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Digital rock art documentations, new perceptions

September 28, 2016


Its the weekly conference video post. If you want to see archaeology conference presentations then stop by this blog every Wednesday. Session Abstract: David Vogt, Steinar Kristensen, Magne Samdal, Bjarte Aarseth The documentation of rock art has a tradition that spans over one hundred years, during which several methods have been tried and tested. Today, […]

Needles in the haystack: Geophysical methods in challenging conditions

September 21, 2016


Your weekly conference videos. Check in every Wednesday to see some great presentations on many different topics: Session abstract Lars Gustavsen, Christer Tonning, Arne Anderson Stamnes, Erich Nau, Monica Kristiansen The development of geophysical techniques for archaeological purposes has largely taken place in areas where archaeological features tend to be pronounced, well-defined and, arguably, easily […]

Networking the past: Towards best practice in archaeological network science

September 14, 2016


Wednesday, so the weekly conference videos. Session Abstract: Tom Brughmans, Daniel Weidele The full diversity of network perspectives has only been introduced in our discipline relatively recently. As a result we are still in the long-term process of evaluating which theories and methods are available, the ‘fit’ between particular network perspectives and particular research questions, […]

Theorising the Digital: Digital Theoretical Archaeology Group (digiTAG) and the CAA

September 7, 2016


It’s Wednesday, which means the weekly post of conference videos. This week’s is an interesting mix of the TAG and CAA conference i.e. they brought TAG to CAA. Session Abstract: James Stuart Taylor, Sara Perry, Nicolò Del’Unto, Åsa Berggren Computing and the application of new digital technologies in archaeology and the heritage sector more generally […]

Public archaeology and the use of digital platforms

August 31, 2016


Every Wednesday I post new videos from conferences I have recorded… and today is no different. This weeks videos: Session Abstract: Ingvild Solberg Andreassen The past decade or so has seen a great increase the in digitalization of archaeological materials. More data than ever before is being collected in the field. Archaeologists are online while […]

Computer tools for depicting shape and detail in 3D archaeological models

August 24, 2016


On every Wednesday I post videos of a session I have filmed at a conference. Session Abstract: Miguel Carrero-Pazos, Alia Vázquez-Martínez, Benito Vilas-Estévez, Miguel Busto-Zapico Archaeology has been long characterized by the interdisciplinarity and the transversality of their approaches and methodologies. In this context, we strongly believe that a proposal of a session that considers […]

Interpretations from digital sensations? Using the digital sensory turn to discover new things about the past

August 17, 2016


Every Wednesday I publish a conference session that I have videoed.  This weeks is from the CAA conference: Session Abstract Stuart Eve, Catriona Cooper We are at a turning point in development and thought about multi-sensorial engagement using digital mediation. From Oculus Rift VR googles or noise-reducing headphones through to vibrating-haptic simulating gloves, smell generators […]