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Is It Open Access If No One Can Find It? The loss of 100,000+ Archaeology & History Articles

November 7, 2013


Here is a question for you, if I put something up on the internet for free but no one can find it have I actually done anything? A little background story to how I came to this question. Over the last couple of weeks I have been running some analysis for the Society of Antiquaries […]

Blogging Archaeology

November 5, 2013


This is the page the launched the 2013-2014 Blogging Archaeology Blog Carnival. Don’t know what it is? Read on. The event is over and has accumulated in a wonderful book:   It is Open Access i.e. FREE to Read. You can download it here: Blogging Archaeology. It is a great resource to learn about blogging […]

What is the Deal with the Nacirema?!?-AAA Viewer Stats and the Relevance of #Anthropology

July 30, 2013


What is the Deal with the Nacierma? Answer that question and you will have great insights into the relevance of Anthropology (and in certain parts of the world that includes archaeology) to our modern world. A little background to that cryptic sentence- Again, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) has been very kind and shared some […]

Arguing for Your Own Irrelevance- #AcademicPrivilege

July 12, 2013


Sometimes you read something that is so out there that you have to read it two, three, or more times just to understand it, in this particular case I had to read it six times. What is it? Why open access makes no sense– by Professor Robin OsborneĀ  I have read many critiques of Open […]

Blog is AAA’s Fourth Most Digitally Viewed Publication or Is It?

July 1, 2013


To continue with an examination of the impact of blogs I would like to share some numbers that were kindly shared with me by the AAA. Here (at the end of this post) is the table of downloads (for blog it is views) of articles from the AAA publications in 2012. The first thing that […]

It’s a Digital World We Read In

June 25, 2013


Yesterday Ralf brought up an excellent point on my post about blogging verse traditional publishing: You ignore the thousands of printed copies of those journals in your stats. Having not gone into the post blind, having done some research into publishing over the years, I knew that this is indeed correct BUT not too relevant. […]

Archaeologists honored/honoured by Whitehouse

June 22, 2013


It is not everyday that the Whitehouse honors/honours an archaeologists so if you have a minute to spare check out the Whitehouse release on Eric Kansa and Open Context. Eric has been doing some amazing work on Open Data and Open Access. Hmmmmm. It seems if more archaeologists want to get their work recognized Open […]