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Beasts, Birds and Other Fauna: Animals and Their Meaning in the Early Middle Ages

May 15, 2020


In the Early Middle Ages (the period from 6th to 12th century) animals accompanied human societies. Birds started every day with a choir of their songs, big mammals were hunted (or bred) for meat and skins, and dogs were kept for protection. Several animal species held important roles during the various pre-Christian rituals, and after the conversion […]

Death Touching- 7 Archaeologists and Anthropologists Dealing in Death to Follow

February 2, 2012


Here is a list of seven great blogs that deal with osteoarchaeology (bones), the human body of the past, and burials. If you want to follow all of these blogs I have created an RSS feed using google bundles- here it is. *The term death touchers in the title comes from once when I and […]