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Why is the archaeological profession not more unionised?

April 24, 2017


‘Fellow archaeologists, I have a question for you: why is the archaeological profession not more unionized? It seems to me that this would be a promising strategy in helping to end the profession’s underpaid status.’ That is the question asked by Elie in the BAJR Facebook group. The question has elicited a range of responses, […]

Images in the Making: Art-Process-Archaeology

April 21, 2017


Here is a session we filmed at the TAG conference: Session Information Archaeological approaches to visual images have tended to present images as flat, static and lacking in dynamism; as evidence of this, semiotic or symbolic approaches still remain the prevailing approach to imagery in archaeology. This is a shame as research in a host […]

Thinking Through Archaeology and the Environmental Humanities

April 19, 2017


It’s Wednesday, so another batch of conference videos. These videos are from a session at the recent TAG conference: Session Information ‘At its most basic, environmental humanities work has always challenged the idea that nature or the environment simply “is”. Environmental humanities suggest rather…that human ideas, meanings and values are connected in some important way […]

Practice Safe Conferencing: Stealing Ideas and why you really WANT to have your conference presentation filmed

April 17, 2017


Last week I posted about some reasons why people should not have their conference presentations filmed. I left off one reason I have heard, ‘people might steal my ideas’. An absence that has been noted by several people. The reason I left it off is because it is actually a reason to have your presentation filmed. […]

Imagine This! The Familiar and the Strange in Archaeological Meditation

April 14, 2017


Enjoy some of the papers we filmed at the TAG conference this weekend: Session Abstract ‘In the end I want material culture to retain its sense of mystery, or even the uncanny, because this is the quality which is stimulating to the imagination’ (P. Graves-Brown 2011) The otherness of things, the uncanny, the unfamiliar. Infused […]

Exploring the History of Prehistory

April 12, 2017


Prehistoric sex objects, research bias, this session has it all. Here is a session at the TAG conference that we filmed: Session Abstract Understanding the history of the emergence and development of prehistory is deserving of consideration in its own right, but is equally essential in developing a critical awareness of contemporary academic practice. Histories […]

Why People Don’t Want Their Conference Presentations Filmed… and Maybe Why You Shouldn’t Too

April 10, 2017


This may seem like an odd post coming from someone like me, who have filmed over 1200 conference presentations and put them online, but I am a firm advocate that not everyone should have their conference presentations filmed. And no, it is not because of some snarky answer like, ‘because they suck at speaking’ or […]