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Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference- Obon

January 25, 2017


Last week I had a posted videos from Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference – Aberdeen. As mentioned, this year three community conferences were run- Aberdeen, Oban and Ayrshire. I filmed the Aberdeen and Oban ones and here are videos from the Oban conference: Oban Communities Trust Caroline Boswell & RhonaDougall ACFA Tiree Survey 2016 […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference- Aberdeen

January 20, 2017


Every year in Scotland there is a conference that is a bit unique in archaeology, professionals are not allowed to give papers… for the most part. All the presentations are by community members on heritage projects. There is a Minute of Mayhem when anyone can present a brief review of their work in under a […]

2015 Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee Conference

November 30, 2015


A few weeks ago I was able to film the Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee Conference, but we shorten it to TaFAC. There are some great videos to watch (if you are reading this via email or RSS feed you may need to visit the page to see the videos:           […]

Would an Independent Scotland Increase or Decrease Heritage and Archaeology Funding?

September 17, 2014


On the issue of Scotland’s independence, the ‘Yes’  campaign says, “the roads will be paved with gold, which we will ride our unicorns on”, and the ‘No Thanks’ campaign says, “the devil will set up his new home in Scotland as it degrades into a failed state” when it comes to the future of economy and […]

A Tale of Two Countries: Scottish Independence and the Archaeology workforce

September 16, 2014


A Tale of Two Countries I laid out how many aspects of Archaeology and Heritage will not change with an independent Scotland in my last post. But, there are many issues that an Independent Scotland would be dramatically different than the current UK and no more so that the future makeup of their workforce. An […]

What an Independent Scotland would mean for Archaeology and Heritage.

September 15, 2014


On September 18th the people of Scotland will vote on their independence from the United Kingdom, potentially becoming the oldest-newest independent nation in the world. Until last week the result of the referendum was predictable, the ‘Yes’ campaign (pro-independence) was heading for a shellacking. A few months ago some polls had the No Campaign, more correctly […]

Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference

August 26, 2014


I have updated these videos for Scotland’s Community Heritage Conference. I had originally posted this on November 14th, 2013 but since then I have gotten better software and more experience.  So I digitally remastered the videos (makes me sound like a movie studio) i.e. re-edited the videos. It should be a more enjoyable viewing experience. […]