#askacurator- not pulling any punches

Posted on September 27, 2013


Apologies for the late post on this, I have been very busy. About a week ago was ask a curator day on twitter. This is were anyone could ask questions about museums and a range museum via their twitter accounts would respond. An amazing idea and it is well worth replicating in archaeology. If you have a twitter account you should check out the #askacurator.

One person, whose questions I was incredibly impressed with and who did not pull any punches was Donna at Property of an Anonymous Swiss Collector. 

There is a storify of the questions she asked, unfortunately many of them went unanswered.  Click on the link to check them out. Just to give you an idea of the questions that were asked AND should be discussed-

  • For any and all of you: how do you approach the illicit trade in looted cultural property?
  • Also: Do you find that looted and illicit antiquities are something you can’t talk openly about?
  • You have shrunken Ecuadorian heads on display. How do you present their troubled collection history? @DrDanHicks @pitt_rivers
  • Although tragic, has the 2012 theft at the @Kunsthal increased visitor numbers? What do you think about the possible film?
  • What is the reality of the museums job market? What hope do museums studies students have?
  • Why am I unable to search by acquisition date on most museum collection websites?
  • @mfaboston You have accepted A LOT of Colombian gold artefacts from Landon T. Clay and recently! Where did he get them?
  • Who owns the reproduction rights to pics of looted cultural objects that you have had to return @metmuseum @GettyMuseum
  • Would any of the American museums participating like to comment on unpaid internships in the museums sector for ?


Donna @DrDonnaYates truly asked all (well most of) the hard questions. If you are ever in need of some mental stimulation about issues in museums I would recommend her storify as the first place to stop.

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