Great Archaeology Blogs

This is my list of Archaeology blogs (currently 902 blogs). Basically, blogs that involve a good portion of their blogging about Archaeology or closely related subjects. It is a bit of a grey area where archaeology ends and everything else picks up.


There are so many ways to order the blogs. I simply order them by title.

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I have gathered this list from a bunch of different sources and it is NOT complete. Have a blog you want to add? Please email me at drocks.macqueen (at)

Alphabetical List

(un)free archaeology

[quem dixere chaos]

10 simple steps to better archaeological management


7 Pillars of Wisdom

A Bone to Pick

A Hot Cup of Joe

A is for Archaeology

A Life In Fragments

A Natural Curiosity

A Series of Small Walls

A Stitch in Time

A Very Remote Period Indeed


Abnormal Interests Archaeology

Access Cambridge Archaeology

ACCORD: archaeology community co-production of research data


Adventures in archaeology, human palaeoecology and the internet…

Adventures in Digital Archaeology

Adventures with Yo and Mo


Aegean prehistory

Aerial Archaeology

Aggsbach’s Paleolithic Blog

AIA – Minnesota

AIA Geospatial Interest Group

Albion Calling

Alison in Cambodia

All Things AAFS!

Allard Archaeology

Almost Archaeology

AlunSalt Ancient Science and the Science of Ancient Things

Amara West Project

Amelia Earhart Archaeology


American Institute for Roman Culture


Amorium Urban Archaeology

Amun-Ra Egyptology Blog

An Archaeology of Landscape

An Old Coventrian Goes Underground


Ancient Ale

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Arabs

Ancient Arts

Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives

Ancient Digger

Ancient Egypt Research Associates

Ancient Figurines

Ancient Food and Farming

Ancient Games

Ancient Indian Ocean Corridors

Ancient Lake Minchumina Archaeology Project

Ancient Near East

Ancient Noise

Ancient People and Things

Ancient Southwest Texas Project

Ancient Studies Articles

Ancient World Bloggers Group



Andrea Vianello

Andy White

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog

Anna Collar


Anthropology #Through Glass

Anthroslug the Much Put-Upon

antiquorumet praesentis

Apulum Archaeology’s Blog

Arbannig finds

Arbor Low Environs Project












Archaeologica maris baltici et Septentrionalis

Archaeological Digs

Archaeological Events in Europe

Archaeological Field Notebook

Archaeological Geophysics with Snuffler

Archaeological Haecceities » Black boxing the mega drought

archaeological jottings

Archaeological Morphometrics

Archaeological Networks

Archaeological Society of New jersey

Archaeological Study Tours and Field Trips

Archaeological Tile Brick and Pot – Blog




Archaeologist for Hire

Archaeologist in Worcester

Archaeologists | Photographers

Archaeologists in Residence

Archaeology & Experience

archaeology @ snomnh

Archaeology 3D

Archaeology and History of Medieval Sherwood Forest

Archaeology and Material Culture

Archaeology and Science

Archaeology and Tech

Archaeology and the i-Pad

Archaeology Archives Oxford

Archaeology at Hinkley Point

Archaeology at Paoli Battlefield

Archaeology Blog

Archaeology Dude

Archaeology Fantasies

Archaeology in (Geo)Space

Archaeology in Annapolis

Archaeology in Bermuda

archaeology in botswana

Archaeology in Coalbrookdale

Archaeology in Europe News

Archaeology in Tennessee

Archaeology in the City

Archaeology Live!

Archaeology National Trust SW

Archaeology North Devon

Archaeology of domestic life in early 20th century Britain

Archaeology of Portus: Exploring the Lost Harbour of Ancient Rome

Archaeology of the East Kent Access Road

Archaeology of the Mosquito Coast

Archaeology on the Alley

Archaeology Orkney

Archaeology Resource

Archaeology Test Kitchen

Archaeology Travel

Archaeology, Academia and Access

Archaeology, Conservation and Curation

Archaeology, Museums & Outreach



ArchaeologyOnline: Archaeological Information on the Web




Archaeometry SAS-blog

ArchaeoPhysica’s Blog

Archaeopop: The Past in Popular Culture


archaeotout: musings of a contemporary archaeologist




Archaeovision Blog






Ardnamurchan Transitions Project



Armstrong Archaeology


Arqueología Agraria

ArteFacts Blog



ATOR (Arc-Team Open Research)

