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 Urban || Rural 

January 13, 2017


Another CHAT session, the my colleague Ben filmed for your viewing pleasure. Rurbanities: Recording Rural Urbanities Chiara Ronchini, Scotland’s Urban Past, Historic Environment Scotland. This paper will explore community‐led archaeology in transitional and interstitial spaces in urban areas –rurbanities(1). Terms with negative connotations, such as ‘residual’, ‘marginalised’ and ‘in‐between‐ the‐buildings’, are often used to define rurbanities, implying that these areas are uninspiring, left‐over spaces within the urban fabric. On the contrary, rurbanities are very fertile ground, and have been chosen for their heritage significance, reclaimed and re‐ interpreted by local communities who have a connection with these places. Within  the  framework  of  Scotland’s  Urban  Past  (SUP),  this  paper  will  illustrate  case  studies  of community groups, who are leading on projects discovering, recording and celebrating the heritage of rurbanities around Scotland’s towns and cities. Groups in Edinburgh, Livingston and Dundee are investigating the blueprint of urban areas, focusing on the heritage between the buildings to record and tell the story of the places – secret gardens, skateparks and re‐ruralised areas – that matter to them. In line with the UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape, the notion of urban areas as  a  living  organism  made  of  tangible  and  intangible  elements,  and  a  complex  […]

Rural heritage and landscapes

January 9, 2017


The CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) conference was held back in October and my colleague Ben Lewis filmed the conference. Here are some of those videos from the second session: Imaginaries of ruralness in the construction of tourist space at an industrial World Heritage Site Coralie Acheson, Ironbridge Institute, University of Birmingham. […]

Defining Rurality

January 6, 2017


Back in October my colleague Ben Lewis went to the CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) conference on the main island of the Orkneys and filmed the conference. Here are some of those videos from the first session: Semi‐Rural Paul Graves‐Brown University College London When we bought our house in Llwynhendy, Llanelli, the […]

Open Access and Open Data in Archaeology: Following the Ariadne Thread

January 4, 2017


‘Open’ be it ‘Data’, ‘Access’, or ‘Source’ is a favourite subject of mine so I was very pleased to see there was a session the topics of Open Data and Open Access at the EAA conference. My colleague Ben Lewis helped film the session and you can view the videos below as I return to […]

The Trump “Wall” probably won’t be that bad for archaeology

January 3, 2017


Ughhh, shoot me now, another article on Trump. But, a change in government means a potential change in the management of heritage so we need to discuss it. There is a lot to talk about on the subject of heritage and the new administration but I want to take on only one potential issue for […]

The Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee Conference Videos

December 23, 2016


The Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee is a liaison group which aims to promote archaeology in Tayside (Perth and Kinross, Angus and Dundee) and Fife. It’s your go to society for archaeology in Middle East Scotland. That is archaeology taking place in the eastern half of Scotland about halfway up the country, not Middle Eastern archaeology […]

Application of landscape survey techniques

December 21, 2016


Wednesday- so more archaeology conference videos that I have filmed. Session Abstract: This session aims to address the question of why traditional and technical landscape investigation techniques of observation, measurement and analysis (survey) are not more regularly deployed – and deployed in a timely fashion – in British archaeology. This has implications within curatorial, commercial […]

Public Archaeology Notes

December 19, 2016


I wanted to share a pretty great newsletter relating to public archaeology with you – Public Archaeology Notes. ‘Public Archaeology Notes is a volunteer, collaborative effort by a consortium of individuals representing the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), the SAA’s Public Education Committee (PEC), the PEC’s Network of State Coordinators, the SAA’s Public Archaeology Interest Group […]

Political Strategies for the EAA

December 16, 2016


How do you change the world of archeology? Practice, practice, practice. To borrow from the punch line of the The Carnegie Hall joke. The European Association of Archaeologists is the pan-European society of professional archaeologists and over the decades they have been working hard to change archaeology. At their most recent conference in Vilnius, there was a session on what […]

Archaeology in schools: promoting archaeology as a key learning tool within the national curricula

December 14, 2016


Other than a few pockets of good examples, around the world archaeology is almost always absent from formal education until one makes it to University. History will be taught and archaeology gets a mention as part of that e.g. ‘archaeologists tell us blah, blah’ but actually archaeology is almost never taught. There was a session […]

The archaeology of brewing

December 7, 2016


Archaeology and beer well that’s a match you don’t see too often (sarcasm). This is actually a session on the archaeology of brewing, not archaeologists brewing, though it does involve that too. It was a pretty great session we video recorded from the CIfA conference, for your enjoyment. Session Abstract: We will be exploring the […]

Archaeology within the context of criminal justice: from forensics to heritage crime

November 30, 2016


Two videos from a session at the CIfA conference for the weekly video post. Session Abstract: Although the contexts differ between archaeology and crime scene work, the methods applied in both are similar. Features are registered, finds are collected and analysed, a chronology of events is established, human interactions are reconstructed and reports are written. […]

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? How can we learn from our mistakes?

