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The Archaeology of Forgetting

December 6, 2019


I am quite behind on getting videos out. This session is from TAG… 2017. Slowly, working my way through backlog but it is still an excellent and timely session: Session info: As time passes, we forget. In the ongoing conversation about memory and archaeology, this session frames forgetting as a productive and selective process. The […]

Foreshore Forum 2018 – Part 2

December 4, 2019


The second half of the videos from the Foreshore Forum: Archaeology and Performance at Bankside’s First Tudor Playhouse The Colne Valley in Prehistory When the Facts Change: Finding Officers’ Households at Roman Forts Archaeological Evidence for Change in Tidal Levels on the Thames, an Update The Golden Age of Thames Antiquarians […]

Foreshore Forum 2018 – Part 1

November 29, 2019


One of the conferences I really like to attend is the Foreshore forum because I know very little about archaeology along the Thames and for the community archaeology aspect. Here are the videos we made of last year’s conference. Welcome and year in Review Art as Archaeology Special Mysterry FROG Older Londoners […]

CAAUK 2018 Edinburgh – Part 4

November 27, 2019


The last of the CAAUK videos: Twenty years after. Challenges and successes in digital archiving The following paper provides a reflective historiography on the ongoing work of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), the only accredited UK digital archive for archaeological data. As the organisation moves past its twentieth year the landscape it inhabits has […]

CAAUK 2018 Edinburgh – Part 3

November 20, 2019


The next set of CAAUK videos of the presentations: Wemyss Caves 4D: a digital future for the Pictish Wemyss Caves, Fife Scotland Wemyss Caves 4D is a collaborative digital documentation and interpretation project involving archaeologists from the SCAPE Trust, University of St Andrews and the community group Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society (SWACS). […]

CAAUK 2018 Edinburgh – Part 2

November 18, 2019


Another set of videos from the CAA conference: Roman Frontier or Fortified Road? GIS Analysis of the Gask Ridge Shortly after arriving in Scotland in the early AD 70s, the Roman Army constructed a series of forts, fortlets, and towers in the central belt between the Forth-Clyde valley and the river Tay. This assembly […]

CAAUK 2018 Edinburgh – Part 1

November 8, 2019


A year ago I helped run the CAAUK conference in Edinburgh. I thought I would share the videos we made of the presentations: CIDOC CRM and CRMarchaeo A vision of use for the ‘future’ Recent work by Holtorf and May et al (2018) has highlighted the simultaneous desire to pass archaeological knowledge on to […]

The Society for Museum Archaeology Annual Conference 2018 Part 2

November 6, 2019


The second half of the videos of the presentations from The Society for Museum Archaeology Annual Conference. A new approach to rationalising archaeological shell Displaying the Dead: results of the Leeds Museum visitor survey Documentation and Curation of 3D Visualization Projects Positive Action with a 3D Printer Visitor perceptions of, and […]

The Society for Museum Archaeology Annual Conference 2018 Part 1

November 1, 2019


This was a new conference that I filmed last year. It was a really enjoyable conference and I hope you like the videos of the presentations: About the Conference The Society convenes for its two-day conference every autumn. Held in a different region of the UK each year, it usually addresses a theme of topical […]

Archaeological Research in Progress 2018

October 30, 2019


Every year Archaeology Scotland and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland host a conference on research in progress happening around Scotland. Last year I filmed it. You can see the videos here: Conference info Archaeological Research in Progress 2018 is the annual national conference that gives you the opportunity to hear about the most recent […]

Heritage and Community Engagement in Action

October 25, 2019


The last of the CIfA sessions that we videoed. This one is on public archaeology: Session info In this session we will explore examples of successful collaboration between professional archaeological and cultural heritage practitioners and local communities. The focus will be on experiences gained from working in communities that have had less exposure to exploring […]

Brighton and beyond: collaborative approaches to managing urban prehistoric monuments

October 23, 2019


A session for the CIfA conference that we filmed. This one dealing with the local archaeology, for the conference: Session Abstract The venue for this year’s CIfA conference is also one of the region’s more interesting and important prehistoric monuments: an early Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure. This sits within a complex urban fringe landscape with a […]

Stop, collaborate and listen: innovators and inhibitors in the 21st-century

October 18, 2019


Another session we videoed at the CIfA conference: Session Abstract The professional practice of archaeology requires skills and knowledge from a diverse range of subject areas. Inspiration from these adjacent sectors enables us to study and communicate the progression of human society; yet, as a profession, we have yet to wholeheartedly embrace innovation in practical […]

Reconnecting archaeology

October 16, 2019


Something to watch this midweek. Another videoed session from the CIfA conference. Session Info: If you speak to archaeologists about what attracts them to the discipline, they tend to speak in terms of belonging. They want be part of the ‘tribe’ of fellow archaeologists. But there are divisions in our field, which many decry. There […]

Whose archaeology is it?

