TAFAC Conference 2017

Posted on August 21, 2019


Yes, I am a bit behind on these video posts. I hope you enjoy this great TAFAC conference from 2017:


TAFAC’s annual conference takes place on the first Saturday in November. Each year we meet in a different location in Dundee, Perth or Fife, in turn.

2017 Conference took place in Dundee on Saturday 4th November at the Dalhousie Building, Old Hawkhill, University of Dundee and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the TAFAC conference.

Excavations at Perth Theatre and Hallhole, Meikleour https://youtu.be/sa-Y5pjfgCo

‘The most powerful naval fortress in the British Empire’: the defence of the Firth of Forth https://youtu.be/jes87S_CToY

Neolithic Halls, Bronze Age Roundhouses and a Late Bronze Age Hoard at Carnoustie https://youtu.be/Zta-eWoS_EA

New findings from East Lomond Hillfort https://youtu.be/wxUjZhfDync

Mapping Dundee’s historic Howff cemetery https://youtu.be/X7TI2ENCpNk

Dundee Law: The Past, the Present and the Future https://youtu.be/kkrokKIWIXs

Our Portmoak: uncovering stories from the past https://youtu.be/3hqm-Q6YPMw

The Drosten Stone, St Vigeans: a cultural hybrid https://youtu.be/qPwW8fw8Z8Q







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