Scam Alert: King Tut’s DNA

Posted on August 9, 2011


UPDATE- more problems with these scammers

Maybe you saw the recent headlines about how scientists at iGENEA discovered that King Tutankhamun (Tut) was related to half of Western Europe’s Males, that looks like it is the set up for a scam. Turns out real researchers have conducted work on King Tut’s DNA and that iGENEA got their supposed DNA evidence by copying it off of a Discovery TV Program on the subject.


Yes, this DNA evidence is based off of pausing a TV program and then looking at the screen to reconstruct a profile. Not saying it is not impossible but that is some very sketch methods and there is no access to the original data.

Now iGENEA is running a “deal” were if you take one of their tests for €129 or €399 and match all 16 of the same genetic markers as King Tut you will get you money back. Matching 16 genetic markers is pretty damn hard to begin with, not accounting for the fact that the DNA profile is from questionable sources. Pretty much the odds of winning this are worse than winning the lottery which brings me to the point of SCAM!!!!! They are offering a reward that they will never have to pay out on a technique that is questionable at best.

Pass the word along that this is a SCAM so that people do not spend their money on crap genetic tests.

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