October 11, 2019


Some of the videoed presentations from an intense CIfA session. Session Info: A hundred years on from the Representation of the People Act, we want to ask hard questions about how representative archaeology is and what our role is in a society with a very different demographic make-up to our profession. At a time when […]

Pulling together policies for archaeology in the 21st-century

October 9, 2019


While archaeology does look at the past, it also have an interest in the future. A few video presentations from the CIfA conference on where archaeology could go: Session Abstract 21st-century Challenges for Archaeology, a series of six online discussions and workshops in 2017, considered themes and issues that loom large in the practice of […]

Making the most of the assessment stage

October 4, 2019


An important session from the CIfA conference that looked at one of the most overlooked aspect of archaeology. Enjoy the videos: Session Details: This workshop will critically examine the post excavation assessment, how it has developed, how it is used in current commercial practice and what role, if any, the PXA has in the on-going […]

Growing your career from student to post excavation environmental specialist

October 2, 2019


A session we filmed at the CIfA conference: Session Abstract: Most modern archaeological fieldwork projects are followed by post-excavation investigations which usually include the assessment, analysis and reporting of various organic components recovered from environmental soil samples and may also include geoarchaeological research. Environmental archaeologists will encounter material from a wide range of periods, terrains […]

Collaborative approaches to managing cultural heritage in challenging landscapes

September 27, 2019


An interesting session we filmed at the CIfA conference: Session Abstract: A protected landscape can be defined as an area, which has a clear boundary, within which nature, wildlife and heritage are protected, ensuring that people can continue to benefit from the natural and historic environments without destroying them. Though these landscapes may have a […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 5

September 25, 2019


The last of the big Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference videos: Nungate memories: the pleasures of oral recording The importance of memory in the park context Walking Tours on Wheels, Paisley Rejuvenating the West Boathouse Inspiring landscapes: the life and times of Muirhead Bone Personal reflections on community heritage in Scotland: […]

Transnational perspectives on the legacy of ancient pasts in contemporary Europe

September 20, 2019


Some light viewing for your weekend… A session we filmed at EAA: This session aims to bring together researchers involved in interdisciplinary studies examining the contemporary heritages of Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval pasts in Europe. It will present and discuss the regional variability of the methodological approaches that have been adopted and the […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 4

September 18, 2019


Another post from the big 2017 Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference. As with the other posts the topics are mixed up: Govanhill Baths’ experience of Community Shares Heritage assets creating a platform for community-led regeneration Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society New Forest Archaeology: motivating communities and enhancing their engagement CINE: making virtual […]

The power of populations: integrating bioarchaeological and historical methods for the assessment of our medieval past.

September 13, 2019


It is Friday, so video time. Here is another session from EAA: Session Info Author: Altena, Eveline (Netherlands) – Leiden University Medical Center Co-Author(s): Inskip, Sarah (United Kingdom) – Cambridge University Keywords: Middle ages, Bioarchaeology,History, Populations Researching the biological characteristics of individuals provides key information for understanding the functioning of past populations. While physical anthropological […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 3

September 11, 2019


Another week and another set of videos from the big Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference. As before, they are a bit mixed up so the topics are all over the place: Feats of Clay: Bronze Age metalworking at North Kessock The Living Wells Project – community heritage and the interpretation of holy wells in Wales […]

Beyond low lands: the European relevance of the study of bronze age and iron age communities in the low countries

September 6, 2019


Another wee videoed session from the EAA conference: Session Info: Author: Arnoldussen, Stijn (Netherlands) – Groningen University; Stichting Metaaltijdenonderzoek Nederland Co-Author(s): De Mulder, Guy (Belgium) – UGent, Vakgroep Archeologie; Cellule Archéologie des âges des métauxWarmenbol, Eugène (Belgium) – Faculté de Philosophie et Sc. sociales, Université Libre de Bruxelles; Cellule Archéologie des âges des métauxTheunissen, Liesbeth […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 2

