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Why Blogging?

December 1, 2013


Here is my contribution to my own blogging carnival- Blogging Archaeology.  FYI- I will not be doing a summary of November’s question till December 3rd so there is still time to join in. Why Blog? I had to go back a few years to my first post to see why I started blogging. Back then […]

New Archaeology Blog List

July 2, 2013


My old archaeology blog list has gotten pretty long and I am reaching the limit of what can be done with a simple list. The list was nice but it was getting very long and hard to manage. Also, there was only so much detail I could give out with a list. So this weekend […]

Blog is AAA’s Fourth Most Digitally Viewed Publication or Is It?

July 1, 2013


To continue with an examination of the impact of blogs I would like to share some numbers that were kindly shared with me by the AAA. Here (at the end of this post) is the table of downloads (for blog it is views) of articles from the AAA publications in 2012. The first thing that […]

It’s a Digital World We Read In

June 25, 2013


Yesterday Ralf brought up an excellent point on my post about blogging verse traditional publishing: You ignore the thousands of printed copies of those journals in your stats. Having not gone into the post blind, having done some research into publishing over the years, I knew that this is indeed correct BUT not too relevant. […]

A difference by orders of magnitude- The Impact of Archaeology/Anthropology blogging

June 24, 2013


A difference by orderS of magnitude is the title of the this post and I really can not stress enough that order of magnitude is plural. A session is being organized for the next SAA conference on blogging and archaeology. You can check out the website and get involved. I am not sure what I […]


May 17, 2013


I have been traveling so there has been a complete lack of blogging here lately. However, I would like to take a quick moment to recommend a tumblr blog to you- trowelblazers. “Awesome trowel-wielding women: WE SALUTE YOU!” It covers awesome women in the fields of archaeology, palaeontology, and geology. It’s a great blog […]

Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XXV

February 19, 2013


Another round of archaeology blogs to follow. As always the full list of blogs can be found here. ucsheritage- A blog about the developing projects, courses and activities associated with heritage and historic environment management at University Campus Suffolk (UCS).  The blog is administered by Dr Ian Baxter and Professor David Gill. The Baking […]