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Tyrannical Tales? Fiction as Archaeological Method

May 25, 2016


Your Wednesday conference videos: A session at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) in March 2015 brought together a group of archaeologists and novelists (and archaeologist-novelists) to debate the value of historical fiction as an archaeological technique. The result was a lively discussion that left the participants (both speakers and audience) convinced that there was […]

Advances in Prehistoric Art

May 18, 2016


TAG videos: The overarching aim of the session is to bring together researchers of art in prehistoric archaeology, from any period, or using theories and methods that could be applied to prehistoric art, whether with a technical or theoretical focus, from within the discipline or beyond, to facilitate the sharing of recent research, thoughts, techniques, […]

Heterarchies or Hierachies

May 11, 2016


Videos from TAG: Traditional models of social organisation and production stress the development of stratification and the emergence of hierarchies of power and settlement; whether for example early Bronze Age elites or later Bronze Age ‘great enclosures’, hillforts versus ‘open’ settlements in the middle Iron Age, the dramatic increase of artefacts and materialities apparently emphasising […]

Mental Health in Archaeology

April 20, 2016


Mental Health; the final taboo? Approximately one in four people suffers from depression or anxiety at some point in their lives, many of whom go untreated or struggle through their careers with no real understanding of what it is that affects them. Symptoms are varied and seem to wax and wane but rarely disappear permanently, […]

Anarchy and Archaeology workshop

April 19, 2016


This may be of interest to some followers of this blog. There is a digital “unconference” component to the Anarchy and Archaeology workshop at the Amerind. Follow along and participate on twitter with #anarchaeology2016. Here is a poster with more information:  

Political agendas and sponsorship in archaeology

April 14, 2016


Another session that we videoed at TAG. Session Abstract: Research Question: What constitutes an appropriate and positive political engagement in archaeology? As archaeological research moved beyond a leisure activity for the upper class, the discipline became dependent on external funding. Simultaneously, external political and legal developments expanded the remit of archaeology from generating narratives about […]

Space the Final (Archaeological) Frontier

April 13, 2016


From the TAG conference, a session that we videoed as part of the crowdfunding campaign– Session Abstract: Settlement archaeology is the study of lived space, however, while archaeologists have given great thought to the temporal aspects of past life, they have under theorised the spatial. Space is typically presented as fixed, passive, a container or […]