September 4, 2019


Another batch of videos from the big Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference. It is a mixed bag in terms of topics. Not sure how it happened, but when the videos got added to the YouTube playlist they was not really an order to it: Remember Us: Muslim communities and the First World War Digging In: […]

Malta: a roadmap towards a global convention

August 30, 2019


Another videoed session from the EAA conference: Session Info: Author: Willems, Annemarie (Finland) – AW Heritage Consultancy; ED for Friends of ICAHM; Associate member International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) Co-Author(s): Comer, Douglas (United States) – President, International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM); Principal, Cultural Site Research and Management; Chairman, United […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 1

August 28, 2019


In 2017, Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference went big for the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and ran multiple sessions over several days. Thought I would share some of them with you: Diving in: how volunteers are uncovering the stories of Arlington Baths A new dimension on Scotland’s rock art Welcome to Glasgow […]

Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment

August 23, 2019


Another old EAA session we filmed for you to enjoy on your weekend: Session Abstract: Author: Huvila, Isto (Sweden) – Uppsala University Co-Author(s): Dallas, Costis (Canada) – University of TorontoLaužikas, Rimvydas (Lithuania) – University of Vilnius Keywords: practices, knowledge, use, research, digital The last ten years saw significant growth in the use of digital methods […]

Built Heritage in Conflict – Protecting global built heritage in war zones; the role of the buildings archaeologist and conservation professional

July 17, 2019


Unfortunately, I have let this blog fall by the wayside as of late. So to get back into the grove I will try to clear my back log of video posts. First up is this one from the CIfA conference in Newcastle: Session: Built Heritage in Conflict – Protecting global built heritage in war zones; […]

91 Stories of Archaeology

April 14, 2018


Reading this first sentence is easy, it is making it to the next sentence and then the next and the next, until the end that will be the challenge. For some, the words will be too raw, too real, too personal, too disturbing – don’t read. For everyone else, all I can say is that […]

Visualising Skyscapes: Material Forms of Cultural Engagement with the Heavens

October 2, 2017


The last of the sessions we filmed from the 2016 TAG conference: Session Details Fabio Silva, University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Liz Henty, University of Wales Trinity Saint Landscape archaeology opened up new avenues for archaeologists to understand how the environment that societies inhabit determines their interactions with their surroundings, creating part of […]

Marine archaeology: global standards for protection and professional practice

September 20, 2017


For those of you who prefer your archaeology seaside- a session we filmed at the CIfA conference: Session Details Organisers: Victoria Cooper, Royal HaskoningDHV; Katy Bell, University of Winchester; Alison James, Historic England SESSION ABSTRACT Provision for protection and management of the marine historic environment varies widely on a global scale. There are just 55 […]

Maximising the research potential from infrastructure projects

September 18, 2017


Another session from the CIfA conference, one especially for those working in commercial archaeology: Session Details Organisers: Dave A Petts, University of Durham; Andy J Howard, University of Durham and Landscape Research & Management, Bridgnorth SESSION ABSTRACT Large-scale archaeological fieldwork programmes based on major infrastructure developments offer unique challenges and opportunities for researchers. Often comprising […]

A broader vision for Brexit: impacts and advocacy for a global institute

September 13, 2017


Before Brexit became the train-wreck we all know and love, back when it was just a dumpster fire, there was a session at the CIfA conference about Brexit and Archaeology. We filmed it so you can view it now: Session Details Organisers: Rob Lennox, CIfA; Nick Shepherd, FAME The decision of the British electorate on […]

How are we making archaeology accessible for all and are we doing it well enough?