Australian Archaeology

Avalon Marshes Hands on Heritage

Avkat Informatics

AWOL – The Ancient World Online

Back Garden Archaeology

Bad Archaeology

Bad Archaeology

BAJR – Blogging

Bamburgh Research Project’s Blog

Basing House Project

Beauty in the Bones

becoming an archaeologist

Bell Beaker Blogger

Beyond Stone & Bone

Billboyheritagesurvey’s Blog

Binary Opposition

Blackwater Locality #1

Blogging Pompeii


Bodies and Academia

Bone Broke

Bones and Skulls

Bones Don’t Lie

Bourbon Archaeology

Bradford unconsidered trifles

Brecon Beacons Young Archaeologists’ Club

Bristol Dig Berkeley

Broch, Crannog and Hillfort

Brockhampton Summer of Archaeology

Bronze Age Caithness

Building Tabernae


Burgage Earthworks

Burying Books

Caddo Prehistory in Oklahoma

CAER Heritage Project

CAER: Chester Amphitheatre Environs Research Project

Cakes and Ceramics

Calixtlahuaca Archaeological Project

Can Artifact Collectors and Archaeologists Find a Way to Get Along and Collaborate More?

Can You Dig It

Capilano University Archaeology Field School 2010

Capilano University Archaeology Field School 2012

Caroline Wickham-Jones

Castle Museum Archaeology

Castles and Coprolites

çatalhoyuk kenti çumra

CBA North

Celebrate Nebraska Archaeology!

Ceramics In America

Charles Mount

Charlie Enright – Community Archaeologist for the National Trust South Wales

Chasing Aphrodite

Cheney House Excavations


Chris Kolonko

Christchurch uncovered

CITiZAN blog


Collecting Egypt

Colonial Cherokee Archaeology

Common Humanity

Computational Archaeology

Computing, GIS and Archaeology in the UK

Conflict Antiquities

Conservation and Archaeology

Contemporary Archaeology

Corinthian Matters

Cosa Excavations

Cosmeston Archaeology




Crickley Hill Reunion 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014

Crossroads of empires

Cultural Encounters of an Anthropology Student

Cultural Heritage in Danger

Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative

Cultural Heritage Lawyer Rick St. Hilaire

Cultural Property Observer

Cultural Property Repatriation News and Issues

Culture in Peril

Cutting Edge Chronnicles

Dan Hicks


Day of Archaeology

Dead Men’s Eyes

Death Be Not Proud



deconstructing the dead

Desert Island Archaeologies

Designing Digital Engagements

Dhiban Excavation and Development Project

Diachronic Design!

Diary of a Geoarchaeologist

Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog

Dig Bromsgrove

Dig Kabri 2009

Dig Kabri 2011

Dig Lich Street

Dig Strawbery Banke

Dig This Feature


Diggin’ It: Adventures in Life and Archaeology

Digging Anthropology

Digging Digitally

Digging for Bones

Digging the dirt

Digging up old stuff in hot places



Digital Archaeology 1100101

Digital Archaeology Blog

Digital Digging

Digital Dirt Virtual Pasts

Digitised Diseases

DigMegiddo’s Weblog


Digs and Docs


Dimitrovska Vasilka


dirt and taxes

Discovering Dorchester through Archaeology

Don’t Forget Your Shovel

Dorset Diggers Community Archaeology Group

Dorset’s Archaeology & Heritage

Doug’s Archaeology

Dox Populi: Documentary Film and the Humanities

Dr Caitlin R. Green

Dr Dud’s Dicta

Dr Michael Scott – Academic and Broadcaster in Ancient History and Archaeology

Drawn into the Past


E’se’get Archaeology Project

Early Medieval (Viking) Glass: Experiment Blog

Early Medieval Europe Archaeology Blog

Economies of Destruction

Ed Gonzalez-Tennant’s Blog

Edinburgh Archaeology Outreach Project

EES Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project

El Kurru: A Royal City of Ancient Kush

Electric Archaeology: Digital Media for Learning and Research

Eleftheria Paliou

Elfshot: Sticks and Stones


Elmet Archaeology

Em Hotep

EMAS Sashes Island Archaeological Survey Project

Enda O’Flaherty WordPress

English Landscape and Identities

Environmental Archaeology in Ireland

Eplore the Past

Etruscan Dig June

Eurogenes Blog

European Association of Archaeologists Blog

Evolution Beach

Excavate! North Alabama Society of Archaeological Institute of America

Excavating Jacquetta Hawkes

Excavating Pitt-Rivers

Excavations at Presaddfed

Exciting Adventures in Archaeology, Computing and the Xbox

Experience Archaeology

Experimental Archaeology

Exploring a submerged new world with Mercyhurst

Faces and Voices

Farming Unearthed

farther along!