November 23, 2016


Another week, another post of videos from conferences. Still from the 2016 CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT The latest Archaeological Market survey1 undertaken by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of CIfA, FAME and Historic England reported an average increase in turnover for archaeological practices of 15% in 2014-15. Coupled with a significant increase in the size […]

Adopting Archaeology

November 16, 2016


If you have been following this blog then you will know it is Wednesday and so conference video time. This is a session I, with the help of some great volunteers, recorded at the CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT This session will critically examine the sustainability and impact of community-led archaeological stewardship, and encourage discussion of […]

Experimental Archaeology: Techniques and Technologies

November 11, 2016


Archaeology, one part art and one part science, add and stir until you have a reasonable idea of what was happening in the past. One of my favourite techniques for doing this is experimental archaeology- the art of using science to determine how people did things. This is a session we filmed at EAA for […]

Across the Atlantic: professionalism in archaeology over here and over there

November 9, 2016


A new trend in archaeology conferences is to run the say session in different conferences/countries or to have organisations run sessions in other organisations. I whole hearty approve of such innovation.  As it is Wednesday, so conference video time, I though I would share one of these cross-country sessions from the CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT […]

Archaeology, education and young people

November 4, 2016


Children and retired people are the bread and butter of public engagement. So it is not surprising to have seen a session at the CIfA conference on the topic but what was interesting to see was a session that moved into the realm of social issues with children. There are lots of kids based projects […]

Visualizing the Past. Exploring Meaningful Approaches in Interpreting the Archaeological Record Through Illustrations and Reconstructions

November 2, 2016


‘Creating really memorable images’. That is something that every artist, graphic designer and illustrator struggles with. Now toss in trying to create memorable images of the past with limited data and it is a job I do not envy. Or do I have it wrong? Do we have too much data to make memorable images? […]

Documentation interpretation and communication of Digital Archaeological Heritage

October 28, 2016


With movies I always thought 3D was a bit of a con. Pay extra money to experience those cheap 3D effects you would see at the state fair… meh. 3D in archaeology- oh, I am not sure we have scratched the surface of what it can do for both recording or disseminating. Here is the […]

The Future of Community Archaeology

October 26, 2016


There are hundreds of community excavations, surveys and general investigations into the past that take place every year. And that is in the UK alone. But what happens to all that work? Do people just have a nice play, ruin some perfectly good archaeology and take food out of the mouths of professional archaeologist? I […]

Support the Open Access Archaeology Fund- Get a Trowel USB drive!

October 24, 2016


Happy Open Access Week everyone!!! There is a lot going on for Open Access Week around the world but I would like to draw your attention to one really great initiative by Internet Archaeology and the Archaeology Data Service – the Open Access Archaeology Fund. The fund will support the journal publishing and/or archiving costs for […]

Local Perspectives on Archaeology from Around the World

October 21, 2016


We tend to dig other people’s pasts, even in our own countries, such is the nature of archaeology. One of the great joys of archaeology is listening to local communities and their impressions of the past. So it was a real pleasure to listen to some archaeologists and non-archaeologists discuss archaeology and their past from […]

The archaeological resource in context: national approaches in a changing climate

October 19, 2016


It’s Wednesday’s videoed conference session: SESSION ABSTRACT The last twelve months have seen a relative strengthening of demand for archaeological work in the commercial sector, but the situation for archaeological institutions and individuals in the public and non-commercial sectors remains challenging. This session seeks to consider how non-commercial work can continue to support protection, understanding […]

World Archaeological Congress at 30

October 14, 2016


A boycott of archaeologists! Literally, the World Archaeological Congress, the major organisation for bringing archaeologists together, was created out of an act of exclude other archaeologists. Here is brief excerpt of the history of WAC from Joan Gero that explains it: “An international forum for archaeological research was first organized in 1931 with the founding […]

