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Representation and Conflict: Reconciling the Philosophy and Practice of Heritage Values

December 27, 2019


This is a session we filmed at the TAG conference a few years ago. I hope you enjoy the videos. Session Details Values associated with heritage are multiple at any given moment. This challenge for heritage professions is made a moving target as values also change over time. Critical heritage discourse has long debated the […]

Collaborative approaches to managing cultural heritage in challenging landscapes

September 27, 2019


An interesting session we filmed at the CIfA conference: Session Abstract: A protected landscape can be defined as an area, which has a clear boundary, within which nature, wildlife and heritage are protected, ensuring that people can continue to benefit from the natural and historic environments without destroying them. Though these landscapes may have a […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 3

September 11, 2019


Another week and another set of videos from the big Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference. As before, they are a bit mixed up so the topics are all over the place: Feats of Clay: Bronze Age metalworking at North Kessock The Living Wells Project – community heritage and the interpretation of holy wells in Wales […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference 2017: Part 1

August 28, 2019


In 2017, Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference went big for the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and ran multiple sessions over several days. Thought I would share some of them with you: Diving in: how volunteers are uncovering the stories of Arlington Baths A new dimension on Scotland’s rock art Welcome to Glasgow […]

Finding our global past: exploring cultures and creating a culture of collaboration

September 6, 2017


Another session we filmed from the CIfA conference. Hope you enjoy: Session Details Organisers: Katherine Baxter, Society for Museum Archaeology; Jane Evans, Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service; James Gerrard, Newcastle University Artefacts are central to any consideration of archaeology as a global profession, reflecting trade, demography, migration, and cultural exchange for all periods. Such themes […]

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Studies of Social Identity

October 26, 2015


A videoed session from EAA that raised some very interesting discussion about what is ‘heritage’- Session Abstract: Ms.Leonora O’Brien, AECOM. Dr.Gerry Wait, Nexus Heritage. Dr.Ibrahima Thiaw, Laboratoired’Archéologie Connecting archaeological identities to ethnic and social identity is a contentious area of archaeological and anthropological theory and practice. This session explores these debates through the lens of […]

It pays to be nice: the Big Heritage model for funding archaeology

August 6, 2015


Over a year ago I recorded a training session as part of the HLF Skills for the Future program. I am very happy to share that with you and here is the first video: To see more videos like these please go to the YouTube channel Recording Archaeology-

Would an Independent Scotland Increase or Decrease Heritage and Archaeology Funding?

September 17, 2014


On the issue of Scotland’s independence, the ‘Yes’  campaign says, “the roads will be paved with gold, which we will ride our unicorns on”, and the ‘No Thanks’ campaign says, “the devil will set up his new home in Scotland as it degrades into a failed state” when it comes to the future of economy and […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference

November 14, 2013


I have updated these videos for Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference. I had originally posted this on November 14th, 2013 but has since gotten better software and more experience.  So I digitally remastered the videos (makes me sound like a movie studio). It should be a more enjoyable viewing experience. As part of the conference there was […]

What Might Be Cut in English Heritages’ £121m Loss of Funding

June 27, 2013


Yesterday it was announced that English Heritage was getting the ax and the government was cutting all funding. This was put with a slightly nicer spin of look at the good bye money we are sending. The press release is pretty bad but it does state that, ‘Under current plans, the new charity will be […]

Journal Access and Continual Professional Development

March 6, 2013


A project I have been working on for the last couple of months just went live an hour ago, it’s one of the reasons my posting here as been so erratic. I have been working on creating a service to provide continual professional development and it even comes with access to research journals. Over the […]

Can we share? — current status for sharing heritage data online!

February 24, 2013


#CAAUK excellent presentation about sharing data: Henriette Roued-Cunliffe (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich) I was inspired by the call for papers asking for practical uses of data sharing which show how researchers are actually using large collections of data to move archaeological knowledge forward. In 2007 I researched data interoperability for my MSc dissertation under the […]

ADSeasy: Developing a system for data deposition

February 24, 2013


Next video from CAAUK Michael Charno (Archaeology Data Service) Funded by JISC, the SWORD-ARM project enhances the ADS’s ingest process through the creation of the ADSeasy system which streamlines data management, contributes to the creation of more efficient workflows, and allows for more effective project and archive management. Through ADSeasy depositors can more effectively create […]

Cloud computing and Cultural Heritage IT

February 24, 2013


Another great presentation from CAAUK: Stephen Stead (Southampton University and Paveprime Ltd) Cloud computing has become the common term used by many manufacturers to describe their products and services. Everything is now “Cloud” or “Cloud ready” but what exactly does this mean and what are the implications to cultural heritage computing? Many organisations are looking […]

Digipubarch Conference Video- A case study in social media, new audiences and local museums – Wiltshire Heritage Museum

November 10, 2012


For those involved in Museums an excellent discussion of social media and museums for the Digital Engagement in Archaeology: From the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference- Abstract: A case study in social media, new audiences and local museums — Wiltshire Heritage Museum As a small museum, with few resources, social media is a great […]

Fighting the Right Fight

September 21, 2011


A post from Heritage Journal talked about the impact of wind turbines on the Raith Stone Circle- The stone circle, which is mostly destroyed is not impacted directly but it is the visibility or landscape significance to the circle which will be ultimately compromised by the wind turbines. The emphases is my own. I have a […]