The Society for Museum Archaeology Annual Conference 2018 Part 1

Posted on November 1, 2019


This was a new conference that I filmed last year. It was a really enjoyable conference and I hope you like the videos of the presentations:

About the Conference

The Society convenes for its two-day conference every autumn. Held in a different region of the UK each year, it usually addresses a theme of topical interest and attracts an excellent range of speakers working across all sectors of archaeology. The conference is an excellent place to learn more, meet new people and to enjoy visiting world class venues.

Papyrus for the People at the Petrie Museum

Putting Cyprus on the Map: promoting the Cypriot archaeology collections at Museums Sheffield

Birmingham: rediscovering archaeology for a superdiverse city

Old Collections, New Questions: Researching the Roman collections of the Yorkshire Museum

Forging a positive collaboration between Swindon Museum & Art Gallery & Cardiff University

Archaeology matters: pass it on!

Improving Archaeological Reference Collections and Typologies

Pottery Shop? What Pottery Shop? Re – thinking Corbridge from the base up

I like to move it, move it……into archive suitable boxes

Charging Ahead: Exploring fees for the transfer of archaeological archives in museums in England

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