The skills gap: training for competence in archaeology

October 12, 2016


Its Wednesday, which means conference video day. This week the videos are from the CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT: Diggers Forum (DF) takes forward the proposal that the level of competence of every professional archaeologist shall be Practitioner or above: any archaeologist in the profession who is not working at PCIfA level competence must be working […]

EAC Heritage Management Symposium Digital Archaeological Heritage- Part 2

October 7, 2016


Digital tools- how do they change how we manage heritage and archaeology? Last week I posted the first half of the EAC Heritage Management Symposium and here is the second half of those presentations: Saving Treasures: The DANS digital archive DANS, the Dutch national digital research archive, is an institute of the Royal Netherlands […]

Can you model that? Applications of complex systems simulation to explore the past

October 5, 2016


It’s Wednesday which means conference video day. Session Abstract Iza Romanowska, Stefani Crabtree, Benjamin Davies The large scale patterns that we commonly detect in the archaeological record are often not a simple sum of individual human interactions. Instead, they are a complex interwoven network of dependencies among individuals, groups, and the environment in which individuals […]

EAC Heritage Management Symposium Digital Archaeological Heritage- Part 1

September 30, 2016


‘Digital technologies are developing at an unprecedented speed. As they do, they are opening up many new possibilities for the conduct and presentation of archaeological research and investigation. The digital realm is one which knows few borders and so the sharing of understanding about these new methods, techniques and possibilities across Europe is extremely valuable.’ […]

Digital rock art documentations, new perceptions

September 28, 2016


Its the weekly conference video post. If you want to see archaeology conference presentations then stop by this blog every Wednesday. Session Abstract: David Vogt, Steinar Kristensen, Magne Samdal, Bjarte Aarseth The documentation of rock art has a tradition that spans over one hundred years, during which several methods have been tried and tested. Today, […]

Needles in the haystack: Geophysical methods in challenging conditions

September 21, 2016


Your weekly conference videos. Check in every Wednesday to see some great presentations on many different topics: Session abstract Lars Gustavsen, Christer Tonning, Arne Anderson Stamnes, Erich Nau, Monica Kristiansen The development of geophysical techniques for archaeological purposes has largely taken place in areas where archaeological features tend to be pronounced, well-defined and, arguably, easily […]

Networking the past: Towards best practice in archaeological network science

September 14, 2016


Wednesday, so the weekly conference videos. Session Abstract: Tom Brughmans, Daniel Weidele The full diversity of network perspectives has only been introduced in our discipline relatively recently. As a result we are still in the long-term process of evaluating which theories and methods are available, the ‘fit’ between particular network perspectives and particular research questions, […]

Theorising the Digital: Digital Theoretical Archaeology Group (digiTAG) and the CAA

September 7, 2016


It’s Wednesday, which means the weekly post of conference videos. This week’s is an interesting mix of the TAG and CAA conference i.e. they brought TAG to CAA. Session Abstract: James Stuart Taylor, Sara Perry, Nicolò Del’Unto, Åsa Berggren Computing and the application of new digital technologies in archaeology and the heritage sector more generally […]

Public archaeology and the use of digital platforms

August 31, 2016


Every Wednesday I post new videos from conferences I have recorded… and today is no different. This weeks videos: Session Abstract: Ingvild Solberg Andreassen The past decade or so has seen a great increase the in digitalization of archaeological materials. More data than ever before is being collected in the field. Archaeologists are online while […]

Computer tools for depicting shape and detail in 3D archaeological models

August 24, 2016


On every Wednesday I post videos of a session I have filmed at a conference. Session Abstract: Miguel Carrero-Pazos, Alia Vázquez-Martínez, Benito Vilas-Estévez, Miguel Busto-Zapico Archaeology has been long characterized by the interdisciplinarity and the transversality of their approaches and methodologies. In this context, we strongly believe that a proposal of a session that considers […]

Interpretations from digital sensations? Using the digital sensory turn to discover new things about the past

August 17, 2016


Every Wednesday I publish a conference session that I have videoed.  This weeks is from the CAA conference: Session Abstract Stuart Eve, Catriona Cooper We are at a turning point in development and thought about multi-sensorial engagement using digital mediation. From Oculus Rift VR googles or noise-reducing headphones through to vibrating-haptic simulating gloves, smell generators […]

What’s the largest professional archaeology organisation?

