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Computer tools for depicting shape and detail in 3D archaeological models

August 24, 2016


On every Wednesday I post videos of a session I have filmed at a conference. Session Abstract: Miguel Carrero-Pazos, Alia Vázquez-Martínez, Benito Vilas-Estévez, Miguel Busto-Zapico Archaeology has been long characterized by the interdisciplinarity and the transversality of their approaches and methodologies. In this context, we strongly believe that a proposal of a session that considers […]

Interpretations from digital sensations? Using the digital sensory turn to discover new things about the past

August 17, 2016


Every Wednesday I publish a conference session that I have videoed.  This weeks is from the CAA conference: Session Abstract Stuart Eve, Catriona Cooper We are at a turning point in development and thought about multi-sensorial engagement using digital mediation. From Oculus Rift VR googles or noise-reducing headphones through to vibrating-haptic simulating gloves, smell generators […]

What’s the largest professional archaeology organisation?

August 15, 2016


A while back there was a discussion on Facebook, BAJR group, about which organisation was the largest body representing professional archaeologists, spurned on by this statement from the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) regarding the results of the UK’s referendum to leave the EU (if it will actually happen is for another post) “CIfA is […]

The road not taken: Modelling approaches to transport on local and regional scales

August 10, 2016


Every Wednesday I post videos of papers given at archaeology conferences. This weeks session comes from the CAA conference. Session Abstract: Research on transport systems thus far has largely focussed on the documented and partly surviving road systems, ranging from the Roman imperial road systems known from the itineraries and the Peutinger Table to the road […]

Ethics of Accepting Student Volunteers

August 8, 2016


Today, well now Yesterday but when I wrote this it was Sunday and then I scheduled it to post for 10:30 on Monday, but I am digressing. Today/Yesterday, I had a conversation on Twitter with Dr Donna Yates, who you will know from such blogs as Anonymous Swiss Collector and Stolen Gods and her Culture Crime […]

Methodology of archaeological simulation. Meeting of the Special Interest Group in Complex Systems Simulation

August 3, 2016


Every Wednesday I post a session from an archaeology conference I have filmed. This weeks comes from the CAA conference. Session Abstract: Following its creation at the CAA2014 in Siena the Special Interest Group in Complex Systems Simulation invites all researchers with an interest in computational modelling to join the discussion on the challenges and […]

Revealing by visualising: Geographic relations in cultural heritage databases

July 27, 2016


Wednesdays cinema of archaeology conference videos. Again from the CAA conference. Session Abstract:  Cultural heritage databases can easy accommodate, and are often required to contain large quantities of data. It is a challenge to present and convey this data in a manner which provides a comprehensive overview, whilst simultaneously promoting new interpretations and understanding. To […]