Fayum Dig Diaries

Feminine Voices in Archaeology

Feminine Voices in Archaeology

Fernbank Expedition Journal: Archaeologist’s Report

Field of Work

Finds and Features

Flinders Archaeology Blog

Following Hadrian

For what they were… we are


Forgotten Buildings

Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project

Fort Vancouver Public Archaeology

Fort Willow Archaeology

FPAN Central Region


fragments for a global archaeology

Francis Pryor – In the Long Run

From The Stormy Sky

Funerary & Biological Archaeology

Gambler’s House

gamingarchaeo blog

Gamla Uppsala – a mythical centre

Garden Creek Archaeological Project

Garstang Museum of Archaeology

Gates of Nineveh

Gawthorpe Excavation Blog

Gebel el Silsila Survey Project

Getting’ Dirty Before 10:30

Girl with Trowel

Globe Digger Diaries


Go Dig a Hole

Going Public

Gower Landscape Partnership


Graham’s Potted History

Grave Reopening Research

Great Mercury Island/Ahuahu Dig Diaries

Great War archaeology on Cannock Chase

Greek Merchant Ships BC

Greg’s Fortress Research

Grotesque Stone Idols

Guarding Grianán Aileach

Guerrilla Archaeology

Gulf South Past Recovery

Halehs World of Archaeology

Hampshire Archaeology

HARN Weblog

Have You Dug Up Any Dinosaurs Yet?

Hazelnut Relations

Heart of the Kingdom

Heather Pringle


Heritage Business Journal

Heritage Bytes

Heritage Calling

Heritage for Transformation

Heritage Geek

heritage heroes outreach

Heritage Link

Heritage of Japan

Heritage of Wales News


Hey Indiana JoAnna

Hilary Orange

Historic Graves blogs

History Echoes

History of the British School at Athens


How should decisions about heritage be made?

Huari-Ancash Bio-Archaeological Research Project Field School

human rights archaeology:
cultural heritage in conflict

hunter blatherer

i-ing the past: digital archaeology and digital heritage

Illicit Cultural Property

Imagining the past: Archaeology and the Bible



In Small Things Found

INA Blog

Inclusive Archaeology Forum

Indus Wali Archaeologist

Industrial Archaeology / Heritage

Industrial Heritage and Archaeology

Industrial Heritage Support

Inside Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeology

Inside the Mind of an Archaeologist

Institute of Archaeology Collections

Institute of Human Origins: Notes from the Field

International Dunhuang Project

Introspective Digital Archaeology

Irish Archaeology

Ironbridge Archaeology

Ironbridge Community Archaeology

Irritable Trowel Syndrome


Islands in a Common Sea


It Surfaced Down Under!

It’s Not Just A Trowel It’s A Way Of Life

James Dixon Archaeology

Jamie Stott

Jan Fast Archaeology


Jason Quinlan- Archaeological Photograhper

Jayjayaurelio’s Blog

Jayur Madhusudan Mehta


John G. Swogger

Jonathan M Haller

Jordan 2007 GARP dig








Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage

Journal of Insane Archaeology


Karina Croucher

Kate’s Portal

Kathryn Piquette’s Blog

Katie’s Big Adventure

Katy Firth Community Archaeology Blog

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Kent-Berlin Ostia Excavations

