil métallique dans l’archeologie
Open Access Journals: i-Medjat (papyrus électronique)
Dittenberger-Vahlen Collection of Classical Texts Online
Digital Library at The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies
Open Access Journal: NEWSLETTER des Münchner Zentrums für Antike Welten und der Graduate School Distant Worlds
RINAP: The Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period
Open Access Journal: Syria. Archéologie, Art et histoire
Open Access Journal: London Archaeologist
Open Access Textbooks and Language Primers
Open Access Monograph Series: Archäologische Berichte
Pompeii: The First Navigation Map
CDLI search
The Association for the Protection of Syrian Archaeology
AWOL milestone
Open Access Journal: Lingue antiche e moderne
A Gazetteer of the Copaic Basin
Open Access Journal: Egypt Exploration Society Newsletter
Open Access Journal: Archaeology International
Lateinische Wörterbücher- Eine illustrierte Bibliographie von Richard Wolf
The Virtual Mummy: Unwrapping a Mummy by Mouse Click
Reception of Antiquity in a Semantic Network: Digital Books, Images and Objects

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