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Boycott Archaeological Institute of American

April 23, 2012


I was really hoping that the AIA would have responded to the email we sent them a week ago. I was really hoping that they would have opened a dialog or at least make some sort of public comment. Alas, it was not to be. As such I and the other volunteers at have […]

New Publication- Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works

April 18, 2012


full disclosure- Kenneth Aitchison is a friend and will be employing me for the profiling the profession project that we will be undertaking soon. That aside I would recommend his new book “Breaking New Ground: how archaeology works“. This book, available on Kindle, is a contemporary history of the last twenty years of professional archaeological […]

Journal of Field Archaeology is Open Access for Next Month and Half

April 2, 2012


So Maney is running a promotional deal were you can view the last 3 years of the Journal of Field Archaeology online for free. The deal lasts till May 15th. It is a promotion so they are trying to get you to buy the journal. The price is still too expensive for me or most […]

Better Archaeology Outreach- Record and Podcast Your Talks

March 20, 2012


Every year hundreds of talks and presentations are given around the world on archaeology yet how many people listen? Maybe a couple dozen and if you are lucky a few hundred. This is not because people are not interested, though some are not. It is because these talks are spread out over hundreds if not […]

Some Archaeology Blogs I Like to Follow and That You Should Check Out

March 19, 2012


I have my list of great archaeology blogs to follow that I am constantly adding to. Here a few others I have recently added and would recommend to follow: Archaeology and Tech blogs- archaeograph- “Archaeograph = an Archaeological Photograph.” That sums up this blog perfectly. If you have every done any sort of archaeological […]

The End of Commercial Journal Publishers- The First Signs of the Academic Publishing Apocalypse

March 16, 2012


Edit 3/20/2012– this piece is meant as criticism of current publishing regimes but my sense of humor is a bit dry and I don’t think everyone understands it. Apologies if this came off as critical of the pirates when it is meant to be critical of others. 🙂 Revelation 6:1-2 1 And I saw when […]