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I, for One, Welcome Our New Archaeology Publishing Overlords

August 25, 2015


In June the Archaeology publishing world was rocked by a very significant event, but no one actually noticed it. What am I talking about? Taylor-Francis Group, itself part of a larger company, has bought out Maney. You can read the press release here. What does this mean and why should you care? What does this mean? First […]

How Publishers Make Money by Losing Money: The Economics of Archaeology Publishing Part 2

September 8, 2014


In my first post on the economics of book publishing I mentioned that many mass medias have a long tail model, most books “lose” money but a few make lots of money. With all these losses you might be wondering how publishers stay in business? The Art of Taxes Books are physical stock and physical […]

$7100 for a Archaeology Book! The Economics of Archaeology Publishing

September 1, 2014


In the last few months I have fielded some questions from Tracy at Archaeology in Tennessee and Maria at Sprache der Dinge about publishing in archaeology. Unfortunately, I don’t think I did their questions justice with my short emails. So I am going to spend this week’s blog posts on publishing in archaeology, including DIY publishing digital […]

Schrodinger’s Journals- You can’t both “publish” and publish at the same time

February 10, 2014


Have you ever heard of Schrondinger’s Cat? It is a paradox in which a cat can neither be alive nor dead at the same time. The concept has to do with physics (clicking on the link will take you to a wiki article which will explain it). Essentially, the argument is that in certain cases […]

Predatory Open Access Publisher OMICS Publishing Group: Now Blog Spamming

April 13, 2012


Not all Open Access publications are good. Some are basic Nigerian scams, and I don’t mean that as a figment of speech, some literally are scams run out of Nigeria. They ask for money and will publish anything. Interestingly just yesterday it appears that some pseudoscientists  got scammed, Scam Publisher Fools Swedish Cranks. There is […]

Open Access Journal Search

January 6, 2012


After a lot more work than I thought it was going to be, I created a searchable table of Open Access Archaeology Publications using google charts and google fusion tables. You can now now view the finished product at Open Access Archaeology. It will be replacing my current list of open access journals. I will […]

Some New Comments on Open Access and Archaeology and Shameless Self-promotion

December 11, 2011


This came from the Assemblage journal RSS feed- “…we’re bringing you a smorgasbord of features to tide you over for the festive season. We have a double State of the Arch update with two pieces on a similar theme. Patrcik Hadley discusses the issues surrouonding setting up Mesolithic Miscellany and the world of open access journals, […]

Details on 22 Open Access Archaeology Publications

November 21, 2011


A few weeks ago I started a new blog open access archaeology- So far it has worked out pretty well, only minimal time and barely takes away from this blog. Here is quick recap of 22 open access publications that I have posted so far with links and brief overviews. You can find full details […]

Archaeology(scratch that) Life 101: How to read publications

November 10, 2011


Archaeology Life 101 is how to read any sort of research publication whether it is academic or not. Here is a great lesson on that

Open Access Journal Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica – Natural Sciences in Archaeology

October 29, 2011


Someone was kind enough to point me in the direction of a open access journal I did not have on my list- Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica – Natural Sciences in Archaeology. The website is here

More Publishers Going Open Access for Open Access Week- 23 journals so far

October 26, 2011


Update- I created a search engine to search all open access archaeology journals for both open access week and normal. Maney is opening up 22 archaeology journals to free access during open access week. This is a good sign and goes well with the Internet Archaeology’s decision to go open access as well for open […]

The future of AAA publishing: Opening a conversation- A comment on not taking publishers at their word

October 20, 2011


There is an interesting conversation going on over at the AAA blog-     The future of AAA publishing: Opening a conversation. I would like to comment on one of the statements- “Publishing academic journals (even digital-only ones liberated from the cost of printing and moving paper) entails significant expense, including administration, copy-editing, type-setting, web development, hosting […]

Beware of the Snake Oil in Publishing

August 29, 2011


via a post from John Hawks– Seth Godin: “Strangers and friends: understanding publishing”. It’s very seductive for an author to believe that a fairy godmother will introduce her fabulous idea to legions of strangers. Seductive, yes, but rarely something that actually happens. The point: Build your own platform. That statement was from the website The […]

Highest Cited Archaeology Journal Papers

August 26, 2011


Using the Publisher or Perish citation analysis software I have been looking at the statistics for hundreds of English Language Archaeology Journals. One of the outputs from this software is the number of citations each individual paper within a journal receives. After a pretty extensive search of about 250 archaeology journals I am pretty confident […]

Technology and Archaeology: A Difference of time

August 24, 2011


For my research I have been looking at the various agent based modeling software programs available. There are quite a few out there, I have looked at around 80 so far, and I am having  filter my list down. One of the criteria for filtering is if the model or website has been updated in […]

New Open Access Archaeology Book

August 19, 2011


This was posted on Digging Digitally and I thought I would share it-

Archaeology Journal Publishing XII

August 1, 2011


It has been about two months since my last archaeology journal publishing post, apologies. Quick recap of Arch Journal Publishing I-XI: I looked at varies metrics of “supposed” journal quality vs. price per journal and/or price per page and found pretty much no correlation between these metrics and prices. To continue with this line of […]

Crossing the Rubicon, Open Access, and Careers

June 18, 2011


Recently, I presented a paper at a conference and the hosts of the conference were looking to publish all of the papers in a special issue of a journal. Well the hosts managed to get a pretty “prestiges” journal to accept the papers as bulk publication, passing peer review of course. The problem was that […]

Archaeology Journal Publishing XI

June 7, 2011


Continuing with previous examinations of journal prices vs. journal quality (in this case the h-index).

