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Review of iPhones and Archaeology

December 26, 2011


This review came from Peter Eidenbach via the NMAC listserve. I haven’t found it anywhere else so I figure I would share his thoughts here- iPhone on Archaeological Field Survey Several months ago, my daughter the lawyer signed the family up for a new cell phone plan and got me an iPhone. I hadn't imagined […]

More East vs. West Archaeology Pay

December 19, 2011


Last week I looked at why archaeologists in the Western half of the USA make more money then those on the Eastern half. I looked at some factors like size of states, population, number archaeology/anthropology programs available locally, etc. which had very low correlations with the pay patterns. What appears to explain what is seen […]

Help Build A Resource for Applied Archaeology and Cultural Resource Managment

November 15, 2011


I have been meaning to publish this for a few days now but as always stuff happens. I got a post from Dr. John R. Welch ,  at SFU, he and several other people are putting together a guide to research materials for applied archaeology and cultural resource management. The website is:       If anyone […]

Crowd Sourcing Archaeology Funds: Tip of the Iceberg or Passing Fad ?

November 13, 2011


Dr. Kristina Killgrove have just completed a crowd sourcing project to raise money for her Roman DNA project. This video explains what the project is about:

What Does it Take to Get that Archaeology Job?- Field Techs

September 19, 2011


Lots of new archaeologists/students/prospective students/archaeologists ask a very similar question – What qualifications do I need to get X job in archaeology. Lots of people offer advice but there is very little hard data out there. To rectify this problem I have gone out and looked at job postings

New Open Access Archaeology Book

August 19, 2011


This was posted on Digging Digitally and I thought I would share it-

The College Payoff- Archaeology Edition (3)

August 18, 2011


The Georgetown university report on degree payoffs, used so far in this review, (seen here listed the median life time earnings (40 hrs a week, 52 weeks a year, 40 years) by degrees is as follows: Associates: 25th percentile- $1,177,100 Median- $1,727,000 75th Percentile- $2,426,300 BA: 25th percentile-$1,490,600 Median-$2,268,000 75th Percentile-3,388,700 MA: 25th percentile- […]