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Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey… Stuff

December 13, 2019


A nice wee session we filmed at tag. Enjoy the videos of the presentations: Session Info Computer games, computer science, TV and films, and virtual reality have an interesting and complex relationship with archaeology and conservation. Questions on ethics, capitalism, consumption, interactions with artefacts and heritage, and presentation of the past all arise from this […]

Digital Visualisation Beyond the Image: Archaeological Visualisation Making in Practice

May 12, 2017


A session on digital archaeology that we filmed at the TAG conference: Gareth Beale, University of York and Paul Reilly, University of Southampton The emergence of digital visualisation and representation has led to some of the most significant developments in archaeological practice of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. While a great deal has […]

EAC Heritage Management Symposium Digital Archaeological Heritage- Part 1

September 30, 2016


‘Digital technologies are developing at an unprecedented speed. As they do, they are opening up many new possibilities for the conduct and presentation of archaeological research and investigation. The digital realm is one which knows few borders and so the sharing of understanding about these new methods, techniques and possibilities across Europe is extremely valuable.’ […]

Digital rock art documentations, new perceptions

September 28, 2016


Its the weekly conference video post. If you want to see archaeology conference presentations then stop by this blog every Wednesday. Session Abstract: David Vogt, Steinar Kristensen, Magne Samdal, Bjarte Aarseth The documentation of rock art has a tradition that spans over one hundred years, during which several methods have been tried and tested. Today, […]

Theorising the Digital: Digital Theoretical Archaeology Group (digiTAG) and the CAA

September 7, 2016


It’s Wednesday, which means the weekly post of conference videos. This week’s is an interesting mix of the TAG and CAA conference i.e. they brought TAG to CAA. Session Abstract: James Stuart Taylor, Sara Perry, Nicolò Del’Unto, Åsa Berggren Computing and the application of new digital technologies in archaeology and the heritage sector more generally […]

Public archaeology and the use of digital platforms

August 31, 2016


Every Wednesday I post new videos from conferences I have recorded… and today is no different. This weeks videos: Session Abstract: Ingvild Solberg Andreassen The past decade or so has seen a great increase the in digitalization of archaeological materials. More data than ever before is being collected in the field. Archaeologists are online while […]

OK computer? Digital Public Archaeologies in Practice

March 31, 2015


So videoing has for the most part taken up most of my blogging time these days. I hope to get back to writing original content soon but until then … From the 2014 TAG conference here is the OK computer? Digital Public Archaeologies in Practice session: Session organisers: Seren Griffiths (Manchester Metropolitan University), Lorna Richardson (University […]

The Digital Native is Dead… and I am pretty sure Steve Jobs is the Killer

July 15, 2014


Name: Digital Native Time of Death: Mid-2000s Cause of Death: Excellent design More than a month ago I was at the TACOS workshop (you can watch the recorded session here). As part of it there were break out sessions in which we talked about issues that related to technology, the future of the profession, digital […]

Digital Outreach and the Thames Discovery Programme: What Next?

February 24, 2013


#CAAUK presentation from Thames Discovery: Nathalie Cohen and Courtney Nimura (Thames Discovery Programme) In 2010, the Thames Discovery Programme website, designed and hosted by L – P : Archaeology, won the British Archaeological Award for ‘Best Representation of Archaeology in the Media’. This short presentation will examine the development of the project website, discuss the […]

Digital Tabletops & Collaborative Learning for Archaeology

February 24, 2013


A must watch video from #caauk: Helena Demetriou (University of Southampton) This paper looks at how we can use current interactive touch screen technologies to help bridge the gap between archaeological artefacts and the viewer, enabling us to move towards a new educational paradigm. By developing a digital object handling session that runs on a […]

Integrating excavation and analysis on urban excavations: developing elegant methods for integrated systems and methodologies for the excavation and analysis of urban sites

February 23, 2013


Chiz’s presentation from the first day of CAAUK: Edit: from chiz- Link to my original blog post on digital registers which has a bit more detail on the pros and cons: Chiz Harward (Urban Archaeology) For the last 40 years the excavation of urban sites has increasingly been characterised by the use of single […]

Digipubarch Conference Video- Let’s Get Digital, Digital!

November 14, 2012


Cara, from Archaeology Scotland, presents some great work they are going at Adopt-a-Monument, at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference: Abstract: Let’s Get Digital, Digital! Adopt-a-Monument and Digital Engagement Adopt-a-Monument is a five year scheme which encourages communities to take a lead role in conserving and promoting their local heritage. We help with a variety of […]

digipubarch Conference Video- Not All Archaeology is Equal

November 13, 2012


Another great second day presentation about the barriers to digital engagement: Abstract: Not All Archaeology is Equal Barriers to Participation in Archaeology Online Within Public Archaeology in the UK, there has been a critical cultural shift towards awareness of the benefit of public engagement through the Internet. Recent developments have seen these media used for contributions […]

Digipubarch Conference Video- Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Archaeological Apps as Interpretation Tools

November 11, 2012


For those interested in Archaeological Apps here is a great presentation from the Digital Engagement in Archaeology conference: Abstract: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Archaeological Apps as Interpretation Tools A Case Study Concerning the Streetmuseum Londinium App While museums have been utilizing user-owned smartphones as interpretation devices for several years, archaeological sites are just starting to […]

Digipubarch Conference Video- A case study in social media, new audiences and local museums – Wiltshire Heritage Museum

November 10, 2012


For those involved in Museums an excellent discussion of social media and museums for the Digital Engagement in Archaeology: From the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference- Abstract: A case study in social media, new audiences and local museums — Wiltshire Heritage Museum As a small museum, with few resources, social media is a great […]

Digipubarch Conference Video- The Portable Antiquities Scheme and its impact on the public

November 10, 2012


One of the great afternoon sessions from the first day of the Digital Engagement in Archaeology: From the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference- Abstract: The Portable Antiquities Scheme and its impact on the public The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) began in 1997 and encourages the voluntary recording of archaeological objects discovered by members of […]

#digipubarch Conference Video- The Archaeology of Digital Abandonment

November 10, 2012


Matt Law’s great presentation of his and Colleen’s paper at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference. You can also follow his work here and Colleen’s here. After fifteen years of hosting millions of user-built webpages, in April 2009 Yahoo announced that they would be shutting down their United States Geocities webpages. Geocities was once the […]

#digipubarch Conference Video: Digital Audiences – A Few Lessons from Arts Council Research

November 9, 2012


Here is the next presentation from the Digital Engagement in Archaeology conference: Digital Audiences – A Few Lessons from Arts Council Research More information available here- The digital research programme was a three-year investigation to understand the impact of digital technology on how the public perceive, understand and engage with the arts. The research […]

Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference- Introduction Video

November 8, 2012


I am at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference recording the great talks. I will be putting up all of the videos of most of the talks over the next few days. To start out here is introduction: