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Analysing and visualising the ceramiscene of Roman Nepi

February 28, 2013


One of the last CAAUK videos, one on GIS too: Ulla Rajala (University of Cambridge) Philip Mills (University of Leicester) This paper builds on the theoretical tools labelled the ‘ceramiscene’ in Mills and Rajala (2011a). This is a means of characterising a ceramic landscape utilising a hierarchical version of the elements (Nodes, Pathways, Edges, Districts […]

Practical Augmented Visualization on Handheld Devices for Cultural Heritage

February 27, 2013


One of the last presentations from CAAUK: Giovanni Murru, Marco Fratarcangeli and Tommaso Empler (Sapienza University of Rome) We present a framework for the interactive 3D visualization of archaeological sites on handheld devices using fast augmented reality techniques. The user interface allows for the ubiquitous, personalized and context-aware browsing of complex digital contents, such like […]

Game Issues for Scholarly Discourse or for Public Understanding

February 25, 2013


From the CAAUK conference, Erik via Google Hangouts. Erik could not make it to the UK so he presented all of his work via a Google Hangout. You can listen and see his slides: Erik Champion (DIGHUMLAB DK and Aarhus University) Academic discourse presupposes a vast domain of related background knowledge, a certain learnt yet […]

Cloud computing and Cultural Heritage IT

February 24, 2013


Another great presentation from CAAUK: Stephen Stead (Southampton University and Paveprime Ltd) Cloud computing has become the common term used by many manufacturers to describe their products and services. Everything is now “Cloud” or “Cloud ready” but what exactly does this mean and what are the implications to cultural heritage computing? Many organisations are looking […]

Integrating excavation and analysis on urban excavations: developing elegant methods for integrated systems and methodologies for the excavation and analysis of urban sites

February 23, 2013


Chiz’s presentation from the first day of CAAUK: Edit: from chiz- Link to my original blog post on digital registers which has a bit more detail on the pros and cons: Chiz Harward (Urban Archaeology) For the last 40 years the excavation of urban sites has increasingly been characterised by the use of single […]

Review of tDAR (the Digital Archaeological Record)

December 30, 2012


I have spent the last few days working with tDAR. It is “an international digital archive and repository that houses data about archaeological investigations, research, resources, and scholarship.  tDAR provides researchers new avenues to discover and integrate information relevant to topics they are studying.   Users can search tDAR for digital documents, data sets, images, GIS […]

digipubarch Conference Video- Publishing in archaeology: Open Access and the REWARD project

November 15, 2012


A presentation on the subject of Open Access in Archaeology, something that is near and dear to my heart, at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference: Abstract: Publishing in archaeology: Open Access and the REWARD project Publishing in archaeology is evolving along with trends in open access, open data and the semantic web. The open access […]