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Archives and Archaeology – Sources from the Past, Tools for the Future

March 22, 2017


Twice a week I publish videos of presentations from conferences I help film. This week I have another session the EAA conference, this one on archives: Session Abstract: In this session we are exploring theoretical and methodological approaches to archive-based studies as well as the conceptualization and use(s) of archives. The importance of archives for […]

All that Glitters is Not Gold: New Approaches to Sumptuous Burials Between Western Europe and the Eurasian Steppe

March 17, 2017


For your weekend viewing pleasure here is a session we recorded at the EAA conference on all that glitters: Ostentatious burials remain the primary means by which we understand socio-economic structures and elite/non-elite binary identity formations. Seemingly, such burials lend themselves to easier modes of quantification as well as qualification given their ‘obvious’ connections between […]

Religious Landscapes in the North Atlantic

March 15, 2017


It’s Wednesday so the weekly release of conference videos I have filmed. This weeks videos are from the EAA conference: At the same time as the parish system was taking shape in Christian Europe – in the 10th and 11th centuries AD – Christianity was spreading among the colonists of newly settled lands in the […]

Women Archaeologists make less than Men Archaeologists?

March 11, 2017


77 cents on the dollar. Maybe you have heard 72 cents or 75 cents on the dollar or pence on the pound or cents on euro but it always ends with ‘women earn x to men’. It is a short and powerful message but like such messages hides complexities. For one, it implies that women […]

Finding the Limits of the Limes

March 10, 2017


It was heart breaking to find out the the ‘Limes’ was not the fruit but the defensive boundary of parts of the Roman Empire. But I quickly got over that when I found out that the conference was on modelling the past, an interest of mine. These are the videos from the conference for the […]

In Heaven as it is on Earth: Archaeological Traces of Minorities and Radical Religious Ideas Within Social Identities in the Middle Ages

March 8, 2017


Another session from the EAA conference that we video recorded: Friday, 2 September 2016, 14:00-16:00 Faculty of Philology, Room SP2 Author – Garc a-Contreras Ruiz, Guillermo, University of Reading, Reading, United Kingdom (Presenting author) Co-author(s) – Tejerizo, Carlos, Universidad del Pa s Vasco, Vitoria, Spain Keywords: Archaeology of religion, Minorities religious, Social identities Understood as […]

Tradition and Innovation in Textile Technology in Bronze Age Europe and the Mediterranean

March 3, 2017


Enjoy videos from a EAA session, that we filmed, over this weekend: Saturday, 3 September 2016, 09:00-16:00 Faculty of Philosophy, Room 207 Author – Ulanowska, Agata, Polish Academy of Sciences, Łódź, Poland (Presenting author) Co-author(s) – Siennicka, Małgorzata, The Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for Textile Research, SAXO Inst, Copenhagen, Denmark Keywords: Bronze Age Europe, […]