Archaeological Research in Progress 2016

Posted on July 6, 2016


Your weekly batch of archaeology conference videos. However, after several months of TAG I have a new conference for you- Archaeological Research in Progress!

The Underexplored Archaeological Riches of the Borders

Come Together: Recent Work by Adopt-a-Monument in Southern Scotland

Sculpting the Past: Exploring the art and history of George Sutherland & Sons, Sculptors

Recent archaeological measured survey in the Tweed Valley Forest Park

The Black Loch of Myrton: An Iron Age ‘loch village’ in SW Scotland

More Progress on Bullets, Ballistas and Burnswark

Peregrini Lindisfarne Community Archaeology Project

Shootinglee: Hunting lodge, Forest Stead or Toun- survey and excavation

Beyond the Wall: Life and Death before and after the Romans

Rediscovering the Barrowburn Mill, Coquetdale


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