September 11, 2017


Dealing with disabilities is something close to my heart. So it was a real pleasure to film this session at CIfA and to share it with you now: Session Details Organisers: Theresa O’Mahony, Enabled Archaeology; Victoria Reid, Access to Archaeology. Supported by the CIfA Equality and Diversity Group We need to be a more dynamic […]

Finding our global past: exploring cultures and creating a culture of collaboration

September 6, 2017


Another session we filmed from the CIfA conference. Hope you enjoy: Session Details Organisers: Katherine Baxter, Society for Museum Archaeology; Jane Evans, Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service; James Gerrard, Newcastle University Artefacts are central to any consideration of archaeology as a global profession, reflecting trade, demography, migration, and cultural exchange for all periods. Such themes […]

What do you mean, you don’t recognise my qualification? Understanding skills and measuring competence in archaeology

September 4, 2017


Life has kept me busy for the last couple of months so I haven’t been posting… or even clearing out my queue of posts that I wanted to get out. I will make an effort to get this backlog out. Here is a session from the CIfA conference we filmed. Session Details: Kate Geary, CIfA; […]

Down amongst the dead men – The Bedern Group, digital preservation and the historic environment

June 9, 2017


Another session we filmed at the CIfA conference- this one on digital preservation. Session Details Digital technologies play a central role in documenting our heritage and provide a vital resource for creative, cultural and commercial activities in archaeology and beyond. Yet, without long-term commitment to active preservation and access, this resource is under threat from […]

Archaeology and UK soft power

June 7, 2017


An interesting session from the CIfA conference we filmed. Archaeology as soft power? Session Details Organisers: Keith Nichol, Head of Cultural Diplomacy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport; Gerry Wait, Heritage Consultant at Nexus Heritage; Leonora O’Brien, Cultural Heritage Consultant at AECOM; Peter Hinton, Chief Executive, CIfA ‘Culture, in all its dimensions, is a fundamental […]

Skeletons, Stories, and Social Bodies

June 2, 2017


For your weekend viewing pleasure, a session we videoed at the TAG conference: Session Abstract The human body has been investigated and marvelled by anatomists since the earliest civilizations, with a wide variety of mortuary practices and attitudes to the body have dictating the nature of their work and the ‘appropriate’ methodologies employed. But the […]

Gone to Earth: Uncovering Landscape Narrative Through Visual Creative Practice

May 31, 2017


One of the last sessions we filmed from the TAG conference: Session Abstract This proposed session explores the materiality of place and the agency of landscape in unearthing historical, social and cultural narrative. Examining the role of the artist as facilitator, serving to bring hard to reach narratives to wider audiences, creative fieldwork from selected […]

Typology and Relational Theory

May 26, 2017


Another session from TAG that we videoed: Session Abstract: Typologies have always existed within archaeology as a way of organising, grouping and describing sites and finds; they serve to aid archaeologists in making effective descriptions of changes. In this sense typologies can be seen as a core subject of archaeological investigation. There is however a […]

Sightations Café

May 24, 2017


This is by far one of the most creative sessions we have ever had the opportunity to film: Session Abstract: Sightations is a space of exchange, where different perspectives on archaeological visualisation are displayed side by side. These are materialized in a variety of shapes and forms and in a range of media such as […]

From Amateurs to Auteurs: In Defence of Authorship in Archaeological Visualisations

May 19, 2017


Should archaeology be more visual? An interesting session at TAG that we filmed TAG asked that question: Session Abstract: Archaeology borrows and adapts visualisation mediums and techniques from a range of artistic and creative practices including drawing, photography, film, gaming, digital animation and virtual reality. But do we take these visualisation practices as seriously as […]

What can Archaeologists Learn from Skateboarders?

May 17, 2017


This was one of the more unique sessions we have ever filmed, this from TAG, and well worth the watch: Session Abstract: Although skateboarding and archaeology appear to have little in common there are a few areas where there is either an overlap or some common themes. The aim of this session is to look […]

Digital Visualisation Beyond the Image: Archaeological Visualisation Making in Practice

May 12, 2017


A session on digital archaeology that we filmed at the TAG conference: Gareth Beale, University of York and Paul Reilly, University of Southampton The emergence of digital visualisation and representation has led to some of the most significant developments in archaeological practice of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. While a great deal has […]

Archaeology is a Political Matter

May 5, 2017


This is a session we live streamed from TAG but now the fully edited videos are done and ready for your viewing pleasure. Session Abstract: In the UK, the discipline and the contexts in which archaeology is practiced are vulnerable to public policy changes and the broader impacts of economic austerity, be these contract archaeology, […]

Visualising Words: Archaeological Narrative Through Poetry, Image and Performance

April 28, 2017


Need something to do this weekend? How about watching some great presentations from the TAG conference: Session Abstract ‘Narratives do not always have to be presented in a purely linear sequential form’ (Pluciennik 1999) Building on the Tyrannical Tales session at TAG 2015 in Bradford, this session explores nontraditional narrative forms within archaeology; such as […]

Integrating Science, Technology and Theory in Prehistoric Archaeology

April 26, 2017


It’s Wednesday, so another round of conference presentations we have filmed. This batch is from the TAG conference: Session Abstract: Prehistoric archaeology is at its best when scientific, technological and theoretical approaches can be integrated, creating dynamic approaches to myriad research questions, and providing a greater understanding of the archaeological past. It is increasingly important […]

Why is the archaeological profession not more unionised?