Archaeology Journal Publishing X

June 4, 2011


In my last post I showed that an archaeology journals’ Scientific Journal Ranking (SJR) score does not correlate with the price charged to read them. Using the SJR database, again, I show that there is no correlation between price and the SJR impact factor.

About Archaeology Journal Publishing IX

June 3, 2011


This post shows there is no correlation between journal prices and the Scientific Journal Rankings (SJR).

Great Quote on Journal Publishing

May 30, 2011


I think this quote sums up my thoughts on journal publishing: In justifying the margins earned, the publishers, REL(Reed Elsevier) included, point to the highly skilled nature of the staff they employ (to pre-vet submitted papers prior to the peer review process), the support they provide to the peer review panels, including modest stipends, the […]

About Archaeology Journal Publishing VIII

May 28, 2011


In this post I show that there is no correlation between journals prices and Article Influence Score of journals.

About Archaeology Journal Publishing VII

May 25, 2011


This post takes a look at the Eigenfactor score of journals against their prices and finds that there is a very weak correlation. So weak that there is probably no actual correlation between journal prices and the quality of the research within them.

About Archaeology Journal Publishing VI

May 24, 2011


Yesterday, I looked at the Thomson Reuter’s Journal Impact Factors (TRJIF) in relation to archaeology journal prices and found negative correlations. Today I examined the 5 year TRJIF scores of those same archaeology journals listed in the Thomson Reuter Journal Citation Report and found that there are even stronger negative correlations. This would indicate that […]

About Archaeology Journal Publishing V

May 23, 2011


After running the numbers I have determined that there is no correlation between archaeology journal prices and the Thomson Reuter’s Journal Impact Factors (TRJIF). Leading me to conclude that ether commercial publishers are over pricing their journals or that TRJIF is not an accurate representation of journal quality.

About Archaeology Journal Publishing III

May 21, 2011


In my last post I talked about how archaeology journal publications put out by commercial units were between 300-600% more expensive than those put out by universities, organizations, and not-for-profits. This post will break down that information even further into the individual publishers and show that not all commercial publishers are equal.

About Archaeology Journal Publishing II

May 20, 2011


In the last post I discussed what these posts under the title About Archaeology Journal Publishing were about and broke down of the average cost of archaeology journals for both individuals and organizations. This post will look at how different publishers affect the price of journals.

About Archaeology Journal Publishing

May 19, 2011


Currently, I am writing up a paper for the Assemblage, an open access journal, about archaeology journals. It is amazing how little we know archaeology journals considering that some archaeologists are dependent on publishing in them for their jobs/livelihood. As the saying goes publish or perish.

Archaeology Journals: Print Only

May 17, 2011


While a lot of journals are now online there still many that are only produced in a print format. Yet, these journals also have websites. Here is a list of print archaeology journals and links to their websites. As always if you find errors, dead links, or that I missed a critical journal please leave […]

Open Access Archaeology Journals PART II- (now 57 publications)

May 12, 2011


After putting up so many journals that require a payment to view on my list of archaeology journals, I felt a little sick. Mainly, because of the level of knowledge locked behind a pay wall and a little because of the McD’s I had for lunch. It seems like 90% of all journal articles are […]

List of Archaeology Journals: Online Access- Part II

May 11, 2011


To continue what I have been doing from the first post here are some more English language archaeology journals that provide online access but behind a pay wall- means you’ll have to hand over a pretty big chuck of cash to view. I am not a big fan of paying for journals that I contribute […]

List of Archaeology Journals- Online Access

May 10, 2011


As part of a new page on my blog, I am creating of a list of archaeology journals. There are a few lists already on the web (CBA, Archaeology on the net ,, BAJR) but they are a bit patchy. So I am putting together a list of my own. So far, I have […]

Would You Pay $4.84 PER PAGE to read a journal?

April 12, 2011


In addition to the many things I am currently doing, I am writing up/editing a paper for the newest issue of the Assemblage Journal. The topic of the article is journal publishing in archaeology. I do not want to give away all of results before it gets published, but this calculation just blew my mind […]

The Barriers to Archaeology: Past Publications and the “old” Literature

April 5, 2011


‘Entry level costs barrier’ is a term used in the business world to describe the minimum amount of money that needs to be invested to get a business up and running. For example, to start a pizza delivery company you would have to rent a shop, buy/rent on oven, and buy tools of the trade e.g. […]

The Greatest Un-published Papers

March 29, 2011


I kind of get tired of people saying that CRM archaeology does not ever involve research. Sure a lot of the grey literature (reports that are not peer-reviewed) can be dry and uninspiring but some of it is cutting edge. I would direct you to-