I Need Your Help

Posted on November 29, 2015


Dear Readers,

On Friday, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to support a project to film the TAG conference. The campaign is a bit tongue and cheek but the results are serious. If you have been following my posts for the last few months you would have seen lots of conference videos. While most of the time I do this work for free there are other expenses involved in producing these videos -travel, equipment, etc.  The TAG conference will be no different but more expensive as I will be paying for volunteers to attend so we can film multiple sessions concurrently. The EAA cost me 500 out of my own pocket to film and unfortunately I have recently lost one of my jobs and I am no longer in the financial position to afford to keep paying to film conferences. I need a little help to film TAG. Over the weekend we have reached 64% of our goal and we are very close to being able to film TAG. If you have a spare fiver laying around I would be very grateful if you could donate it at- http://digventures.com/projects/archaeology-conference-survival-kit-tag-2015/

Thank you,


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