April 24, 2017


‘Fellow archaeologists, I have a question for you: why is the archaeological profession not more unionized? It seems to me that this would be a promising strategy in helping to end the profession’s underpaid status.’ That is the question asked by Elie in the BAJR Facebook group. The question has elicited a range of responses, […]

Images in the Making: Art-Process-Archaeology

April 21, 2017


Here is a session we filmed at the TAG conference: Session Information Archaeological approaches to visual images have tended to present images as flat, static and lacking in dynamism; as evidence of this, semiotic or symbolic approaches still remain the prevailing approach to imagery in archaeology. This is a shame as research in a host […]

Thinking Through Archaeology and the Environmental Humanities

April 19, 2017


It’s Wednesday, so another batch of conference videos. These videos are from a session at the recent TAG conference: Session Information ‘At its most basic, environmental humanities work has always challenged the idea that nature or the environment simply “is”. Environmental humanities suggest rather…that human ideas, meanings and values are connected in some important way […]

Practice Safe Conferencing: Stealing Ideas and why you really WANT to have your conference presentation filmed

April 17, 2017


Last week I posted about some reasons why people should not have their conference presentations filmed. I left off one reason I have heard, ‘people might steal my ideas’. An absence that has been noted by several people. The reason I left it off is because it is actually a reason to have your presentation filmed. […]

Imagine This! The Familiar and the Strange in Archaeological Meditation

April 14, 2017


Enjoy some of the papers we filmed at the TAG conference this weekend: Session Abstract ‘In the end I want material culture to retain its sense of mystery, or even the uncanny, because this is the quality which is stimulating to the imagination’ (P. Graves-Brown 2011) The otherness of things, the uncanny, the unfamiliar. Infused […]

Exploring the History of Prehistory

April 12, 2017


Prehistoric sex objects, research bias, this session has it all. Here is a session at the TAG conference that we filmed: Session Abstract Understanding the history of the emergence and development of prehistory is deserving of consideration in its own right, but is equally essential in developing a critical awareness of contemporary academic practice. Histories […]

Why People Don’t Want Their Conference Presentations Filmed… and Maybe Why You Shouldn’t Too

April 10, 2017


This may seem like an odd post coming from someone like me, who has filmed over 2000+ conference presentations and put them online, but I am a firm advocate that not everyone should have their conference presentations filmed. And no, it is not because of some snarky answer like, ‘because they suck at speaking’ or […]

Gender, Sex and Minority [In]Equality in Archaeology: A Series Of Pecha Kucha Presentations

April 8, 2017


Something to get your mind thinking, maybe the blood rushing a little, over the weekend. Here is a session we filmed at the TAG conference: Session Abstract The imbalance and inequality of gender, sex and minorities dominates the practice and study archaeology. Damning statistics about the ratio of male to female postgraduate researchers versus professoriate […]

Costume Complex (Clothes And Its Attire): Development, Relationships, Forms and Technologies in Time and Expanse

April 5, 2017


It’s Wednesday, conference video day, and we have the last of the sessions we videoed at the 2016 EAA conference for you: Session Details Friday, 2 September 2016, 09:00-16:00 Faculty of Philosophy, Room 207 Author – PhD Zhilina, Institute of archaeology RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation (Presenting author) Co-author(s) – Steponaviciene, Daiva, Director, Public Institution “Vita […]

Between Landing Site and Vicus – Between Emporium and Town. Framing the Early Medieval Urban Development

March 29, 2017


Another session of videos from the EAA conference. Session Abstract Urban development is one of the most pressing topics within Early Medieval archaeology. Among scholars there is heated debate about how to think about and study these urban places before the emergence of “proper” High Medieval towns. Strategies range from analyses of Latin vocabulary from […]