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Local Perspectives on Archaeology from Around the World

October 21, 2016


We tend to dig other people’s pasts, even in our own countries, such is the nature of archaeology. One of the great joys of archaeology is listening to local communities and their impressions of the past. So it was a real pleasure to listen to some archaeologists and non-archaeologists discuss archaeology and their past from […]

The archaeological resource in context: national approaches in a changing climate

October 19, 2016


It’s Wednesday’s videoed conference session: SESSION ABSTRACT The last twelve months have seen a relative strengthening of demand for archaeological work in the commercial sector, but the situation for archaeological institutions and individuals in the public and non-commercial sectors remains challenging. This session seeks to consider how non-commercial work can continue to support protection, understanding […]

World Archaeological Congress at 30

October 14, 2016


A boycott of archaeologists! Literally, the World Archaeological Congress, the major organisation for bringing archaeologists together, was created out of an act of exclude other archaeologists. Here is brief excerpt of the history of WAC from Joan Gero that explains it: “An international forum for archaeological research was first organized in 1931 with the founding […]

The skills gap: training for competence in archaeology

October 12, 2016


Its Wednesday, which means conference video day. This week the videos are from the CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT: Diggers Forum (DF) takes forward the proposal that the level of competence of every professional archaeologist shall be Practitioner or above: any archaeologist in the profession who is not working at PCIfA level competence must be working […]

EAC Heritage Management Symposium Digital Archaeological Heritage- Part 2

October 7, 2016


Digital tools- how do they change how we manage heritage and archaeology? Last week I posted the first half of the EAC Heritage Management Symposium and here is the second half of those presentations: Saving Treasures: The DANS digital archive DANS, the Dutch national digital research archive, is an institute of the Royal Netherlands […]

Can you model that? Applications of complex systems simulation to explore the past

October 5, 2016


It’s Wednesday which means conference video day. Session Abstract Iza Romanowska, Stefani Crabtree, Benjamin Davies The large scale patterns that we commonly detect in the archaeological record are often not a simple sum of individual human interactions. Instead, they are a complex interwoven network of dependencies among individuals, groups, and the environment in which individuals […]

EAC Heritage Management Symposium Digital Archaeological Heritage- Part 1

September 30, 2016


‘Digital technologies are developing at an unprecedented speed. As they do, they are opening up many new possibilities for the conduct and presentation of archaeological research and investigation. The digital realm is one which knows few borders and so the sharing of understanding about these new methods, techniques and possibilities across Europe is extremely valuable.’ […]