August 15, 2016


A while back there was a discussion on Facebook, BAJR group, about which organisation was the largest body representing professional archaeologists, spurned on by this statement from the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) regarding the results of the UK’s referendum to leave the EU (if it will actually happen is for another post) “CIfA is […]

The road not taken: Modelling approaches to transport on local and regional scales

August 10, 2016


Every Wednesday I post videos of papers given at archaeology conferences. This weeks session comes from the CAA conference. Session Abstract: Research on transport systems thus far has largely focussed on the documented and partly surviving road systems, ranging from the Roman imperial road systems known from the itineraries and the Peutinger Table to the road […]

Ethics of Accepting Student Volunteers

August 8, 2016


Today, well now Yesterday but when I wrote this it was Sunday and then I scheduled it to post for 10:30 on Monday, but I am digressing. Today/Yesterday, I had a conversation on Twitter with Dr Donna Yates, who you will know from such blogs as Anonymous Swiss Collector and Stolen Gods and her Culture Crime […]

Methodology of archaeological simulation. Meeting of the Special Interest Group in Complex Systems Simulation

August 3, 2016


Every Wednesday I post a session from an archaeology conference I have filmed. This weeks comes from the CAA conference. Session Abstract: Following its creation at the CAA2014 in Siena the Special Interest Group in Complex Systems Simulation invites all researchers with an interest in computational modelling to join the discussion on the challenges and […]

Revealing by visualising: Geographic relations in cultural heritage databases

July 27, 2016


Wednesdays cinema of archaeology conference videos. Again from the CAA conference. Session Abstract:  Cultural heritage databases can easy accommodate, and are often required to contain large quantities of data. It is a challenge to present and convey this data in a manner which provides a comprehensive overview, whilst simultaneously promoting new interpretations and understanding. To […]

Linked pasts: Connecting islands of content

July 20, 2016


Weekly video extravaganza of archaeology conference videos. This week I have something new for you – CAA conference. Session Abstract: While ever more archaeological and historical content is available online, direct connectivity between independent resources remains comparatively rare. Semantic Web and Linked Data approaches are just some of the possible mechanisms which can facilitate interconnections […]

‘Humming with crossfire – short on cover…’? Revisiting and reflecting on ‘environmental archaeology: meaning and purpose’

July 13, 2016


Your weekly dose of archaeology videos from conferences, the last TAG session: Session Abstract:  It is now nearly a decade and a half since the publication of Environmental Archaeology: Meaning and Purpose (edited by Albarella 2001), itself based on a TAG session held at the University of Birmingham in 1998. One of the core concerns […]

Archaeological Research in Progress 2016

July 6, 2016


Your weekly batch of archaeology conference videos. However, after several months of TAG I have a new conference for you- Archaeological Research in Progress! The Underexplored Archaeological Riches of the Borders Come Together: Recent Work by Adopt-a-Monument in Southern Scotland Sculpting the Past: Exploring the art and history of George Sutherland & Sons, Sculptors Recent […]

Diversity of Ages. Mind the Gap– Where are the young people in archaeology?

June 29, 2016


This Wednesday’s list of conference videos (almost done with TAG). Session abstract: The provision of archaeology for those under the age of 16 could be considered good. The change to the National Curriculum in 2013, increased the opportunities for children to learn about archaeology. In terms of provision at an extra-curricular level, there are numerous […]

The Elemental (Re)turn. The Archaeology of Elementary Philosophy and Humoral Principles

June 22, 2016


Your Wednesday dose of archaeology conference videos. Again from the TAG conference- Session Abstract: This session encourages archaeologists to (re)engage with pre-Enlightenment doctrines— namely elemental and humoral theory—which, it will be argued, are more relevant for archaeological interpretation than much of current theoretical discourse. Its aims is to show how these ancient theoretical paradigms might […]

What Brexit or Exit(?) will mean for Archaeology… really all of the UK.

June 20, 2016


Edit– So the vote came and went. You have probably heard by now that the referendum was squeaked out by leave. You might be surprised to hear that Brexit didn’t happen, won’t happen at least until next year and might not happen at all. So at the moment this is a snap shot of what […]


June 15, 2016


Another filmed TAG session: Session Abstract: Building on recent TAG sessions exploring the interplay between art and archaeology [’Between the Arts and Archaeological Interpretation’ (2014) and ‘Archaeology with Art: Space, Context, Fabrication, Gesture (2013)], this session seeks to explore the complexities involved when artists and archaeologists collaborate on a specific project. Artists have long been […]

When You Are More Likely to Die of Cancer Than Become an Academic in Archaeology!

