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Breaking the Essay- Some additional tools and tricks: Screencasting

November 16, 2011


I wrote a couple of days back about replacing paper essays with websites and I would just like to spend a few more moments on that idea, mainly on the details. The problem with any time you deal with computer software, internet programs, or coding in general is that not everything works. Creating a paper […]

Hacking Archaeology Academia: Breaking the Essay

November 12, 2011


This is an idea I had, but probably I am not in the position anytime soon to implement it so feel free to use it and implement it if you can.

Archaeology(scratch that) Life 101: How to read publications

November 10, 2011


Archaeology Life 101 is how to read any sort of research publication whether it is academic or not. Here is a great lesson on that

Good Practice in Archaeology

May 3, 2011


Saw this article on Past Horizons about how Scotland’s Rural Past program was ending (project was only funded for a few year). The best part about the project is that even though the funding is ending they are making a concerted effort to leave a lasting educational presence. The project has produced a series of […]

How to Learn GIS for Archaeology

March 21, 2011


University of Leicester GIS Training for Archaeologists and is case the link doesn’t work My adviser told me about this site. He also said that it was no longer linked in any meaningful way to the main University of Leicester archaeology website and so he was looking into finding it. Well, I ended up […]