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The archaeology of brewing

December 7, 2016


Archaeology and beer well that’s a match you don’t see too often (sarcasm). This is actually a session on the archaeology of brewing, not archaeologists brewing, though it does involve that too. It was a pretty great session we video recorded from the CIfA conference, for your enjoyment. Session Abstract: We will be exploring the […]

Archaeology within the context of criminal justice: from forensics to heritage crime

November 30, 2016


Two videos from a session at the CIfA conference for the weekly video post. Session Abstract: Although the contexts differ between archaeology and crime scene work, the methods applied in both are similar. Features are registered, finds are collected and analysed, a chronology of events is established, human interactions are reconstructed and reports are written. […]

Adopting Archaeology

November 16, 2016


If you have been following this blog then you will know it is Wednesday and so conference video time. This is a session I, with the help of some great volunteers, recorded at the CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT This session will critically examine the sustainability and impact of community-led archaeological stewardship, and encourage discussion of […]

Experimental Archaeology: Techniques and Technologies

November 11, 2016


Archaeology, one part art and one part science, add and stir until you have a reasonable idea of what was happening in the past. One of my favourite techniques for doing this is experimental archaeology- the art of using science to determine how people did things. This is a session we filmed at EAA for […]

Across the Atlantic: professionalism in archaeology over here and over there

November 9, 2016


A new trend in archaeology conferences is to run the say session in different conferences/countries or to have organisations run sessions in other organisations. I whole hearty approve of such innovation.  As it is Wednesday, so conference video time, I though I would share one of these cross-country sessions from the CIfA conference. SESSION ABSTRACT […]

Archaeology, education and young people

November 4, 2016


Children and retired people are the bread and butter of public engagement. So it is not surprising to have seen a session at the CIfA conference on the topic but what was interesting to see was a session that moved into the realm of social issues with children. There are lots of kids based projects […]

Visualizing the Past. Exploring Meaningful Approaches in Interpreting the Archaeological Record Through Illustrations and Reconstructions

November 2, 2016


‘Creating really memorable images’. That is something that every artist, graphic designer and illustrator struggles with. Now toss in trying to create memorable images of the past with limited data and it is a job I do not envy. Or do I have it wrong? Do we have too much data to make memorable images? […]