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Game Issues for Scholarly Discourse or for Public Understanding

February 25, 2013


From the CAAUK conference, Erik via Google Hangouts. Erik could not make it to the UK so he presented all of his work via a Google Hangout. You can listen and see his slides: Erik Champion (DIGHUMLAB DK and Aarhus University) Academic discourse presupposes a vast domain of related background knowledge, a certain learnt yet […]

CAAUK Keynote: Open Archaeology

February 24, 2013


The keynote speech from Mark Lake (University College London) This paper will discuss some of the key themes raised in the recent ‘World Archaeology’ issue on the theme of Open Archaeology. It seems indisputable that there is now very real momentum towards greater willingness to share interpretations, data and software, but although technological developments are […]

There is a Crises in UK Academic Archaeology BUT it’s not the one you think

February 20, 2013


All of yesterday and now most of today I have seen this Guardian article making the rounds on social media sites, forums, etc.- Will the study of archaeology soon become a thing of the past? It was written by a historian,  Michael Braddick who also happens to be the pro-vice-chancellor for the faculty of arts […]

Predatory Open Access Archaeology Journals or just poor quality? PAGEPRESS Publishers

February 11, 2013


I am in the process of updating Open Access Archaeology’s searchable database of Open Access Journals. Some journals have ceased to exists (online at least) others have moved or change their OA policy etc. During the search I came across one publisher of OA archaeology journals that seemed to fit the definition of Predatory Open […]

Archaeology/Archaeology Related Blogs to Read XXII

January 26, 2013


Over 100+ blogs covered so far, full list can be seen here and more to go. Here is this weeks installment to add to the list: Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper– “This site is about archaeology, and things that catch the interest of an archaeologist who is lucky enough to work in journalism: I […]

Review of tDAR (the Digital Archaeological Record)

December 30, 2012


I have spent the last few days working with tDAR. It is “an international digital archive and repository that houses data about archaeological investigations, research, resources, and scholarship.  tDAR provides researchers new avenues to discover and integrate information relevant to topics they are studying.   Users can search tDAR for digital documents, data sets, images, GIS […]

digipubarch Conference Video: Vote For Me – Interactive Ways to Digitally Engage Audiences with Archaeology

November 15, 2012


From the Museum of London a great presentation at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference: Abstract: Vote For Me – Interactive Ways to Digitally Engage Audiences with Archaeology The Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive & Research Centre (LAARC) is the largest of its kind in the world, storing records for over 8,500 excavations and over five […]