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Cultural Communication and Archaeology

October 12, 2015


This is another video session from the EAA Glasgow Conference. You can see all the EAA videos I did at the EAA website- . Or if you are interested in a specific topic I have over 400 videos up at . I am sure there is one there on a topic you might be […]

Interpreting the Archaeological Record: GIS And Spatial Analysis

October 8, 2015


Some more videos from EAA Glasgow (I post some yesterday), these on GIS and spatial analysis. As someone who has done a PhD on both I found this session fascinating. If you are interested in more conference videos than see Recording Archaeology and subscribe there to receive updates when more videos become available. AR16 INTERPRETING THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL […]

It Belongs on the Internet – Communicating Archaeology Online

October 7, 2015


A month ago I was in Glasgow for the EAA conference. As per my modus operandi I filmed some of the sessions. Here is a session I put together with Tristan and Chris. I might be biased but this is a great bunch of presentations. Donna might take home the best conference paper title too- […]

The West as an Edge

September 30, 2015


At the 2015 SHA conference in Seattle I was able to record some of the talks, sessions, plenary etc. It has taken a little while but now I have the SHA permission to share the videos. So here is the plenary whose topic was ‘The West as an Edge: Defining and Exploring Current Approaches in Archaeology’. […]

Crowdfunding: freedom, frustration or fantasy?

September 24, 2015


Crowdfunding in archaeology is something I am interested in and have blogged about a couple of times (see Tracing Finds: A Case Study in Crowdfunding Archaeology, Are Crowdfunding Platforms Worth it?, Fairy Godmothers Do Exist- Crowdfunding Archaeology, You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger! The Money of Crowdfunding Archaeology and Heritage, Crowdfunding Archaeology- a […]

Jobs in American Archaeology: Pay for CRM Archaeologists

September 23, 2015


This paper came out a few months ago and I had thought I had placed it online as a Green Open Access paper (because, you know, if no one reads it than what is the point?)… but turns out the repository put an automatic embargo on it (thank you Chris for asking about publications which […]

Jobs in British Archaeology 2014-15

September 18, 2015


How much did UK archaeologists make in 2014-15? I have got the answers for you in the annual Jobs in British Archaeology report. This is the draft article, the final one will appear in The Archaeologist in the next couple of months. I am putting up a pre-print online to get feedback so the final […]