Kerrie Hoffman

Killackey Illustration and Design


Kinkella’s Archaeology

Kristian Strutt

LA(h) Confidential

Lamoka Ledger

Landscape Perceptions

Landscape Tales


Lapis Gabinus: official blog of the Gabii Project

Late Roman Paganism

Leicestershire Young Archaeologists’ Club


Letters from Li Dongni

Lindisfarne Archaeological Research Project


Little Bay Archaeology Project, Montserrat, West Indies

Locating London’s Past

Lochbrow Landscape Project


Looting History

Looting Matters


Love Archaeology Magazine

LPRIA, Roman and Early Medieval Crickley Hill

Lufton Project

Luke Chandler’s Blog

Luxor Times Blog

Lyminge Archaeology

Manor Lodge Dig 2010

Manor Lodge Dig 2011



Maritime Archaeology Programme

Maritime Culture


Market of Mass Destruction

Market of Mass Destruction


Master’s at Lund, Sweden

Materiality Discussion Group

Mathematical Tools, Archaeological Problems

matter matters


Meal Times: Ancient Foods for Modern Cooks

Medieval Landscapes: Geography, Archaeology and History

Medieval Parks, Gardens and Designed Landscapes

Medieval Sai Project

Medieval Warfare Blog

Mediterranean Archaeology

Mediterranean Ceramics

Mediterranean Palimpsest

Meerstone Archaeology

MEMSAP: Dispatches from the Field

metaarchaeological nonsense

Miami Anthropology

Michael Shanks

Mick Morrison


Middle Savagery

Midnight Sun Archaeology

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

Minnesota Field Notes


Modern Conflict Archaeology

Mongols China and the Silk Road


Motherhood in prehistory

Mound Builders

Mountains, Monuments and Mud

Ms. Berquist’s Archaeology

MSU Campus Archaeology Program

Mt. Lykaion Excavation & Survey Project

Museums of Greece

Music Archaeology Recordings

Musings of a Palaeolinguist

Musings of a virtual archaeologist

Musings of an Unemployed Archaeologist

Must Farm

My Cartoon Version of Reality

My year as a CBA community archaeology placement at Archaeology Scotland

Nebraska Archaeology

Necropolis Now

Neolithic Britain

New Deal Archaeology

new jersey archaeology

New Life in Buried Bones

new light on old sites


News from the Valley of the Kings


Nomadic Thoughts

Northwest Coast Archaeology


NOSAS Archaeology Blog

Not the Discovery Channel

Notes of an Antiquary

Notrton Community Archaeology Group


NUI Galway Post-graduate Archaeological Theory Reading Group

Numismatics and Archaeology



Of Archaeological Interest

Of Cemeteries and Cellars: The Archaeological Diary of Grand-Pré

Ohio Historical Society Archaeology Blog

Old Bones

Old Dirt – New Thoughts

Old The Archaeology of the mediterranean World

On Man and Machine

Online Archaeology

Open Access Archaeology

Open Objects

OpenQuaternary Discussions




Osteoarchaeology in northern England

Out of Ice and Time

Out of Place and Time

Outlandish Knight

Pagans for Archaeology


Palenque Pool Project




PALL: Proyecto Arqueológico La Laguna


Paperless Archaeology

passim in passing

Past Horizons’ Weblog

Past is countable

Past Preservers

Past Thinking


Pat hadley

Patrick E. McGovern

Paul Belford

Pelagic Trawling


Penn Museum Blog

Pensacola Colonial Frontiers

People Not Stones

Per Lineam Valli

Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation

Perdigões 2012

Persepolis Fortification Archive Project


Photogrammetry in Archaeology

Port Tobacco Archaeological Project

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues

Portuguese Prehistoric Enclosures

Post Antiquarianism

Postcard Archaeology

postgraduate opportunities in archaeology

Pots & Places, Stones & Bones

Powered by Osteons

Prehistoric Archaeology Blog


Preservation Archaeology

Prince Edward Island Archaeology

Process: Opinions on Doing Archaeology

Process: Opinions on Doing Archaeology

project Seram

Property of an Anonymous Swiss Collector

Public Archaeology 2015

Public Places Past and Present

Publishing Archaeology

Punk Archaeology

Rachel’s Archaeology


Ranom Acts of Science

Rantin’ and Rovin’: Musings of a Nomadic Archaeologist

Real Honduran Archaeology

Real-Time Archaeology

Rebecca Digs

Reflections on Past, Present and Future

Remediated Places

Rhynie Environs Archaeological Project

Richard the Castellan

Ritaroberts’s Blog

Ritmeyer Archaeological Design

Ritual is Power

RJHS Field School at Poggio Civitate

Robert M Chapple

Rock River Archaeological Society

Rogers Archaeology Lab

Roman and Early Medieval Crickley Hill

Roman Archaeology

Roman Binchester Project

Roman DNA Project

Roman Times

Romans in Ravenglass



Roses and Razorwire

Rotal Residences Network

Rubicon Heritage

Rust Belt Anthro

Salford Hundred Heritage Society Blog

Sámi circular offering sites

Sarah Coxon

Satellite Archaeology

Satellite Discoveries Eye in the Sky

Saturday Archaeology Workshops


Scilly Kid

Scythian archeology

SEAArch – The Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog

SEAC underground

Seandálaíocht – Irish for Archaeology


Sense of Humerus

Sensing the Iron Age and Roman Past: Geophysics and the Landscape of Hertfordshire


Serious and Not-So-Serious Musings on Archaeology

Serious Archaeologists

Sexy Archaeology

SHA Blog Blog

SHARE with Schools

Shelby Anderson


Shipwrecks & Runways

shíshálh Archaeological Research Project

Shovel Bytes




Slavic Archaeology Blog

Smiths Island Archaeology Project – Bermuda 2015

Social, Spatial, and Bioarchaeological Histories of Ancient Oman (SoBO)

