King Tut DNA scam (part III)- The lies

Posted on September 30, 2011


I wrote before about a scam were a company is trying to sell genetic tests by making the claim that King Tut is part of a European genetic grouping. I also wrote about how I looked into their background and this is not the first scam they have run. Well someone else has picked up the trail and found some more damning evidence.

The scammers claimed they “obtained” the DNA results on King Tut by pausing a Discovery TV program and then looking at the screen to reconstruct a profile (no joke). They claim they did this because the “authorities” would not release the reports. Well someone else has gone and looked at the actual Discovery channel video and guess what? Yes, it is impossible to recreate a genetic profile from what was seen on the TV. Looking at the video below you can’t even make out 12 genetic markers but the scammers claim to have 16. I think this is the most damning evidence but the person who actually looked at the footage stops at 12 markers, either way it is SCAM.

Check out the video (not mine) explaining it all by actually looking at the Discovery Channel footage-

Update- looks like the owner of the video has taken it down and I can not find it anymore.

Warning– the background music is so-so but you can turn down the volume.

I said it once and I will say it again SCAM.

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