Brighton and beyond: collaborative approaches to managing urban prehistoric monuments

Posted on October 23, 2019


A session for the CIfA conference that we filmed. This one dealing with the local archaeology, for the conference:

Session Abstract

The venue for this year’s CIfA conference is also one of the region’s more interesting and important prehistoric monuments: an early Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure. This sits within a complex urban fringe landscape with a history of neglect in the closing years of the 20th-century. The HLF funded Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project was consequently launched to improve local awareness of the site and its management. This case-study provides a platform for the wider exploration of how local partnerships enhance the appreciation and protection of ancient landscapes. Themes include
• how prehistoric sites become forgotten and suffer disproportionately within urban landscapes
• instances of working with local stakeholders to harness resources for environmental improvement in times of austerity
• the role of archaeological research and community archaeology in the protection of monuments
• how can we harmonise social, economic and wider environmental priorities with those of heritage management and
• is prehistory, and early prehistory properly dealt with in urban areas?

BHAS’s historic & current involvement in Brighton’s archaeology & exp. of working in the project


Brief History of Whitehawk Camp and historic impact from expanding city

Management of Brighton’s green spaces, natural heritage and collaborative working

Project outcomes and lessons learnt – Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project

Recent history and work leading to HLF bid – Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project

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