Sock Monkey, Archaeologist

Sophie Hay

Sound Bytes from the ADS

Sounds of Stonehenge

Southborough Valley Community Archaeology Project

Southeast Archeological Center

Space Age Archaeology



Sprache der Dinge



Stable Isotopes in Zooarchaeology

Stefano Costa

Stolen Gods

Stonehenge Neolithic Houses

Stones and Bones: The Origins of You and Me

Stour Valley Community Archaeology

stránka o archeológii, CAD, GIS a databázach

Strathclyde & the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age

Stringing the Past

Stuart Dunn’s Blog

Succinct Research

Surrey Medieval

Surveying Archaeology

Suspicious Mounds

Sustainable Archaeology

SVCA Graffiti Project

t r a c e | w o r k


Tall Jalul Dig Blog

Tehmina Goskar

Terry O’Connor

Testimony of the spade

The Amarna Letters

The Amateur Archaeologist

The American Center of Oriental Research Blog

The Archaeobotanist

The ArchaeoInformant

The Archaeological Anarchist

The Archaeological Eye

The archaeologist in me

The Archaeology Channel

The Archaeology of Myth

The Archaeology of OWS

The Archaeology of Tomb Raider

The Archaeometry Blog

The Art of Digging

The ASOR Blog

The AVAS Blog

The Baking Archaeologist

The bioarchaeology of childhood

The Central Archaeology Group

the circle blog

The Cliff Mine Archeology Project Blog

The Colchester Archaeologist

The Complete Meso-America… and more

The Cultural Heritage Web

The Cultural Property and Archaeology Law Blog

The Dead Are So Talented…

The Dig Greater Manchester Blog

The Edge of the Village

The Egyptiana Emporium

The Eloquent Peasant

The Facts of my Ignorance

The Fort Tombecbe Archaeological Project

The Galilee Prehistory Project

The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust

The hall at the crossroads of Baltic waterways

The Heritage Journal

The Heritage Trust

The Heritagist

The Heroic Age

The Hill of Slane Archaeological Project

The Hill of Ward Archaeological Project

The Human Family

The Human Seasons

the incurable archaeologist

The Interpretation Game

The Invisible Dead

The Irish Archaeology Field School

The Kingdom of Sussex

The Land and Water Revisited Project

The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon

The Little Anthropologist

The Lyonesse Project

The Millennia Blog

The Moonshine Archaeology Project

The Moundville Plaza Project

The Ness of Brodgar Excavations

The New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World

The New Buffalo Project

The Northern Antiquarian

The Object Agency

The Oceangoing Diaries

The Origins of Doha Project

The Ossiferous Arctic

The Past Is Power

The Public Archaeology Group

The Punching Bag

The Ramblings of a Trainee Egyptologist

The Rocks Remain

The Round Mounds Project

The Royal Mummies of Cuzco and Capacocha Sacrifices

The Southwest in the World

The Struggling Archaeologist

The Subversive Archaeologist

The Tel Burna Excavation Project

The Telles-Safi/Gath Excavations

The Universe In My Brain

The Urban Prehistorian

the Virtual Curation Unit @ VCU

The Walbrook Discovery Programme

The Young Archaeologist

Then Dig

Theoretical Structural Archaeology

These Bones Of Mine

These Fragments


Things You Can’t Take Back

This Week In Pennsylvania Archaeology

Tibet Archaeology

Timbuctoo Archaeology

Time Team

Time Travelling by Water

Tinkinswood Community Archaeology

Tom Goskar

Tom King’s CRM Plus

Topics in Florida Archaeology


Traces of the Past

Tree Time Archaeology

Tropical Pacific Archaeology

Trowel ‘n’ Transit

Trowel Points

Trowel Tales- The AIA blog



Turkish Archaeological News


UCD Archaeological Society

UCD Experimental Prehistoric Stoneworking Group


