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Revealing by visualising: Geographic relations in cultural heritage databases

July 27, 2016


Wednesdays cinema of archaeology conference videos. Again from the CAA conference. Session Abstract:  Cultural heritage databases can easy accommodate, and are often required to contain large quantities of data. It is a challenge to present and convey this data in a manner which provides a comprehensive overview, whilst simultaneously promoting new interpretations and understanding. To […]

Linked pasts: Connecting islands of content

July 20, 2016


Weekly video extravaganza of archaeology conference videos. This week I have something new for you – CAA conference. Session Abstract: While ever more archaeological and historical content is available online, direct connectivity between independent resources remains comparatively rare. Semantic Web and Linked Data approaches are just some of the possible mechanisms which can facilitate interconnections […]

‘Humming with crossfire – short on cover…’? Revisiting and reflecting on ‘environmental archaeology: meaning and purpose’

July 13, 2016


Your weekly dose of archaeology videos from conferences, the last TAG session: Session Abstract:  It is now nearly a decade and a half since the publication of Environmental Archaeology: Meaning and Purpose (edited by Albarella 2001), itself based on a TAG session held at the University of Birmingham in 1998. One of the core concerns […]

Archaeological Research in Progress 2016

July 6, 2016


Your weekly batch of archaeology conference videos. However, after several months of TAG I have a new conference for you- Archaeological Research in Progress! The Underexplored Archaeological Riches of the Borders Come Together: Recent Work by Adopt-a-Monument in Southern Scotland Sculpting the Past: Exploring the art and history of George Sutherland & Sons, Sculptors Recent […]

Diversity of Ages. Mind the Gap– Where are the young people in archaeology?

June 29, 2016


This Wednesday’s list of conference videos (almost done with TAG). Session abstract: The provision of archaeology for those under the age of 16 could be considered good. The change to the National Curriculum in 2013, increased the opportunities for children to learn about archaeology. In terms of provision at an extra-curricular level, there are numerous […]

The Elemental (Re)turn. The Archaeology of Elementary Philosophy and Humoral Principles

June 22, 2016


Your Wednesday dose of archaeology conference videos. Again from the TAG conference- Session Abstract: This session encourages archaeologists to (re)engage with pre-Enlightenment doctrines— namely elemental and humoral theory—which, it will be argued, are more relevant for archaeological interpretation than much of current theoretical discourse. Its aims is to show how these ancient theoretical paradigms might […]

What Brexit or Exit(?) will mean for Archaeology… really all of the UK.

June 20, 2016


This was to be my longest post. I had spent many hours over the last few weeks researching what would happen to UK archaeology if Brexit occurred. This was meant to be a neutral post simply looking at the economic impact of Brexit on archaeology in the UK, then Thursday came. It started in the morning […]