June 13, 2016


‘When You are more Likely to Die of Cancer than Become an Academic: What is the Role of PhD students?’ is the title of a paper of mine that was published about two months ago. It is Open Access i.e. free to read and to reproduce and really to do what ever you want with […]

Rethinking the Archaeological Map

June 8, 2016


This week’s archaeology conference videos, again from TAG, are… map related: From the very beginning of archaeological practice, maps (and plans) have been one of the discipline’s most fundamental tools. The number, variety and prominence of maps in archaeology have been increasing further since the beginning of the 1990s due to the availability of a […]

Blurring the Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Archaeology

June 1, 2016


Your Wednesday archaeology conference videos! Again, from the TAG conference. Archaeology is well known for the vast scope of its study and the range of theories and practices it employs, often borrowed and adapted from other disciplines. However, in spite of this intellectual diversity, and an increasing amount of inter-disciplinary research, archaeological conferences often feature […]

Tyrannical Tales? Fiction as Archaeological Method

May 25, 2016


Your Wednesday conference videos: A session at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) in March 2015 brought together a group of archaeologists and novelists (and archaeologist-novelists) to debate the value of historical fiction as an archaeological technique. The result was a lively discussion that left the participants (both speakers and audience) convinced that there was […]

Advances in Prehistoric Art

May 18, 2016


TAG videos: The overarching aim of the session is to bring together researchers of art in prehistoric archaeology, from any period, or using theories and methods that could be applied to prehistoric art, whether with a technical or theoretical focus, from within the discipline or beyond, to facilitate the sharing of recent research, thoughts, techniques, […]

Heterarchies or Hierachies

May 11, 2016


Videos from TAG: Traditional models of social organisation and production stress the development of stratification and the emergence of hierarchies of power and settlement; whether for example early Bronze Age elites or later Bronze Age ‘great enclosures’, hillforts versus ‘open’ settlements in the middle Iron Age, the dramatic increase of artefacts and materialities apparently emphasising […]

Mental Health in Archaeology

April 20, 2016


Mental Health; the final taboo? Approximately one in four people suffers from depression or anxiety at some point in their lives, many of whom go untreated or struggle through their careers with no real understanding of what it is that affects them. Symptoms are varied and seem to wax and wane but rarely disappear permanently, […]

Anarchy and Archaeology workshop

April 19, 2016


This may be of interest to some followers of this blog. There is a digital “unconference” component to the Anarchy and Archaeology workshop at the Amerind. Follow along and participate on twitter with #anarchaeology2016. Here is a poster with more information:  

Political agendas and sponsorship in archaeology

April 14, 2016


Another session that we videoed at TAG. Session Abstract: Research Question: What constitutes an appropriate and positive political engagement in archaeology? As archaeological research moved beyond a leisure activity for the upper class, the discipline became dependent on external funding. Simultaneously, external political and legal developments expanded the remit of archaeology from generating narratives about […]

Space the Final (Archaeological) Frontier

April 13, 2016


From the TAG conference, a session that we videoed as part of the crowdfunding campaign– Session Abstract: Settlement archaeology is the study of lived space, however, while archaeologists have given great thought to the temporal aspects of past life, they have under theorised the spatial. Space is typically presented as fixed, passive, a container or […]

‘this house believes that archaeological resources are not finite, and are renewable’

April 11, 2016


Sarah May, of Heritage for Transformation, had the idea to have a full debate, following debate rules, at TAG in Bradford. If you remember last year I did a crowdfunding campaign to video TAG. Well some of those videos are done including the debate. It was very interesting to see people’s thoughts on if archaeological […]

Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (UK Chapter) 2016

April 8, 2016


At the beginning of March the UK chapter of CAA (Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology) held their annual conference in Leicester. It was a two day event and there were lots of great talks of which I filmed a couple:     Seeing things differently. The use of combined geochemical and geophysical prospection […]

To blog or not to blog… archaeology?

February 22, 2016


8 months ago I asked you readers if you could help a research student out by taking a survey about archaeology blogs. Fleur has now published her research, ‘To blog or not to blog’, you can down load the full thesis here (FREE)- She also got it approved so congratulations Fluer. While she does […]