Ulster-Scots Archaeological Project

Underwarer Archaeology and Maritime History Jobs

Underworld Archaeology



Unearthing Detroit

Unreported Heritage News


Up and Down in Moxos

Upland Pete

Urban Archaeology

Utah Pottery Project Archaeology Blog

UWF Arcadia Mill Field School: Simpson Lot


Vale of the White Horse


Vicus Martis Tudertium

Viking Archaeology Blog

Viking Metal

Vindolanda Charitable Trust


Visit Roman Britain


Viviana Culshaw

vox hiberionacum

Wardell Armstrong Archaeology

Warwick, 1619: Shipwreck Excavation

Wasted on Archaeology

Weipa Dig Diaries

West Yorkshire Heritage Forum

Western Digs

Western Sahara Project

Westmorland Archaeology

West’s Meditations

Where in the hell am I?

Whitewashed Tomb

Whitney Battle-Baptiste

Whitworth Parklife

Wide Urban World

Wirral & North Wales Field Archaeology

Wisconsin Fieldschool 2010

Wisconsin Fieldschool 2011

Woodrow Ruin Archaeology

Worldly Practices: Histories of Archaeology Post-1945

x years Before Present

Xcavate! Dorset’s Community Archaeologist

Zenobia: Empress of the East


Ziyaret Tepe Field Blog


Περιβαλλοντικη Αρχαιολογια – Environmental Archaeology

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    • Thanks fixed the tab. Do you mean to create a RSS feed or a bundle like what I have created.

    • Great list and very useful. May I ask You to add my new blog, if you like it? Thanks a lot! Link here:

  1. Great list; list here of landscape related sites and blogs:


  2. imperialcoins

    May 28, 2012

    Doug- May I recommend a few additions to your list?

    The Cultural Property and Archaeology Law Blog (Kimberly Alderman) –
    Cultural Property Observer (Peter Tompa) –
    Ancient Coins & Cultural Heritage (Alfredo De La Fe) –


  3. Sarah George

    June 4, 2012

    Hi Doug, great list, lots of blogs I didn’t know about. I couldn’t see this one: which is one I follow. Thanks, Sarah


  4. heritageaction

    December 17, 2012

    I see you have a link to our article in yout right hand column but not to our blog in your main list. (Sorry if I missed it).
    The Heritage Journal

  5. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for listing my blog China Heritage Watch. Much appreciated. 🙂

  6. Thanks for listing The Egyptiana Emporium! Greatly appreciated 🙂


  7. i type freehand

    April 13, 2013

    Hey Doug! thanks for all the great links… 🙂

  8. Thanks Doug!

  9. Fantastic list! Would you mind adding a new one?


  10. Paul Reed

    October 19, 2013

    Another archaeology blog to include:

  11. What a wonderful resource!! I have an addition to your blog list – a project in South Carolina on the first plantation settlement outside of Charleston (1674-1685), a fortified plantation and trading post for Lords Proprietor Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper the first Earl of Shaftesbury.

  12. Thanks for listing our Christchurch Uncovered blog here, much appreciated.

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    I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend!

  14. Thank you so much for including Common Humanity! And thanks for compiling such a fantastic list – exploring these new blogs will keep me busy for days!

  15. Hi Doug, Thank you for a great list and inclusion of my blog

  16. Reply
  17. We are not affiliated with this blog, but I’d like to suggest it for inclusion in this list because it is a great blog about Ancient Food – There are articles posted since 2009.

  18. Thankyou for sharing these amazing website. The author of this blog helps me a lot to do my college assignment. Good job

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